Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo A Day: Brrr...

Well, winter is here to stay. As if the snow covering Target Field wasn't enough of an indication let's just go with the fact my lipgloss freezes on my morning trek to the bus stop.

(Me at Target Field on May 5, 2010)

Is it time for Spring Training yet? I could use a little light at the end of the shoveled tunnel!

PS: All this trade and signing talk is getting me excited for some off season moves! Thomse? JJ? A pitcher? Anything? Bueller?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photo a Day: This is on my Christmas card Edition (plus launching Christmas Song a Day)

This photo is going on my christmas cards this year. I have a theme...and that theme is baseball, Minnesota Twins & Target Field. It was either that or vodka.

This is me. In centerfield at Target Field. Yep, hanging out at the wall where homeruns are ruined or crowds sigh in bummness. Where TC the Bear comes down. Yep, there I am on Target Field.

Christmas Music of the Day - ah, my teen years!
Hanson's Snowed In is still one of my favorite christmas albums!

Hanson - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Photo a Day (2-for-1): Target Field in the snow!

Thank you to @MinnesotaTwins for inviting me along on the Social Media Tour they had on Friday, December 3. Over the next few days I will post a few photos from what I believe is my ultimate baseball fangirling moment.
So, let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) of our tour... The Budweiser Roof deck.
I have yet to find a spot in this ballpark that isn't an amazing photo op!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Photo A Day keeps the Off Season Boredom away

'Tis the season of cold weather and no baseball. So, in honor of not having anything to snark about or drinking at Target Field stories or fangirling of the new stadium...I will give you Photo A Day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Spit ‘em, polish, look how they shine/Glitter, glisten, gloss, floss/I catch a beat runnin like Randy Moss

Suckage. To the maximus.
Now our team is heading to New York with a low self-esteem. After reading through my Twitter feed yesterday and seeing the Twins fans reactions it sealed the deal. I won’t be going to the Tweet-up event on Saturday. I don’t need to be in a bar surrounded by naysayers and the bitching in person. It’s hard enough dealing with the tweets. No thanks. I can go to Matt’s Bar and have a Jucy Lucy and Honeyweiss and enjoy the atmosphere better there.

Go ahead, try and convince me otherwise but after my previous experiences I have decided to spend my time with positive (albeit snarky) people.

Hi. My name is Jen and I am a list maker.

Hi Jen!

* Watching extra baseball at Target Field (my Disney Land)
* Drinking enough beer to get a collection of souvenir playoff cups
* Having amazing seats for last night’s game
* Hanging with approximately 84,000 of my closest friends the last two nights
* Looking around the sold out ballpark and seeing camera flashes against the night sky
* Helmet Sundaes
* The pantomime street performer painted silver shushing the bible thumper on a milk crate
* Hanging with @baseballhappy and amusing ourselves

*Looking like the Detroit Tigers circa 2003 on National television
* Letting this year's Yankees beat us. And yes, I said “letting” and yes I said “this year’s” team.
* Dealing with Yankee fans here in Minnesota.
* Listening to the anti-Twins fans around town. An Anti-Twins Fan is someone local who doesn’t care about baseball therefore doesn’t like the Twins. These people are the first to say “I Told You So.”
* Sarah (@baseballhappy) said it best in her post this morning, “…but as a Twins fan, I was a lot more offended by the headline on the Twins twitter feed ready “Current Trend a Testament to Yankees” than I was by the “EZ Pass” NY Daily News Headline.
* Losing
* Losing
* Not enough sprinkles on my helmet sundae
* Missing Modern Family and The Office

Non-Baseball Pros and Cons
* I can add the “And here is where Randy Moss ran over the traffic cop and got busted for pot” stop on my office tour.
* It’s Friday
* Only 3 days until Monday Night Happy Hour
* The weather is perfect in Minneapolis
* I heart David Cook

* Michelle Bachmann still exists in Minnesota Government
* I am hungry
* My cat’s breath smells like cat food (Simpson’s reference)

Music of the Day – Randy Moss Edition
Outkast – Whole World

Thursday, October 7, 2010

There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do/I bless the rains down in Africa

Game 1 of the ALDS playoffs Twins vs Yankees
Yeah, we lost. Yeah, it sucked. But…it was a fun game, a great night, awesome crowd, tasty Grainbelt Premium, kickass company (thanks @baseballhappy), and our usually funny shenanigans. Oh, and I think it’s official that our at-bat/walk-up music would be Toto’s Africa (hence the music of the day).

Pissing on my Parade - A brief vent about Twins fans/tweeters
Nothing like coming home from an intense loss and looking through a pile of shit on my twitter feed. I am a little embarrassed about the whining and bitching some twins fans are displaying right now.

To offset what I had been hearing:
The energy at Target Field was amazing! People where chatty and high-fiving and jeering and cheering! Our sections (306 and the surrounding ones) didn’t stand the whole game but we all jumped to our feet for strikeouts, hits, great catches, and well…practically everything. For the record we weren’t lack luster. It wasn’t dull. We weren’t pouty. We were fired up! Damn it. I understand that some people (or maybe one person with many media outlets) were asked to sit down/leave. I totally think that is ridiculous…to be asked to sit down during a ball game is like being told to sit down during a U2 concert…or Tom Petty…or Bruce Springsteen…or Lady Gaga…or David Cook. Alas, I don’t want that to be the bitchy thing that gets leaked around everywhere.

That being said…that game was an amazing experience! I always have a great time with @baseballhappy is in attendance. We sing Toto, we boo Swisher, we talk about how much we love the Pittsburgh Pirates, and we amuse ourselves.

Music of the Day – Toto Africa

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yesterday is history, tomorrow may not come/I’m gonna run to the horizon/We are strong/We are young.

(1500ESPN's ad is awesome!)
I say Brrr, it’s cold in here. There must be some Yankees in the atmosphere
Okay, not very original but that Bring It On cheer has been stuck in my head since Sunday when @baseballhappy and I were chanting it. (We also discussed that the original Bring It On is the best but some of the other ones aren’t that bad.)

Anyways…I am as prepared, physically, as I can be for the chilly night game tomorrow. I have a hooded sweatshirt, red fleece blanket, half of a crocheted blue and red scarf (I will finish the other half tonight), fingerless gloves, and faux-uggs (or Fuggs). Overkill? Nope, I don’t think so. My only regret is not getting the blue fleece blanket. My vanity usually steers me away from all things red (due to my red hair and the fear I will end up looking like Tickle Me Elmo or something) but I did not want anyone to confuse my blue blanket to be Yankee Blue. So…red it is.

ESPN’s E:60 Visits Minnesota Twins on Eve of MLB Playoffs

ESPN's Emmy award-winning primetime newsmagazine E:60 will visit the Minnesota Twins on the eve of Major League Baseball’s playoffs in the episode airing Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. ET.

E:60 spoke with manager Ron Gardenhire and several Twins players including Michael Cuddyer and Nick Punto. The American League Central champions open the playoffs Wednesday against the New York Yankees.

Launched in October 2007, ESPN’s E:60 combines investigative reporting, in-depth profiles of intriguing sports personalities and features on emerging star athletes. These stories are presented in a fresh and innovative format that incorporates producer/correspondent meetings.

Don’t be that douchebag…
Don’t be that douchebag that wears a business dress shirt with pleated khakis drinking rum and cokes whilst talking about how much you know about baseball. I am pretty sure that the eye you’re using to calling balls and strikes from section 307 (first base side) isn’t as accurate as the umpire. Also, shouting “Come on, Blue!” after every strikeout makes my eye twitch.

Music of the Day – FSN North watchers will recognize this song
Ryan Star’s song Right Now has been used for the game recap towards the end of every Twins game aired on FSN North. I always get so excited about it because I love that guy. He may be the nicest rockstar in the business and puts on a hell of a live show. Check out his new album 11:59 (What’s Your 11:59?) now out on iTunes and stores (like Target and Best Buy).

Ryan Star – Right Now

Monday, October 4, 2010

I show no scars from where I’ve been / Just two jaded eyes, I guess you win


Sarah (@baseballhappy) and I rocked these tshirts yesterday!

Statistically they are speaking the truth, blah blah blah. However, hometown pride makes me bristle at this kind of headline/article. I am not sure who is worse right now…Yankees bloggers/tweeters or Twins bloggers/tweeters.

First Last Game (copyright @baseballhappy)
Yesterday Sarah (Those Girls & @baseballhappy) and I went to the first last game of the season. (Also known as the last regular season game.) The weather was beautiful UNLESS you were in the shade…then it was DAMNED cold. Now I need to prep for the chilly night game on Wednesday.

Shopping list: Mittens, Twins Snuggie, Tiny bottles of Baileys Irish Cream, Twins crocheted scarf (in process), and a great sense of humor.

Don’t be that douchebag…
I am starting a new reoccurring topic here on Lipgloss & Baseball. This where I can call out those people…you know, THOSE ones.

So, to the guy who was throwing stuff on the field yesterday (near McCoy):
Don’t be that douchebag that ruins it for a stadium full of people who are rejoicing the fact they get to start keeping their bottle caps again!

Music of the Day
The band Midwest Kings (MWK) is one of my favorites. I found them through a very hap-hazard way but am now a fan. I even roadtripped down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to catch one of their first shows on stage after a couple-year pause.

Call to Arms – MWK

Friday, October 1, 2010

Keep your words, they’re all you got / Please be careful what you say

This post includes: me bitching about whiny fans/bloggesr/tweeters, photo-shopped sign I made on my iPod whilst riding the Ghetto #5 bus, preparation for the last regular season game at Target Field, and a song that is always stuck in my head (and I don’t mind).

This weekend was going to be my bittersweet goodbye to my new love, Target Field. BUT thanks to the Minnesota Twins clinching the playoffs I will be back for at least two more (and hopefully a dozen more) games! I think I’d like to spend all of October at Target Field…watching baseball, wearing my hoodie, drinking coffee (with Bailey’s). Yep. I think I would. However, to keep the tradition alive, I will be there on Sunday to say goodbye to the regular season along with Sarah (of Those Girls & @baseballhappy).

Me walking to Target Field in my Twins hooded sweatshirt with homer hankie sticking out of my back pocket a la Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA video. Everything is in slow motion and cue voice over:

Wow. What happened to Minnesota-nice? What about Minnesota Passive-Aggressive? Sure, I was lucky enough to score tickets to Games 1, 2, and 3 of the first round of playoffs and a set for the second round. Alas, my happy buzz was killed by Twitter and Twins Fans. Not all Twins fans…just the ones who I usually avoid.

* Yes, the tickets are expensive.
* Yes, the lottery system is a bitch. Trust me. I got shut out of Home Opener tickets.
* No, not only ticket scalpers and band wagon fans got the tickets. I am neither of those.
* No, I didn’t cheat the system. I used the standard process that everyone else used.
* Yes, I am going to the games.

So…stop pissing on my parade!

/end scene

Mike Kelly & Andy Skib – Taking the Blame
Mike Kelly’s new CD “Wake the Dead” has been on heavy rotation on my iPod. I recommend it. Fully!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you remember, the 21st night of September? / Love was changing the mind of pretenders

Post-Season, Schmost-Season
This morning at 8:45 a.m. I was glued to my computer, refreshing the super secret link that was sent to me by the Minnesota Twins. I was going to buy pre-sale, post season tickets come high or hell water! And I did.

I scored two seats to the first home game of the first round of playoffs (and a pair for the third home game if needed). So now it all rests in the hands of our Minnesota Twins to get us

Front Page News
Target Field and Jim Thome will be gracing the cover of the next issue of Sports Illustrated (due on newsstands tomorrow

Same old, same old
So…playoffs are upon us. I am sure some bloggers/tweeters are planning stuff but since they are a very exclusive club I thought I would toss out the Poor-Mans version of meet-ups. I was thinking that it would be fun to hang out outside of the stadium…to witness the games from the plaza and the gates. Also…the new Kierans is a blast to watch sporting events at if the sporting event happens to be the main ticket in town. The new Hubert’s has tons of Televisions and spots too…that’s where @baseballhappy/Those Girls and I watched the big UFC fight.

Now all that’s left to do is to find a new Twins shirt to purchase. Like…a division title one :)

Music from my title
Seems only fitting to be using Earth, Wind & Fire’s September

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In a daydream/I couldn’t live like this/I wouldn’t stop until I found something beautiful

Quick Hits
• I did not boo Gardy when he pulled Slowey from the game on Sunday. I boo’ed Rausch for sucking.
• This may sound shocking but I really, really like the chicken fingers with fries at Target Field.
• I sometimes get legitimately upset due to the Text Your Vote for what song you want to play in the fifth inning. Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Eminem (new Em not old Em), and other various musicians that I do not approve of. I will always boo the crowd at Target Field when they pick something lame (aka something I don’t approve of). In my mind Dexie’s Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen” gets picked over Eminem’s “Not Afraid” (and I actually like that song).
• I know that Premium Grainbelt is a hipster beer but…it is starting to be my Go-To beer at Target Field. Weird, I know.
• The cupholders in section 307 tilt and it really pisses me off. It also pisses me off that the @MinnesotaTwins tweeter said they did not tilt.
• The gelato near the plaza is excellent. May I recommend the chocolate? ‘Cause I do.
• I get teary eye before the start of every single game I attend. Having a veteran raise the flag, the national anthem being sung and the Rockets’ Red Glare and Bombs Bursting In Air fireworks all add up to me being a total chick.

Cute Factor
If you allow me a moment to be a proud auntie…

Lucy starts kindergarten on September 1st! I can’t believe the little monster is growing up!

Music of the Day
This band is coming back to Minneapolis in November and playing a show at First Ave! I am gonna be there, are you?

Needetobreathe – Something Beautiful

Monday, August 9, 2010

All we ever have is Right Now / And all we’ll ever need is here, Right Now

Let’s talk about Baseball Etiquette
So…I have waited in lines before for buying concert tickets, to get into concerts & for meeting musicians after concerts. (And yes, I’ve done all those at a David Cook concert too…and for U2 and for Willie Nelson. So don’t judge!) Anyways, there’s certain etiquette amongst the masses. You don’t invite your 10 friends to skip ahead to stand with you, you don’t push, you don’t start fights that you can’t win, you don’t eat stinky food, you share your water. Right? It’s like a warzone when you’re out there.

Now, how does this tie in with baseball? Well, I want to talk about etiquette amongst baseball…game attendees, bloggers, tweeters, ect. This will be a multi-part blog due to the length and to my rambling.

When at a baseball game
I get it. You’re at the game! AWESOME! Now let’s go over how you can make your visit enjoyable for me. Yes, I wrote that correctly. Here’s how you can not bug ME! And in turn…everyone else around you.

1. Projectile Story Tellilng
This is about those people who want those sitting around them to accidently eavesdrop on their conversations so that we can all hear about how awesome they are. You know those people. Some of you may be those people. There are moments where I think the drunken frat boy who keeps trying to start the wave while juggling his two MGDs is more welcome than Please Listen To My Story.

“So I was drinking on the roof of Seven Sushi Saturday night…well, actually it was Sunday morning because it was like 2 a.m… OMG! We got SO TRASHED!”

That’s great, Drunky. I get it. You’re SUPER cool and can get into really hot clubs like Seven. Oh wait…this is Minnesota. Not New York. There are very few places you CAN’T get into. You did not achieve greatness. You flashed some bills/boobs/grills and got in. I don’t need to know how you puked in a garbage can on 7th & Hennepin (Trust me…I’ve seen it. That’s why I don’t use the trash cans on the west side of Nicollet Mall.) Why don’t you save that story for your facebook status or something that doesn’t involve me rolling my eyes into the back of my head. You’re here for baseball…or at least you should be.

“I find that the hot button issues for this election are really overrated due to more pressing concerns in the community.”

Wow. You are sooooooooooo deep! You used a whole bunch of big words in one sentence! You are saving the world! We are really lucky you took time out of your big campaigning schedule to come to a baseball game. Here’s the thing…much like first dates, we don’t talk about politics or religion at baseball games. Just enjoy the game and think the thoughts inside your head.

“Hey! Hey! That’s the dude on the cover of XBOX MLB! Cool! You know that my batting average is like .425. I am leading my league.”

Just because you are the MVP on your video game version of baseball that doesn’t mean you actually know a lot about baseball. Let’s use the age-old theory about if you play a flight simulator game does that mean you qualify to fly an actual airplane? Nope.

“Sweetie. Do you want a drink? A drink? Can you say drink? Here you go. Now what do you say? No, child-that’s-toddler-age, we do not kick the seat in front of us. No no no no. We do not wipe our hands on our pants. Let mommy get you a moist towelette. Look Sweet Little Precious Child of Mine, there’s a man with a bat. He’s batting. See? Batting!”

Much like there is a family section where you can’t drink and can expect lots of wholesome family time (which I support the idea of) I think there should be an “I am just here to watch the baseball game and have a few drinks” section. I’d buy season tickets to that. You’d have to answer a few quick questions about the game, the stadium, the team and then you’re in. Wally the Beer guy is the vendor, TC the Bear comes and high-fives us all, we are guaranteed the give-aways, snuggies are welcomed.

2. Inappropriate Clothing
This is not where I talk about how wearing a tube top or miniskirts is inappropriate. Heck, I may roll my eyes or mock but it’s a personal choice. Chicks who wear a Twins jersey with a miniskirt get bonus points! Here is what I am talking about:
· Yankees clothing when we aren’t playing the Yankees.
· Those super high heel/platform shoes that make me fear for your safety as you toddle up and down the steep steps. They can’t be comfortable!
· Oversized purses that take my armrest away. Sure, this year’s fringed boho chic purse is super cute but is it really functional at a game? You fear putting it on the ground because it will get spilled on so instead it sits perched smooshed between your body and the armrest.
· Skorts. Just because.
· Ed Hardy t-shirts. Again…just because.

3. Mass mentality
Will you marry me? is not for everyone
Getting proposed to in front of 40,000 + people is exciting. Unless you are the unfortunate person seated next to them. It’s awkward and distracting. But…that’s neither here nor there. I have yet to be to a game at the new Target Field and NOT see a proposal on the 4th largest screen in MLB. It kind of looses it’s glamour and excitement when everybody is doing it. Now is the time to thinking of something more original. Let’s say…”Marry Me” written in ketchup on a hotdog served by one of the seat vendors. Or how about have TC deliver a giant cookie with “Marry Me” written in frosting? I mean, anything with food seems to be “ballparky”.

The Wave is similar to a thousand bee stings
I know, I know. It is really hip to hate the wave right now but somehow a ballpark full of people can get it going. Thankfully I have always been a hater. So, why do we do the wave? To entertain ourselves during the slow parts? To inspire the players? To annoy me? Get a hobby. Not gonna help. And it does. In conclusion, don’t do it.

4. Wanderers Punch
There is so much foot traffic in and around the new stadium. I have compiled a simple list of How To Walk:

· Don’t stop in the middle. Just pull off to the side…much like you do in car traffic.
· Go with the flow. It’s not trout season, you don’t need to swim against the current.
· Do not walk in a width of more than two people. That’s just rude and annoying. Unless you’re shooting an opening sequence to some badass movie y’all don’t need to be front and center.
· If you have a stroller and you hit me in the back of the ankle (a la my Achilles heel) more than once please be prepared for me to turn around and glare. If you do not look properly ashamed please be prepared for me to snarl. If you do not look properly afraid please be prepared for my big hoop earrings to come off.
· I know it is super Minnesotan to see a line and automatically stand in it…even if you don’t know what it for. We automatically assume it is either where we are supposed to be or it’s a line for an awesome giveway. BUT sometimes it’s okay to break free from the pack and walk around the line.

Well, I think that’s enough of a list for this first post of Jen’s Half-Ass Rules of Baseball Etiquette. Do you have anything to add? Anything you disagree with?

Music Video of the Day
Let me introduce you to someone. His name is Ryan Star and he’s an awesome musician. I’ve seen him in concert a couple times and can verify that he puts on a kickass rock show AND is a nice dude (tall drink o’water too, ladies). His song “Right Now” is used at the end of the FSNorth televised games…for the recap. So there is a baseball connection (even if he’s a Yankees fan).

The song I am posting here is the new single and the music video is on the VH1 Top 20 countdown show on weekend mornings. It is a great song with a cool message and the video is really cool…about people fighting recession and being laid off. Take three minutes and watch.

Oh, he also has a brand new album that was just released last Tuesday. You can pick up a copy on iTunes or at Best Buy or Target.

Ryan Star - Breathe

Thursday, July 29, 2010

See the girls with the curls in their hair/The buttons and the pins and the loud fanfares

Look at this cute picture of received of Baby G!

His mama captioned it with: “Doesn’t G look like he is on the pitcher’s mound getting ready to throw a strike while keeping an eye on first base?”

He sure does! Personally I hope the onesie baseball uniforms make a big comeback :P

Tonight, Tonight…
Well, let’s first address the issue of me now having New Kids on the Block’s song “Tonight” stuck in my head. Damn it!

Now…let’s get onto the point of this heading! Tonight I will be at Rock Bottom Brewery to Tap a Keg with Nick Punto (now would be a good time to a.) snort, b.) mumble “that’s what she said”, or c.) roll your eyes). Come on down at 6:00 p.m. and get a free pint of whatever they’re tapping and meet Nick Punto!

Not baseball related but no less important
Further proof that my niece Lucy (age 5) is the coolest person I know

Music of the Day – Because it’s the title of this blog Edition
New kids on the Block – Tonight

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As Americana as…well, Baseball

As promised, here are some cool photos I took from the games I went to over the 4th of July weekend. There are pictures of parachutes, beer, silly people, TC the Bear wearing a Pavano mustache, ect…


Garrett Jones Action Figure visits Target Field

Random photos from the weekend
Rockets red glare!

My favorite spot in Target Field!
me & @baseballhappy

The brought out the big flag!

me & Ryan


TC Pavano 'Stache & Ryan
Ry is Premium, yo!

Me & Ryan

Public Service Announcement for the Day:
Oh, and for the record…it isn’t in good taste to ask people to blog/promote your event with the offer of something and then not actually delivering.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey Minnesotans, watch the All-Star game from the comfort of Target Field!

If you would all allow me a moment to promote a really, really awesome event here in Minneapolis. Wait…don’t stop reading now! Have I led you wrong yet? Okay, sure…sometimes I blather on about how much I love David Cook and reality television shows but this is different. I swear!

All-Star Event at Target Field!
Tuesday, July 13 at Target Field

Next Tuesday, Pillsbury United Communities is hosting an awesome event at Target Field – a private screening of the All-Star Game. This event is a fundraiser for Pillsbury United Communities, a nonprofit organization with multiple locations in Minneapolis' inner city neighborhoods – including four neighborhood centers and a professional live theatre. PUC serves more than 35,000 people each year – nearly 10% of Minneapolis!

What better way to watch the All-Star game than AT the home of two (maybe three) of our Minnesota Twins All-Stars! If you purchase your tickets to this event by the end of Wednesday (tomorrow) you can use a Groupon! (Groupon is an online form of a coupon…no cutting needed). The Groupon offers $40 tickets…pretty damn discounted so you can’t go wrong with that deal!

Groupon, yo!

For additional information and details on this event please visit their site: Home Field Advantage Event

I live right by the Pillsbury House Theater and I know what a great organization and opportunity it gives to the community. Food, baseball, cheering, Target Field, All-Stars? You can’t miss out on this!

***I am in the process of editing my photos from my baseball-filled weekend and I will post them tomorrow. Watch this space!

<--- This is a teaser.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pack my bags, walking in rain/Hear them voices inside my head/Drinking that booze & taking down names

Calling all Twins bloggers & tweeters!
MetsGrrl will be in Minneapolis this upcoming weekend! Besides going on a baseball tour and eating a Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar she wants to gather and watch the Twins and Mets matchup on TV. So, come join us! This would be a perfect time to break out your old Santana Twins shirts and join us at Kieran’s Irish Pub (the new location in Block E, across from the Target Center). We’ll be meeting around noon on Sunday, June 27.

Metsgrrl Meet-up
Kieran’s Irish Pub
600 Hennepin Ave

Happy hour from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., 7 days a week. $4 pints, house wines, rail drinks

Let me know if you are interested in joining and then I can pass along a headcount to Kieran’s. Just a warning…this isn’t one of those fancy meet-ups. There will be no shenanigans or hoopla. Just us and baseball and beer.

Also, rumor has it that Garrett Jones Action Figure will be debuting at the bar on this momentous occasion.

Baseball, mall, hall, call, asparagus, Jason castro, shawl, tall…
My little five-year old niece, Lucy, is learning all about rhyming. She rhymes everything and well, the heading above is an example of her rhyming style. I don’t think she’s destined to be the next Eminem or anything but at least she’s trying.

So baseball…
I am still very much in love with Target Field. I’ve been to a handful (almost two handfuls – insert inappropriate comment here) of games and each one makes my love of the ballpark grow. Yeah, it’s sappy but that’s how I feel. Hey, I am a girl that was raised in the Metrodome. Raised seeing a dingy grey domed roof, bright green fake grass, cheap plastic blue seats and closed walkways. Anyways, I skipped out of work early last Thursday and headed to Target field to watch the Twins. The weather was perfect…a hot summer day. I was thankful that my seats were in the shade…a nice breeze, cold beer & tasty tacos.

There was yet another proposal on the jumbotron.

This dude rides the Ghetto#5 bus. Pirate Pride!

Music Video of the Day
In honor of Vinnie (THANK YOU) scoring me a ticket to Stone Temple Pilots concert that is coming through town here in August…I give you a song from Scott Weiland’s solo album.
Scott Weiland – Paralysis

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blame it on the rain, blame it on the stars, whatever you do don’t put the blame on you

The clouds parted and the sun sparkled over downtown Minneapolis (I am sure some angels were singing and shit but I think they are sick of me requesting Free Bird). For some strange reason I had Milli Vanilli’s greatest hit, Blame It On The Rain, stuck in my head.

I was excited to go to the game with Jess (of the Tulsa Roadtrip for MWK Concert crew) and introduce her to Target Field. I also got to introduce her some Hibbinites (those who hail from Hibbing, MN)…Vinnie and his guys are 100% Hibbing and 200% hilarious.

The game was great, the company was awesome (we fangirled MWK, Ryan Star & David Cook), the food was good (taco Tuesday), and we won…pretty much a quadruple threat.

CandyLand in downtown Minneapolis offers a Game Day special. For $10 you can get a bag of Chicago Mix, a bag of plain popcorn, a bag of either sunflower seeds or peanuts, and a bag of candy. It is all approved to go into the ballpark so you would be set with sweet treats! I am doing this on my next game!

If you are looking for Father's Day Presents get yourself to Walmart (words I don't utter often). They have a great selection of Father's Day/Twins stuff. I really, really want this tshirt.

Photos from the game last night:
Twins (Slowey) vs. Kansas City Royals (Greinke) - June 8, 2010




Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galatica. or Pittsburgh. Food. Yankees

Before I give you my blurb and photos from my trip to Pittsburgh I wanted to throw out the bit o’info that I am going to the Twins game tonight. I am NOT a fan of going to games when the Yankees are in town, mostly because the amount of Minnesota Yankee fans that pop out of the far reaches of our fair state. Also, I hate the Yankees. (Note: I do not hate Yankee fans…well, most of them.) So, I am putting on my Twins shirt and my sunblock and heading to Target Field to experience my first WARM game at our fantastic ballpark. Now…what to eat? What to drink? What insults to mutter under my breath at the family of four wearing Jeter jerseys?

I Heart Pittsburgh
I survived a kickass trip to Pittsburgh, the City of Food (well, that’s my nickname for it.) I was like my own travel show where I ate at non-chain restaurants, tried local faves, drank in the hotel bar while telling crazy stories drunkenly. Okay…so that last part would be an exclusive for MY travel show. I experience a giant rain delay on my only Pittsburgh Pirates game and I snagged a Garrett Jones action figure for @baseballhappy. I feel like I succeed in having the mid-range level of fun! Especially considering I got to sit next to Davey Jones (yes, THE Davey Jones from the Monkees) at the hotel bar. I also stood next to Hermans Hermits at the valet stand.


PNC Park

A famous Primanti Bros Sammie.

I hopped across the border to West Virginia to have lunch with Darcie!

A pretty and rainy day view from my hotel window.

I had coffee with dinos!

Sushi in a boat tastes the best.