Thursday, August 28, 2008

In summer/I’m just saying/But not a sound/De sha tian/Wo tsai suo suo, but tchu co

I am a bad, bad baseball blogger!
I can only offer my apologies along with excuses:
* The political conventions are sucking my time up
* My tattoo itches
* The late games make it hard for me to watch baseball
* I have been planning Eddie Guardado’s party
* It’s kind of depressing
* I got sucked into I can’t get “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go” out of my head…Damn you Rick Astley!
* My cat ate my blog
* I miss Lambers salt ‘n pepper beard (not to be confused with Salt N Peppa)
* Facebook has been holding me hostage
* I just didn’t wanna

And last but not least…

* I need to make my posters for the American Idol concert on Sunday!

Hey, I am not the only one feeling the depression/sadness/frusteration here.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim series
8/21 – L 2-1
8/22 – W 9-0
8/23 – L 5-7
8/24 – L 3-5

Can’t believe we are losing to them series
8/25 – L 2-4
8/26 – L 2-3
8/27 – W 6-5

I was able to catch some of yesterday' game from a comfy barstool at 8th Street Grill (where we were celebrating E.V.’s birthday – Woot! Woot!) So hopefully I can cuss some sense into them.

Non-Baseball but no less important

Huh. So that’s how this week is going to be, huh.

The other night, due to unforeseen issues I feasted on Fruit Loops cereal and beer for dinner.

First, mock thyself and then mock others
Wanna bet?
I wore a stylish (yes, IT IS stylist) side ponytail yesterday. Do you wanna bet that some of my un-fashionable male-dofus in my office made an 80’s hairstyle comment? It is so tough to work with clueless males who think pleated khakis and tucked in polos make the world-go-round. I am not saying I am a fashion maven but I sure do watch The Hills and read Cosmo. So, to those dofus’ I say “Bring it on mother fuckers! Bring it on!”

Fashion Maven, I may not be
So, it is raining out this morning and I decided to wear a pair of uber-dorky socks with my foam shoes (Crocs.) The end result is pretty dorkilicious but at least my feet aren’t wet. So there.PHOTO

Fangirling Countdown
So, Sunday I will be at the American Idol concert. I know, right!?!? I am bringing my co-worker’s daughter (I call her my “beard” because if I wasn’t taking her I would never go to the concert and I really, really want to.) Anyways…O and I will be at the concert fangirling over David Cook (okay, I will be the one fangirling over him and she’ll most likely be squealing that high-pitched prepubescent girl screech over David Archuleta.) My plan is to take her early to meet the Idols when they come out for autographs during the day. Me thinks me needs to rock my poster making skillz (yes, with a “z”.) Any ideas? It’s too bad we threw away the “We heart JB” sign from our baseball roadtrip. That would have been confusingly funny.

Music of the Day – Commercial edition
You know how I love finding new music via commercials! I saw this one during the Olympics and the song is hauntingly beautiful.

GE – Love Story commercial, In Summer by Cao Fang

Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to my life, tattoo/I’m a man now, thanks to you/I expect I’ll regret you

Recap – due to the fact I was sleeping
Bass down
Casilla up
Hunter bobbles
Span scores
Baker rock-solid
Puntoball makes me laugh (Puntoball FTW!)

1 down…13 to go

My attempt at a sequey from Baseball to Non-Baseball

Last night I strutted into my local tattoo parlor and got inked.

No, I didn’t get one of these…surprising, right?

Here is what I got:

Top 10 Things Revolving Around Me and my Tattoo:
10. Yes, it hurt but not that bad. So, to you who told me it felt like a thousand bees stinging in my mouth, you were wrong.
9. It only took 15 minutes and I can handle any pain for 15 minutes.
8. I was a brave girl and walked into the tattoo place all by myself and sat there filling out the forms. I did a crossword puzzle while I waited so I would panic and dart out.
7. The tattoo guy was kind of dirty-hot.
6. Lucy and Stacy came to visit me whilst I was sitting in the chair.
5. Lucy really wants a tattoo
4. I want more tattoos now.
3. The opening chords from Eye of the Tiger kept repeating through my head…as if I was going off to fight a battle instead of sitting in a comfy padded chair.
2. I think Lucy is going to be the craziest, baddest ass of them all.

1. Afterwards, Lucy told me she was sorry I was bleeding. Then she asked if I was going to die.

Just because I am inked doesn’t mean I am that bad of an ass
So, I was so excited and anxious last night and was rocking out to Foo Fighters on my way to the tattoo place. Windows were down, music blaring, me head banging...yep, I was totally a tough chick! I drove through Uptown and I parked on Hennepin Ave (busy street). Little did I know that Stacy re-pranked me and totally shot my Street-Cred down! All this time I had a “I HEART MY YORKIE” magnetic sticker on the front passenger side of my Jeep. DAMN YOU!!! *shakes fist* We are dorks.

Hot off the press
Gwen Stefani gave birth to baby boy named Zuma. Zuma, eh? That sounds suspiciously close to Zima which was the drink of choice for all the high school kids in the Co-Ho (Columbia Heights for those not hip to my jive.) In other news, Jen went to the liquor store and stocked up on other pansy-ass liquor like Boone’s Farm.

Music of the Day
I can’t NOT post this one!
The Who- Tattoo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Like those guys with guitars/I’ve been watching in bars/Who’ve been stamping their feet to a different beat

Oakland Eeeeh’s Series

Inside my head I am saying the A’s like The Fonz would, if that helps clear up how crazy I am at all.

Monday 8/18: L 2-3
Tuesday 8/19: W 13-2
Wednesday 8/20: W 3-1

I caught a tiny bit of Monday’s game from my barstool at Rossi’s but the conversation around me was way too distracting to focus. I made it home in time to catch a little more of the game but you see, my favorite Auntie had the remote and her love of all things Two and a Half Men won over baseball.

Tonight we start our crazy-ass roadtrip. (Somehow I don’t see the players getting all fangirly over Sonic, Malt-o-Meal factories and listening to Dolly Parton like my roadtrip crew did.) West coast games are a bit of a sticky-widget for me because staying up until midnight isn’t always an option (especially when my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m.) Alas, if those are the only woes from this trip I will gladly deal.

Have Foam Finger will Travel

After the success of the Foam Finger’s trip to KC I am thinking of making him a more active part of my life. He will be like the Traveling Gnome, Flat Stanley, and my very own Roman Action Figure (who has long since retired after a sketchy trip to Vegas.)

Non-baseball but no less important

Scenes from the corner of 38th Street & Chicago Avenue (South Minneapolis)
Me: in my black Jeep at the stoplight
You: pulled up along side me in your identical black Jeep
Me: gives a quick glance at you and notices your rockin’ mullet
You: gives me the head-nod thing (you know, waaaaz up)
Me: barely contains my snort of laughter

Then…I realize I have the same car as a guy with a mullet. Hey, what’s someone with a mullet doing in south Minneapolis?

Overheard on local radio station
Radio DJ: Congrats! You just won third row tickets to the Back Street Boys concert!
Caller: (in a less-than-enthusiastic voice) What? Oh…okay. Um, hmm…
Caller: Yeah… (hangs up)

MMAhahahahaha…totally LMMFAO (laughing my mother fucking ass off!)

Music of the Day
This isn’t an actual music video; I just wanted you to hear a clear recorded version of this song. Martha Wainwright has a beautiful voice, almost haunting. She has a new album out which is lovely but the first one is her best! (My opinion.)

Martha Wainwright – Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

Monday, August 18, 2008

Prophets on the sidewalk beggin’ for change/Old ladies laughing from the fire escape cursing my name

What the hell?
I know, I have been a baaaad baseball blogger. And hell, it’s not like there wasn’t TONS of stuff going on to blog about. Right? Right. So, I apologize and will recap what I know.

Wednesday I played pre-approved hooky and went to the noon game against the Yankees. The game was lovely…dollar dogs were fantastic…we didn’t win at Twingo (I believe it is rigged) and the game took forever. Seriously, between the Ump delay, mini drama and other crap it lasted 3 and half hours. Shit on a shingle. Either way…the beer was sweeter (especially when I emailed a photo of me drinking it to my co-workers still stuck in cubicles.)

A win is a win is a win is a win
So, what was up with yesterday’s game? I was tooling along watching when I could. Oh look 8 to 2. Oh look 10 to 2. Oh look 10 to 8…What the fuck? 10 to 8? Whew, eek by at 11 to 8.

Wrapping up the Mariners Series
Friday 8/15: W 9-3
Saturday 8/16: W 7-6
Sunday 8/17: W 11-8

Waiting for tonight…oooh (J-Lo song)
Tonight Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) will be starting against Duchscherer. I can’t wait to hear Bert say that name. Hopefully I will catch some of the game from my favorite barstool at Rossi’s. Monday Night Happy Hour, yo yo!

Friday night I was at the Saint Paul Saints game with a bunch of my co-workers to celebrate our annual Summer Event. The game in itself wasn’t noteworthy but the pre-party tailgating is what stuck in my mind (mine and Jose Cuervo’s.) There weren’t any major drama but I did have a moment of “Well, fuck” when I was taking a shot with my boss’ barely 21-year old son.
The bar.
Hey barkeep, pour me another!
A tequila shot
Someone was kind enough to write my name on a glass.
Sweet hair'do

Non-baseball but no less important

Overseen on the Ghetto #5 Bus last week
I got smacked in the face by some gianormus chandelier earrings on the Ghetto #5 the other day. Seriously, this lady had these HUGE earrings on and turned to talk to her friend and they whipped me. They even got tangled in my hair a little. I reacted the same as I would react in any dangerous situation…I froze.

If guys have bromances what do girls have?
The guys in the Land O’Cubicles are still up in arms over the term “bromance.” (Hey, they like it better than Non-Sexual Man Crush.) I was asked what to call a girl having a Non-Sexual Girl Crush. Hmm…I don’t know. I think we’ll just stick with Girl Crush. I do have girl crushes!!! One of my top ones is Rihanna. I just love her! She’s funky-crazy-cool! Girl Crush…I bet the boys will love that. *rolls eyes*

Forgive me father for I have sinned
So, you may know that I totally got hooked (line and sinker) into this year’s American Idol show. Right? Anyways, since it was my first season watching the show I decided to go all out, be in it to win it, balls out, go big or go home and all that jazz. So, I did a bad thing…well, my friends will consider me a total head-case but…well, you see…Argh, why is this so hard to say? I bought David Archuleta’s (the runner-up) new single from iTunes. I know! Stop pelting me with rotten tomatoes. I know I kind of ragged on him during the season but this new song is like crack…the chorus sucks me in and gets stuck in my head. Geez, get off my freaking back.

Music of the Day – For Ann Again and Again
Alright Ann, I thought of you when I heard this! Consider this an apology for “Come on Eileen.”

Brett Dennen – Ain’t No reason

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Come on Eileen, I swear what he means/Ah come on let’s take off everything/That pretty red dress Eileen

First thing’s first
200th Post! Can you freaking believe it? Jeez, you guys have had to deal with a lot of boring shit and random drama, huh? Well, thanks for sticking with me (or barely tolerating me…whichever.)

About Last Night
I caught most of the game but between previous appointments, the Olympics and Lucy claiming the TV for Sesame Street’s Silly Songs (a DVD that she watches before bed.) I only caught about half. What a fantastic game! That’s the kind of start we want right out of the gate.

At this moment
I am watching Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) struggle. Where last night’s game was fast and sweet tonight’s game is going slow and agonaziging (okay that may be a little too dramatic.)

I’ll Love Ya Tomorrow
Ames and I are playing hooky (pre-approved of course) and heading to the noon game. I am super excited to be drinking beer at noon, on a work day. High-five!

And we’re back!

I survived the Great Roadtrip of 2008 which brought us through many cornfields (seriously, I can’t even begin to describe all the fucking cornfields), lots of small towns, a few sketchy restrooms, junk food, Sonic, dancing, sunshine, heckling and beer. Ames, Foley and I drove from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Kansas City, Missouri to watch the Minnesota Twins play baseball against the Kansas City Royals.

Baseball related bullet points:
*The Minnesota Twins won both the games I was at and for that I am eternally grateful.
*The Giant Foam Finger was brought out of retirement for the series.
*The girls and I made a “We heart JB” poster in honor of our surly co-worker who always complains about baseball. We carried that thing to the game, got our photo taken and then promptly threw it in the trash. See photographic evidence below.
*A few heckles but overall the atmosphere was good natures.
*Kaufman Stadium (where the Royals play) is amazingly beautiful! I can’t wait for outdoor baseball! (She says until bad weather changes her mind.)
*Outdoor stadiums are lovely except for giant bugs flying around. Ames almost got taken out by a mini pterodactyl.
*Another side-effect of outdoor stadiums is the bird-poop factor. I have to give props to Foley for taking one for the team and sitting on the newly christened Bird Shit Seat.
*Baseball beer tastes sweeter.

Here are a few non-baseball bullet points for your entertainment:
*Kansas City is a beautiful city! I wish I had more time to explore it.
There are not enough Starbucks, Caribou, Dunn Bros or any other coffee places. We did find the one two blocks away from our hotel.
*I am now obsessed with taking photos that have my new watches in them. Geeky, I know.
*I shopped like a Mo-Fo at the Betsey Johnson store. Let’s see, I have a new purse, earrings and a necklace. *My credit card is totally not talking to me right now.
*My Cher impression made many surprise appearances throughout the trip (hair flip and all.)
*I know more Britney Spears songs that I should and I am ashamed to say that.
*I did not audition for American Idol, contrary to popular belief but I did have my song picked out. I was going to sing Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen.” Sweet, sweet tunes.

Photos Galore!
Oh hey, don’t worry there will be a video montage set to music. I know ya’ll are dying for that :)

On the radio, whoa oh, on the radio
I want to thank Bernadette from Lady at the Bat and Out of Write-Field for having me as a guest on her Monday night radio show. We talked stadiums, standings and blogging.

Overheard at Kaufman Stadium
“No one can back-comb like I can back-comb”
Overheard by Jen, said by Foley

Bumper sticker of the Day
I saw this on a silver Jetta this morning:

“Baby Jesus cries when you don’t use your turn signal.”

Lesson of the Day
It is really, really impossible to get Rhinestone Cowboy out of your head. Trust me, I have tried.

Music of the Day
Well, since I didn’t audition and you won’t be able to see me humiliate myself on television here is your chance to get the song stuck in your head. Huh.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

Thursday, August 7, 2008

If I live every moment/Won’t change any moment/Still a part of me in you/I will never regret you

Okay, this is really hard for me to prioritize correctly
You see, I had the ultimate fangirl moment earlier today after reading an article that David Cook (current reigning American Idol) took batting practice with the Mets. But, more on that later. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this blog!

The Twins have an off-day today and are heading to KC (me too!) Let’s hope they use this time wisely and reflect upon the past few games. I mean, we’ve lost games before but they haven’t been anything as ugly as Monday and Tuesday’s games. Ugh.

Moooving On – Hey, at least we didn’t get swept by Seattle…Right?
Yesterday’s game was wobbly, at best. It is nice seeing Span get credit for his playing – four RBIs and a spectacular catch. At the beginning of the season I was Pro-Gomez (and still am) but I think Span deserves a shot too. I know Gardy is trying to figure out how to juggle the field but something good will happen. (Yes, I am optimistic to a fault today – don’t worry, it won’t last long.) So, Amy is going to slaughter me in the car on the way to KC for saying this but she has a habit of missing day games and watching the rebroadcasts at night, thinking they are live. I know, I know…this is where she’s going to get mad. It is fucking hilarious. I have gotten her twice now on those games. I call to find her watching the game and make a comment like “yeah, sucks we lost huh?” She gives me one of the “What the fuck are you talking about?” sounds and then I gently break it to her that the game was actually played earlier in the day. She makes me laugh.

So my love of baseball and addiction to American Idol combine
David Cook (*sigh* I know you guys are sick of me talking about American Idol) was at Shea Stadium today and took batting practice with the Mets. Okay, this may be a little fangirly of me but how awesome would it be to be at that game? David Cook, Santana pitching and a beautiful day? Made of Win!
American Idol David Cook takes batting practice with New York Mets

Photos courtesy of

In other sporting news that doesn’t revolve around baseball or David Cook
It is like fate threw me a magical bone! Brett Favre to the Jets. If there ever is a perfect time for more West Side Story references it is right now! So…I give you…

Non-baseball but no less important

Too bad I can’t carry a tune and my friend’s don’t hesitate to tell me I suck at singing
Whilst I am in KC, enjoying some baseball, the American Idol try-outs will be held at the same time. Let’s see…if I were to audition (which there is no way in hell I will) I would sing Dexie’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen.” For realz.

KC or Bust
I leave Friday morning for Kansas City, Missouri.
Seven hours in a car with Ames and Foley/Feather
Two nights in downtown KC
Two baseball games (KC vs. Minnesota Twins)
One awkward sign for the baseball game
Some shopping
Lots of drinking

I have never been to KC before (I may have briefly been in KC, Kansas though but I tend to block-out stuff.) Since there will be a long time in the car with the girls and there is a chance I will be thrown out along the highway (due to my assumed snotty comments on Def Leppard) I would like to leave my Last Will & Testament:
In the case of my untimely demise I bequeath
* All my hair products to my co-worker C-Sha
* My valuable worldly possessions go to Lucy
* My American Idol ticket goes to E.V. (because even from the Great Beyond I want to torture him a little bit more.)
* My New Kids on the Block ticket goes to anyone who can sing their new single “Summertime” which will then be followed up with a punch in the gut.
* My music collection will be donated to anyone lacking in a cool music education. (Presumptive? Yes.)
* All the crap and collectibles from my desk will be put into a big box and lit aflame in honor of my years of servitude.

Please note: I am assuming that Foley and Ames will go down with me in a fiery blaze of glory.

I hate hearing about other people’s dreams (unless I am in them)
…and yet I am sharing mine with you. Okay, I never NEVER write about dreams I have because, well…let’s be honest…the sleeping drugs keeps everything blank (just the way I like it.) Anyways, last night I had two separate dreams. The first one I associate with the fact I got my hair ‘did the other day. I dreamt my stylist gave me bangs! *gasp!* Mother Fucking Bangs! I didn’t cry in my dream but I was really distraught. Evidently I used a lot of barrettes. The second dream had to do with baseball and I associate that with the fact I am embarking on a grand baseball tour of Missouri (well, one part of it.) I dreamt I was in the stands and a foul ball came at us (and me being the ultimate scaredy cat hid under my seat.) However, fate intervened and had the ball gently roll to a stop in front of me. I picked it up, victoriously! I got a foul ball! Then the lady standing next to me yanked it out of my hands and said she called it. Well, being the way I am (even in my dreams) I took out my hoop earrings and shoved her back for the ball. I also lectured her on the rules of finders-keepers, grabbers-dead.
*Disclaimer – I do not condone actual violence and would never push and would most likely kick the ball away from me. However, I do support taking out earrings.

Music of the Day
What? You are curious about what song is stuck in my head? Well, let me appease you of those thoughts. Thanks to Albertville Outlet Mall and their repetitive Muzak system I now have last years (?) American Idol winner, Jordan Sparks, song stuck in my head. Damn you Outlet Mall!!!

Jordan Sparks – Tattoo

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I got some bad news this morning/Which in turn made my day/When this someone spoke I listened

Remember when we were in first for two sweet days?
I have a hard time with the weeknight west coast games because my alarm goes off at 5:30 and well, I need all the beauty sleep I can get. However, between Those Girls and my office yahoos (you know, the guys that talk baseball in really condescending tones) I feel like I have sufficiently been recapped. So, what the hell is happening?

Purely selfish reasons

All I gotta say is the boys better get to playing bat and ball again because I am not driving seven hours in the Rendezvous with the girls singing Steve Miller Band and Def Leppard to see a couple chump games. Okay? Okay.

Around the leagues
Who says entertainment programming can’t cover professional sports? In a witty blend of humor and mockery Best Week Ever poked fun at the Pittsburg Pirate’s sports announcer Lanny Frattare’s reaction to his bromance’s (pitcher Sean Burnett) downfall. (If you couldn’t tell from the beginning of the clip the announcer really, really likes the pitcher.) Be warned, this clip contains a “come-back kid” story not unlike Josh Hamilton. The best part? During the “look how far he’s come” and “he’s amazing” speech they are interrupted by a home-run off of Burnett. *chuckles*

AND then shit hits the fan!

Moon over the Metrodome – Bert-isms at their best
So wrong and yet so funny

Non-baseball but no less funny

National Night Out – August 5, 2008
So, I cheated on my South Minneapolis neighborhood and went to someone else’s National Night Out block party. My friend T lives in this super cute neighborhood in the Minnehaha area and she invited me along. Not only did they cater in Chipotle burritos they also had a live Blue-grass band playing. There were games, beer, prizes and neighborhood gossip. Yes Virginia, there are nice neighborhoods.

Allow me a few moments to Fangirl

The one time my job and American Idol commingle
Hey, I have been pretty good at keeping the old-enough-to-know-better fangirling to a minimum. So, you may or may not know (and may or may not care) but I work in a place that has Market Watch/MSNBC/CNBC and those boring stock shows playing all day long. Zzz… Anyways, my ears perked up when I heard that the American Idols would be ringing the closing bell last Friday afternoon. So, I did what any red-blooded American Idol lovin’ gal would do, I gathered the other fans and had a viewing party at one of the television sets (the one where they would make the least amount of fun of us at.) Alas, being a “news” based show they only showed a five-second clip with them clapping at the closing bell. Still, they all looked cool! (cough*davidcook*cough) Here’s what is floating around office email right now…HEY! It’s work-related, see the NASDAQ sign?

Canadian Idol, eh!
Okay, how come Canadian Idol gets Tom Jones!?!?! Totally. Not. Fair. Oh, and sticking with my fangirling…the singer is wearing guyliner AND has a nose piercing AND he’s singing CREEP! He’s a triple threat! …I think I am in love.

Drew Wright (Canadian Idol) – Creep

Music of the Day
Okay, I saw this music video over the weekend and totally got hooked! First, the song is cool (real cool) but it is the actual video that sucked me in. Ch-ch-check it out!

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Saturday, August 2, 2008

You love the people that love you/You hear the music they move to/You give your ode to fall through

Semi-live blogging
I am typing as the game rolls on. Here are my thoughts:

* Did we really need a full inning to watch Bert eat grasshoppers?
* Things I never need Dick & Bert to say again on television: “Grady’s Ladies”, “K-Y jelly and Vaseline” and “x-rated” (in reference to the rating his book would be if he writes it.
* Well, the fielders were looking like 9 year old little leagers flying and flayling over the field.
* Bert says “She-cago”
* Figuring out who we will see pitching in KC took math and I don’t like math.
* Dick says at the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs “Looks like Harris is our last chance” while we hear “Cherry Pie” playing in the background. Didn’t really strike confidence in me.

And keeping on the slightly off topic but t-shirt trend

Throw Mauer’s name on he back and we got a new t-shirt for the ballpark. *Hint to a certain blogger, maybe this one would work to score with the laaaaaadie.

So…Liriano is starting tomorrow. I imagine we are all waiting with baited breath to see how this goes. According to my bad math the girls and I should be able to see F-Bomb pitching in KC. Fingers crossed!

Non-baseball but no less important

Right, let’s make his quick
I heard the new song by Estelle featuring Kanye West called “American Boy” and it is fantastic. Check out the video here.

Speaking on Kanye West…Barack Obama will be introducing him at Lallapalooza and that makes me extremely happy for some inane reason.

David Archuleta (of American Idol fame…remember me obsessing about that show?) had a new single out called “Crush.” You can check it out here.
Definitely not my “type” of music but I can appreciate the newness of it. I also sense that it could get stuck in my head and be on a continual loop driving my co-workers bonkers. So, in advance, I would like to apologize.

Today I went to the outlet shopping mall in Albertville (a mini-roadtrip.) In between acting like 14 year girls (and buying more Crocs than a girl needs) I found myself subconsciously singing the Jordin Sparks song “Tattoo” throughout the whole day. I was so confused to why I had that in my head since I don’t own any of her music or didn’t even watch American Idol when she was on. THEN it hit me! The damn shopping mall had it on a mother fucking continuous cycle. Swear to Sweet Baby Jesus! It was everywhere!!! So, I did what any semi-sane person would do…I got home and downloaded the song. Hey, in for a penny – in for a pound. If you want to hear what caused my near meltdown you can click here.

Music of the Day – Local Edition
Atmosphere, a local hip hop band that is making it huge right now. They were on Letterman last week. (Notice the singers Obama’s t-shirt.)

Atmosphere – You (live on Letterman)

Friday, August 1, 2008

When you’re a Jet/You’re a Jet all the way/From your first cigarette/To your last dyin’ day

Don’t make me take out my hoop earrings
I was oblivious to the drama on the field last night. You see, I was grooving to the smooth blues sounds of Duffy at First Ave (details below.)

About Last Night
Yeah, we are badass…screw Minnesota Nice

I had fun with analogies like West Side Story. It involves snapping, twirling, jazz hands, catch lyrics, political unrest but overall a true love story.

Hey, if this doesn’t scare the crap out of you…NOTHING will!!!

Thanks to my baseball peeps for keeping me informed throughout the night. Oh, and thanks to the valet guys at Zelo’s for letting me hang with them at the Valet Stand and listening to their radio for a bit.

Oh, TBL (Third Base Line) – I am glad I won’t have to bail you out of the pokey.

I am actually at home tonight (ah, the life of a social butterfly *said with sarcasm*) sitting in front of the television and drinking a beer.
* Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) is powering down in the 7th inning and the bullpen is warming up.
*Ruiz got his first major league hit and scored a run
* Harris has back to back doubles
* Baby Jesus hits a homerun and I didn’t even have to make a deal with the devil for it.
* Overheard Bert say Boof’s name in a way I never want it repeated again *shudders* (when Boof got the foul ball when he was in the bullpen.)
* And...we just won.

To quote Bonnie Raitt
People are talking, talking ‘bout people/I hear them whisper, you won’t believe it
* Livan (there goes me singing Elton John) and Monroe are assigned down
* Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano is called up and may start on Sunday.

Don’t forget the dancers I mocked yesterday!

One Year ago…
From tonight I was sitting in the Metrodome confused as hell trying to figure to figure out what was happening. My cell phone became flooded with text messages from family and friends checking on me to make sure I was okay. One year ago today…

Non-baseball but no less important

Republican National convention
This will be starting up in about a month. I will be looking forward to spotting the celebrities in town. I am really holding out to see Anderson Cooper.

Overheard in my cube
Ames came over to show a fancy, decorative fan that a co-worker gave her as a souvenir from Spain. (You know, one of those pretty fans that you can dance with.) After experimenting with using it as a weapon (Spanish fighting fan) I overheard the accompanying dialog with the fighting moves:
“Watch it or I will go all Spanish on your ass.”
Said by a very pasty white girl.

About Last Night
Last night I was at First Ave watching Duffy perform. Can I just say that she is freaking adorable and has the most amazing voice? It isn’t necessarily smooth but just so unique and textured. Yep, I am a dork today with descriptions. She didn’t get a great review by a local music critic but nonetheless…I had fun and I enjoyed her sound.
Concert Review
The guy that wrote this review was sitting right in front of where I was standing. He was intent on his notes and would occasionally bob his head with the music. I can see his point about her stage presence though. She did have almost choreographed arm moves and poses but they were still charming. She had a big band with her (as in six members big) and they tended to drown her out at points.

Music of the Day – A very special Addition

West Side Story – Jet Song