Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey hey, my my/Rock and roll can never die/There’s more to the picture/Than meets the eye

Note to self: You SUCK at blogging!

Okay, now that’s out of the way.

I am back and blogging. Unfortunately it is at the tail-end of all things baseball but there are other sports and random crap to keep this going until pitchers report to camp.

Baseball First
I have been following the World Series and am cheering for the Rays. Come on…I actually know most of the players on their team as opposed to the Phillies who I only know from the All-Star Game. Looks like we have to wait until tomorrow to see the ending of game 4.

Non-Baseball but no less important

Here are a few updates from my absence:
* I found out that being lazy and replacing the bacon portion of a Bacon and Eggs meal with Bacon-bits is not a good idea. They are not actually a bacon substitute.
* Foley got a tattoo! Ames and I took her to Saint Sabrina’s and in between us crushing on her tattoo artist she got inked with a Vikings logo.

* Absolut Vodka is rolling out a new line of flavored vodkas called Absolut Cities. The first one is Absolut Los Angeles which is a mix of Acai, blueberry and Pomegranate. I think Minneapolis should get its own flavor and it should be cherries, apples and lemongrass.

* The Monday Night Happy Hour Crew returns to the scene of Rossi’s to celebrate the new bar – Hell’s Kitchen. AND we love Dave The Bartender!
* I am going to the AC/DC concert in January and I will be in the 5th Row!
* I learned a new word: Manicorn. Definition: a mythical male creature who is successful (read: pursuing his passion and can pay his electric bills/rent), funny, chivalrous, masculine (read: not chauvinistic), adventurous, artistic (read: not suicidal.) “Where is my manicorn? I keep going out with all these losers!”

* Another bar crawl with the Monday Night Happy Hour Crew with plenty of shenanigans!
* I relived being 10 years old and went to the New Kids on the Blog concert last week.
* I ran the prairies of Walnut Grove, MN and went to the Little House on the Prairie museum. Yes, there were bonnets involved.

* Loads of David Cook updates:
- Dan Wilson (local guy of Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare fame) co-wrote song on David Cook’s new album.
- He will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this Saturday.
- His new single was on a jukebox at one of the bars on our Nordeast Bar Crawl (and I took a picture of it. I blame the seven other bars for getting me tipsy.)

At a game
Grown man: That’s bizarro!
Amy (whispering to me): Did you hear that grown man say “bizarro?”
Me (whispering back): I am totally writing that down.

In the Land O’Cubicles
Me: I was so pissed off when I realized that today was only Wednesday.
Co-worker: What day did you think it was?
Me: I thought it was fucking Thursday. When I found out it was only Wednesday I wanted to throw-up.

In my house
Stacy: *random comment*
Me: That’s what she said!
Stacy: What? Who said it?
Me: Sigh. It is not fun to pull a “That’s What She Said” with someone who isn’t up on pop culture.

At Leeann Chins in Maple Grove
Ames: Did you notice the handsome guy that took our order?
Me: No, I was too excited about the Cream Cheese Puffs.
Amy: *non-committal noise*
Me: Amy! Instead of Bro’s before Ho’s it is Cream Cheese Puffs before Ho’s

Theory – you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl.

Music of the Day
Let’s jam to one of my favorite Neil Young songs!

Neil Young – Hey Hey My My