Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey Minnesotans, watch the All-Star game from the comfort of Target Field!

If you would all allow me a moment to promote a really, really awesome event here in Minneapolis. Wait…don’t stop reading now! Have I led you wrong yet? Okay, sure…sometimes I blather on about how much I love David Cook and reality television shows but this is different. I swear!

All-Star Event at Target Field!
Tuesday, July 13 at Target Field

Next Tuesday, Pillsbury United Communities is hosting an awesome event at Target Field – a private screening of the All-Star Game. This event is a fundraiser for Pillsbury United Communities, a nonprofit organization with multiple locations in Minneapolis' inner city neighborhoods – including four neighborhood centers and a professional live theatre. PUC serves more than 35,000 people each year – nearly 10% of Minneapolis!

What better way to watch the All-Star game than AT the home of two (maybe three) of our Minnesota Twins All-Stars! If you purchase your tickets to this event by the end of Wednesday (tomorrow) you can use a Groupon! (Groupon is an online form of a coupon…no cutting needed). The Groupon offers $40 tickets…pretty damn discounted so you can’t go wrong with that deal!

Groupon, yo!

For additional information and details on this event please visit their site: Home Field Advantage Event

I live right by the Pillsbury House Theater and I know what a great organization and opportunity it gives to the community. Food, baseball, cheering, Target Field, All-Stars? You can’t miss out on this!

***I am in the process of editing my photos from my baseball-filled weekend and I will post them tomorrow. Watch this space!

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