Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why don’t you walk away/The sun won’t swallow the sky/Why don’t you walk away/Statues will not cry

Last night Amy and I were at the game in our “usual seats.” (We are splitting a partial package with someone so now we have familiar people around us.) Before the game I met us with Oh, it’s THOSE Girls (who are just as funny in real life as they are in blog life.) Oh, and you all may be jealous but I saw their sign (dubbed as The World’s Coolest Sign) in person. Yep, it is as cool as you think.

Here are my Game Notes:
* One of the “Regulars” sitting in front of us took his shoe off and sniffed it. It’s not really baseball-y but it sure is damn weird.
* Franz Ferdinand played when the White Sox pitcher was taken out…I love the sound of you walking away. Someone with cool music taste is working the sound booth.
* Oh Sweet Baby Jesus! Save me from the know-it-all fans. We had a group of men sitting behind us kept making comments about pitching styles and fielding practice like they knew what the hell they were talking about. Dudes, just because you watch Sports Center doesn’t mean you can speak intelligently about baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I normally don’t make any sense but they kept trying to one-up themselves.
* So far my record is 3-1 for in attendance wins.

Photos from the game:

Amy had to handle all four of our Twingo cards. I am not saying she did a bad job but we didn’t win.

These are the headsets that I have declared I won’t wear.

The cup holders at The Dome suck! They are tilted at a sharp angle so beer spills out. Alcohol abuse!

Today at noon I will be back at The Dome drinking beer and cheering on the Twins (with TBL) whilst my co-workers sit in cubicles working. Mmmwhwahahahaha (evil laughter)

Pimping out my local radio station
You have heard it all before, I love 89.3 The Current! Tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday, thank-you-very-much) they are having a Radio Free day. This means the whole day will be requests. You can go online and submit your picks! Do it! DO. IT.

Radio Free Current – Control the Airwaves

Here are my selections:
Babyshambles – Delivery
Fratellis – For the Girl
Kooks – You Don’t Love Me
Leonard Cohen – Democracy
Travis – All I Want To Do Is Rock
VHS or Beta – Bring on the Comets
White Stripes – Icky Thump
22-20s – Devil in Me
Radiohead – Creep
Vicki Lawrence – Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Monday Night Happy Hour at the Red Dragon
On Monday night we decided to change it up a little bit and head towards uptown to the Red Dragon.
* Before Monday night I had never walked into the Red Dragon sober.
* After a couple of beers the selections on the jukebox seem to be the world’s greatest party mix.
We were trading dollars like strippers in order to one-up the weirdoes at the bar that kept picking Luther Vandross. Nuh uh. No one likes a little Luther at a bar…No. One. Better.
* I squealed like Vegan Joe at the midnight showing of Lord of the Rings when I saw the jukebox had The Libertines, Kaiser Chiefs, Regina Spektor and Dexies Midnight Runners.
* The Red Dragon is known for their curiously strong cognac glasses filled with pretty, fruity drinks.

On next week’s very special episode of Monday Night Happy Hour…we will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Too bad there isn’t a parade so that we have an excuse to drink in the streets again (a la St. Patrick’s Day.)

Music of the Day
Franz Ferdinand – Walk Away

Monday, April 28, 2008

You’re motoring/What’s your price for flight/In finding mister right/You’ll be alright tonight

I, for one, am glad today is an off day
Sheesh, as baseball fans we should be used to the rollercoaster of emotions but this weekend was tough. I listened to yesterday’s game whilst driving around Edina (said in a snobby voice) running errands. At one point the announcers just stopped giving our score. Texas has 7, Texas has 8, Texas has 9. Oh yeah, Minnesota still has nothing.

Let’s move on…
Tomorrow I will be sitting in the Upper Level behind home plate. Here are my predictions:
* Boof will be pitching (yeah, I don’t get any credit for that.)
* The Twins will win
* I will have something snarky to say about
* I will be drinking a beer
* I will be telling Amy the funny thing that Oh, Those Girls said (you girls are so damn entertaining!)
* Swish, swish Swisher will make me relive the memory of when I thought he was an ass and then I read this story about how his long flowing locks were donated.
* I will be bragging to Amy about how the next day I will be sitting in The Dome drinking beer at noon, skipping work.

Non-baseball but no less important (well, it does get kind of ramble-y)

Everyone wants pink sparkly shoes

I couldn’t cram my size 7 feet into this dainty works of sparkly polymers.

Okay, Morgan’s mama may be mad but I had to post the picture of Mo-mo with the pink shoes. I couldn’t get a clear shot of him walking in them but he LOVED the shoes. As soon as they were on his feet he would take off. It appears that this 20-month old has achieved what most adult women have not…walking in heels.

Are you ready for Jenapalooza?!? (Warning: self-promotion ahead)
Okay, that was said in the whole “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking” sort of way. Hey! I don’t watch wrestling but I do drink with someone who is The Rock’s biggest fan.

I am fully prepared for Jenapalooza 2008! I have Red Bull, juice, vitamins, sunglasses (for the morning hangovers), drinking purse, baseball gear, comfy shoes, clean underwear, charged iPod and a full tank of gas. I am ready Mother Booze. I am ready Father Baseball. I am ready Brother Concert. And I am ready Sister Christian. (Couldn’t resist.)

Monday 4/28: Monday Night Happy Hour
Tuesday 4/29: Minnesota Twins baseball game
Wednesday 4/30: Minnesota Twins game (it’s a noon game so I am skipping the last half of work.)
Thursday 5/1: Happy Hour and My Birthday
Friday 5/2: Concert – tentative, very tentative
Saturday 5/3: Nordeast Minneapolis Bar Crawl
Sunday 5/4: Celebrating my birthday with my girls!
Monday 5/5: Monday Night Happy Hour
Wednesday 5/7: Swell Season Concert
Friday 5/9: VHS or Beta Concert

What’s got Vegan Joe (and me) squealing like a 16-year old girl at the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Something-Something? (Yeah, I had to go there.)
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
I guess I know what we’ll be doing on May 12.

Weekend Recap
* Watched four more episodes of Gossip Girl. (Thanks to Amy for feeding my addiction, she knows what I am talking about.)
* Watched the first few episodes of Brothers & Sisters. (My Monday Night Happy Hour Crew is obsessed with this show.)
* Went to the St. Paul Art Crawl.
* Stayed in my pajamas all day Saturday.
* Saw Priceless (French title Hors de Prix)

* Realized that saying “stimulus” (as in rebate check) is funny.

Ever since I wrote “Sister Christian” in my blog (a few paragraphs up) I have had this song stuck in my head. Now it’s your turn, here’s my gift to you!

Sister Christian – Night Ranger

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No, no, no/Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me/Till I come marching home

· Twins defeated in extra innings by Rangers (L 5-6)
· Liriano sent down after ugly start to season
· Today’s pitching match-up: Baker vs. Ponson (this could possibly be a cheer too)

· Morneausey hit a Grand Slam
· Gomez got a homerun (I am a day late and a dollar short on announcing that.)
· Along with Those Girls list of funny things the announcers said… “Good gravy!”

Welcome Mat
Welcome to my newest commenters:
s.rail and
super johan

Non-baseball but no less important

Are you fucking kidding me?!?
Yes, the swearing is absolutely necessary. You see, I woke up this morning to find what is pictured below. God damn Mother Nature! Why do you hate me so? (It could be because I take her name in vain.)

Artsy Fartsy
I like to think I support local creative endeavors (and to a point I do) however, I have never been on an Art Crawl. Like Amy said, the only Crawl I have ever been associated is one with Bar in front of it. Har-dee-har-har Amy, har-dee-flipping-har-har. Last night Stacy and I went to show our support to Risa (Curlz). She has a studio that is Stop #1 on the St. Paul Art Crawl. I love her art. I loved seeing her and Joel. I was a little snarky to the other people enjoying the art crawl but it was kind of like shooting sitting ducks. Conclusion?
· St. Paul is crazy…as a Minneapolisan (I don’t know what we call ourselves) I am ordered to think that.
· Charming old studios are charming but also old, as in no elevator to the fifth floor.
· I think after seeing a few studios that it would all start looking the same.
· No beer.

Here are a few photos from Risa/Curlz studio (with her permission)

Music of the Day
To back-up the awesomeness of Minneapolis (and in turn Minnesota) I would like to present local girls who done good!

The Andrew Sisters – Don’t Sit Under That Apple Tree

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It’s a beautiful day/Sky falls, you feel like/It’s a beautiful day/Don’t let it get away

I’ll be brief…
Boof gets a Quality Start but no win.

I saw an hour of last night’s game before I decided to get stuff done instead of dozing on the sofa. Today’s game starts a 2:35 p.m. CT.

Don’t worry, things will get more interesting (blog-wise) once I get to a few more games…4/29 and 4/30.

Non-baseball but no less important

What happens in a PT Cruiser stays in a PT Cruiser
Setting: A parking lot
Cast: The PT Cruiser parked in front of us.
The plot: Two very consenting adults were enjoying a little backseat hook-up.
The proof: See below.

Summer in the City
Summer in the city, I’m so lonely lonely lonely/So I went to a protest just to rub up against strangers – Summer in the City, Regina Spektor
You know summer is arriving…
* The hot dog cart is back on Nicollet Mall
* Cops on bikes (the pedal variety)
* The Farmer’s Market has started (on Nicollet Mall)
* I went outside and walked in the sunshine – see proof via the video montage below.

City Pages Best Of
Minneapolis’ premier weekly entertainment paper, the City Pages, puts out a Best Of issue each year. Readers get to vote on Best Restaurant, Best Date Spot, Best Minnesota Bad Boy, ect, ect, ect. Anyways, this year Best Craft Show award goes to…drum roll please…my friend Tracy’s No Coast Craft-O-Rama!!! (Roar!) Seriously, if you are a local you must check out this awesome (ain’t your mama’s) craft fair in December.

Music of the Day
Last night I went outside to enjoy the lovely weather. (Gasp, outside? Yes, outside.) I took a bunch of photos and have now compiled them into an original Jen Music Montage. Note the song is U2’s Beautiful Day. Fitting, I believe.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I had a nightmare/I lived in a little town/where little dreams were broken/and words were seldom spoken

Twins 5, A’s 4
Okay, you know you’re old when…
...a 9:00 p.m. game time is too late.

Seriously, I am at work at 7:00 a.m. so staying up until midnight is just not a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it before for Mother Booze but a televised baseball game, nah… I did watch the first half of the game and I was happy to see some offense. (The homerun off of Livan was the turning point; I talked myself into going to bed.)

Here are my bullet points:
* I am happy to see Monroe make the news for something different than “Where does he belong?” “When does he get to play?” “What is he doing here?”
* Gomez did have a bad night.
* Oh, Those Girls raised a good point in their blog today…The A’s fans were freaking loud (and a smidge ghetto, but I am not judging.) Come on folks, I couldn’t hear Dick & Bert’s interview with Baker…you kept distracting me.
*Tonight is Boof’s turn. The last time I saw Boof pitch was when I was at the game last Thursday. Hopefully he will be boo-ed by the crowd tonight. HEY, stick with me here! Boo-ed because he did such a great job and the A’s fans are reacting. It is sad when a player gets boo-ed whilst at home. Yeah, I am talking to you Section 225.

Those Girls – I will be at the game on April 29th. Shall we meet up for happy hour or something?
James – The new Raconteurs album is awesome. I do have to say that the newest White Stripes album is a little more favored than this one.

Non-baseball but no less important

Bonfire of the vanities
When I was looking this up to use as a reference I found there are three major references to this.
1. Refers to the burning of objects that are deemed to be occasions of sin

2. The novel
3. Film

Okay, now the real reason for this topic…last night Stacy (a bonafide pyro) lit the first fire of the season. We sat on the deck experiencing the sounds of South Minneapolis at night. Nothing makes me feel as hypersensitive as sitting outside exposed.

The Prostitute of the #5 Bus
Yesterday morning as I was sitting on the #5 bus route (affectionately called the Ghetto #5) I was disturbed out of my mindless daydreams by the bus drive yelling at someone. Now, this isn’t a rare occasion. Many-a-times I hear bus drivers shouting and fighting with the less-than-stellar commuters (of course I am extremely well behaved.) This morning was particularly chuckle-inducing. You see, a lady-of-the-night was trying to get on the bus without paying and our bus driver wasn’t having it. She was in full Pretty Woman gear – fishnets, plastic boots, and tube top. Anyways, their screaming match was entertaining enough that I had to turn off my iPod so I could hear everything.

Damn you, Television, be less addicting.
American Idol
– Due to an unforeseen emergency happy hour I missed the first two singers of the night (one of which was Dreamy Jason Castro.) However I personally believe that Carly stole the show with Jesus Christ Superstar!!! Come on, she was fan-fucking-tastic. Oh, and Lucy has corrected herself, she likes Jason Castro now. “Hey, I like that guy!” Yeah Lucy, you better say that. Everyone else was good. I didn’t really buy that much into David Cook’s cheese-o-rama but it didn’t suck and I still like him.
Deadliest Catch – This show has sucked me in, heart and soul. The captains, the crew and the greenhorns are now part of my life. I often find myself starting sentences…”Well, if I was on the Deadliest Catch…” (That usually ends with “…and that is why I would never been on the Deadliest Catch.”

Music of the Day
It has been a while since I posted a Travis song. I am a new fan (compared to the rest of the world) to this band and I have Liat to thank for that. She brought me to their concert last summer and ever since then I have been collecting their music. Three Times and You Lose is a great song but it is the video that I love. The grainy and artsy New York scenery.

Travis – Three Times and You Lose

Swear Count: 2

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh who put all those cares in your head/You can’t live your life on your deathbed/And it’s been such a lovely day

Off Day for Baseball
Off Days on a Monday are pure gold for me and my Monday Night Happy Hour Crew. You see, I don’t have to nag them about going to a bar with a television and they don’t have to pretend to listen to me when I talk about the game. It’s a Win-Win. During the non-raining portions of the evening we were sitting outside at The Local drinking Black & Tans and enjoying extreme people watching. Once it started raining we headed to our old stand-by of Rossi’s. It was there at Rossi’s that I caught the first half of the Mets/Cubs game. (Like others in the blogosphere I was disappointed that Santana wasn’t pitching.) Hey, baseball is baseball…no matter who is playing…so I just sat back and enjoyed it.

Upcoming Games
Tentative – Tuesday, April 29 vs. Chicago White Sox
Confirmed – Wednesday, April 30 vs. Chicago White Sox, noon game

It’s not like I am an uber White Sox junkie (the opposite in fact) but I couldn’t say no to a noon game the day before my birthday. There is nothing like sitting in The Dome and drinking beer whilst all your co-workers are slaving away in cubicles. Don’t worry cube-mates; I will have one for you. Mmmwhwwhahaahaaa (insert Gargamel type laugh.)

Non-baseball but no less important

Nature vs. Nurture – Lucy edition
I am afraid of deer, dolphins, nature, suburbs and natural bodies of water.
Lucy is afraid of feathers.

Who has the most irrational fear?

Record Store Day

I celebrated my first Record Store Day! I don’t think I have ever seen the Electric Fetus so packed before (except for in-store performances but that doesn’t really count.) The Electric Fetus was drawing the crowds in with DJ Freddy Fresh spinning some vinyl (yes, it felt weird typing that) and pizza. We Minnesotans love our free food giveaways. I picked up the newest albums from the Raconteurs and The Kooks.

Speaking of the Kooks…
I have been a huge fan of The Kooks ever since I received my semi-annual Care Package full of CDs from Astralwerk’s. Their first album was full of catchy songs that propelled them on to every music show and magazine. I saw them perform on Live From Abbey Road, Later with Jools Holland and Late Night with Conan. Now that I have finally listened to their new album Konk, I know that they aren’t flukes. I can’t wait until they come here on May 31 so I can see what kind of show they put on. Go ahead, check them out. I know you want to!

Hey wait! I forgot to post my April Music Mix
Each month I make a new mix CD for my car. Granted I only drive a total of ten miles a week (unless I have to go to The Suburbs) so I barely make it through a whole CD before the month is over. Anyways, here is April’s Mix
Icky Thump – White Stripes
Juicebox – Strokes
Get Free – The Vines
Golden Skans – Klaxons
I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Can’t Get it Right Today – Joe Purdy
A cause des garcons – Yelle
Bring on the Comets – VHS or Beta
Blue Lights Flashing – Travis
Sex Bomb – Tom Jones
Well Respected Man – The Kinks
Gasolina – Daddy Yankee
Liberty Song – Levellers
Rainbow Connection – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Tom Petty – American Girl

This song was featured on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.

Devotchka – Till the End of Time

Saturday, April 19, 2008

And he’s oh, so good/And he’s oh, so fine/And he’s oh, so healthy/In his body and his mind

Well, it appears we were virtually shutdown last night. Ah, man. I was hoping for a Liriano Miracle. I only got to watch the last three innings (and I had to arm wrestle an almost-three-year-old for the remote.) I did some toddler appeasing by flipping between baseball and Chimp Eden (oh, brother.)

I don’t have much else to write about since the Twins didn’t do anything (literally.) Wait! I was very happy to see Kubel in Right Field. Although he didn’t do anything offensively I think he has proved himself in the past so hopefully he’ll get another start today. So there.

Non-baseball but no less important

Record Store Day

Hey, looks like fate is making this one easy for me. I still haven’t gone out to pick up my copy of the Kooks new album. In honor of Record Store Day I will be hitting up the Electric Fetus today to show my support and possibly buy more CDs than I really need. Hey, the morale is…support your local music stores! Don’t get me wrong, I like it easy too. I love, where I can check if items are in stock. I sure do love ordering from (mostly because I get gift certificates from work) but every so often you have to go outside your comfort zone. Now, I get how sometimes these independent stores can be intimidating and cliquey (some of them are) but everyone is still there for the same reason, music. Although you may get a weird look if you are searching for a Back Street Boys album (and no, that’s not from personal experience.)

Now, all I have to do is get my lazy ass up and get dressed. I know that the occasional scruffy person shops at the record store but I think an old Twins t-shirt and flannel pajama bottoms may be pushing the envelope.

Music of the Day
Not that I am bragging or anything but I think my niece is pretty kick ass when it comes to her music taste. The first song she ever sang (that was gag-inducing children’s music) was Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” She has since moved on to singing AC/DC’s “Listen to the Money Talk”, Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville”, Beastie Boy’s “Sure Shot” (she doesn’t really like it though), Plain White T’s “Delilah” and now almost the entire soundtrack to Juno.

Lucy singing The Kinks “Well Respected Man”

Sorry about the bouncy camera, we were on a bumpy road. I was also trying to keep Lucy awake so she looks a little out of it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Don’t you stop/Everybody wants you/But you can’t say no/If you even try/What you see inside

I am baaaaaack!
Where was I? Well, no where glamorous. I was just damn sick…stupid infection germs in the Land O’Cubicles. However, thanks to Dr. Alexander Fleming I have access to antibiotics. Hopefully in 8.5 days I will be cured of what ails me. Sweet Miracle Drugs!

Where to start, where to start…
Thursday’s game – Twins 6, Rays 5
The Bloggers were out in full force for this game. I was at home on my sofa watching the game and bantering back and forth with Third Base Line and Those Girls. This was a fun game to watch.

Friday’s game – Rays 7, Twins 3
Amy and I used the first of our partial season ticket plan tickets last night. The seats were great and the crowd around us was cool. A few kids (had to curb my swearing a little bit) but mostly adults of the non-frat variety.

This was a tough game for me. Let me list my reasons to whine:
* I was out sick from work on Wednesday and Thursday.
* I couldn’t stop coughing and I think the people around me were afraid of getting the plague (thanks, Amy.)
* It was cold and damp outside.
* The Dome was a chilly 68 degrees (and breezy)

Oh, yeah…the Twins lost an ugly game. Boof-Lite wasn’t at his best. I won’t knock on him too hard because he has improved in some areas. Let’s just chalk this up to a bad game (a la Livan on Wednesday night.)

My observations from the game:
* Tolbert’s walk-up song is “Zombie” by the Cranberries. That had me chuckling the whole time.
* Harris airmailed a sharp fly to where Anthony LaPanta sits. It appears LaPants was fine because he was out on the field after the game, awkwardly standing around.
* Amy and I were sitting in the “I Heart Joe Mauer” section. We were surrounded by “Way to go Joe!” “Let’s go Joe!” “Yeah Joe!” the whole night. Grown men were “Wooo-hooo-ing” in high pitched voices that in any other setting would emasculate them.
* During the 5th Inning these same people turned into the “I Hate Boof” section. Ouch. Lots of angry words thrown down a level.

In conclusion
* I hope Everett heals up. Now, I may not know much (or have the power to predict the future) but I think once he finds his groove (non-baseball term) he may inspire us.
* Don’t believe anything Amy says. I did not say “Wow, I can’t believe I am saying this Mauer is kind of hot.” If for some reason she has documented proof of this then I would like to plead drug use (I had antibiotics in my system.) Hey, he’s still Baby Jesus to me.
* Guerrier and Neshek came out and did fine.
* Span – helping or hurting? There are many theories out in the Blogosphere regarding Span. Should he stay in Right or should they move him to Left? Should Kubel replace him?

Non-baseball but no less important
The Fratellis
It’s about damn time. The Fratellis have announced there are releasing a new album, Here We Stand, on June 10. I just downloaded a new bonus single called Headcase. It is very chair-danceable (according to the fact my co-worker and I like to chair dance in our cubicles.) Let’s hope this album is followed up with a tour.

Jen's Concert Calendar
4/28 – Foals @ 7th Street Entry (First Ave) – I want to go!
5/6 – Presidents of the United States of America @ Fine Line
5/6 – South @ Turf Club
5/6 – Tokyo Police Club @ Varsity Theater
5/7 – Swell Season @ Orpheum Theater
5/9 – VHS or Beta @ 7th Street Entry (First Ave)
5/31 – The Kooks @ Fine Line Music CafĂ©

Music of the Day
Ah, VHS or Beta…I have such fond memories of them. The first time I saw them in concert was when they opened for Duran Duran. Thanks to my twice-removed music connections we scored backstage passes through VHS or Beta and in turn got to gawk at the boys of Duran Duran. Oh yeah, we also met up with VHS or Beta. They are very nice guys. (I would say “sweet” but I don’t want to ruin their bad ass rock image.) Since then I have seen them in concert four other times. They are coming to Minneapolis again on May 9 and I will be there with a bunch of their new fans.

VHS or Beta – Can’t Believe a Single Word

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back into the life he wants and the confession of the bench/Life outside the diamond is a wrench

Well, I think every Twins blog is saying just about the same thing:
* Everett let us down with his fielding error. (And to twist the knife, he has been hyped as having stellar defense.)
* Guerrier.
* Neshek had a second bombed night.
* Blackburn seems to be jinxed.
* We “woke the Tigers.”

The end result is that we suffered an ugly, embarrassing loss to the Detroit Tigers (formerly 2-10)

In good Minnesota Sporting News…the Minnesota Wild took it into overtime and beat the Avalanche 3-2.
So, Come On Down To The Metrodome!
Little Boy: Ewww… what’s that smell?
Slightly Tipsy Dad: Prolly barf.
Little Boy: Yuck! You’re gross!
Slightly Tipsy Dad: What? It’s a Twins game. People come to get drunk, then they barf, and you smell it. That’s how it goes.
Walking out of the Metrodome after a Twins game
Overheard by That’s not why I go to Twins games.

I don’t have much else to say because of an unusually high amount of over-the-counter drugs in my system to fight off this never-ending merry-go-round of germs the damn Land O’Cubicles has given me. (Oh, bad sentence but you know what I mean.)

Music of the Day
Ah, here’s a little baseball song to get us back in the groove.

Belle & Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher

Monday, April 14, 2008

I never knew just what it was/About this old coffee shop I love so much/All of the while I never knew

Unfortunately I will be at back at our usual Monday Night Happy Hour Sushi bar for drinks and eats. I say “unfortunately” because they don’t have a television there so I won’t be able to watch Blackburn take the first game against the Tigers (2-10)

I am so glad Amy is a baseball uber-nerd like me. Why? Yesterday we subconsciously planned our lunch outing in order to be home in time to watch the game. I was there at the end of 2006 to watch Liriano, F-Bomb, pitch his last game and I sure the hell wanted to view his first start. Alas, in 2006 there was the hype of the play-offs, skipping work to go to the noon game and knowing all the baseball world was in awe of the F-Bomb (especially with a side of Santana.) He lasted four innings, gave up a few walks but it was only his first Major League start since September 2008. I know the Baseball Powers That Be don’t give a rats-ass about what I think but I will say it anyways… I think it is too soon for Liriano. I wonder if they will keep him in the rotation or send him back down.

Ah, Boof, people really love you! Bert loves to “Boooooooof” and the guys from Baseball Tonight like to “BO-of!” I had to tear myself away from The Deadliest Catch marathon on the Discovery channel (see below) but it was well worth it to see a great game.

Extra! Extra!
From La Velle E Neal III’s column in the Star Tribune, regarding the new Twins Stadium:

It’s unfortunate that there’s not a retractable roof on the ballpark, but it should be a great place to watch a game. Just remember, the last row of the upper deck of the new ballpark is equal to where the first row of the Dome’s left field upper deck is. Wow.

Liriano is back but isn’t the way he was in 2006 (Star Tribune)
Mauer, Gomez in helmet-breaking moods (Star Tribune)
Sports Illustrated Game Recap
Mauer given rest on a short turn around (
Kubel forcing Gardenhire’s hand
Liriano uneven in return to Majors

Non-baseball but no less important

TV, CDs and Books – Oh My!
I have another new addiction (yeah, yeah, I guess you could say I have an addictive personality.) I think I watched like six hours of the Deadliest Catch this weekend on the Discovery Channel. It sure makes me realize that my job isn’t that tough.

It has been a long, long time since I have been anticipating a CD release (as in having it marked in my calendar so I can go right out to buy it.) I am breaking the cycle of indifference! Tomorrow the sophomore album and newest release from The Kooks is hitting the shelves - Konk! I think this would be a good time to check out my neighborhood indie store, the Electric Fetus, to pick up a copy (you know, to support local businesses.) For those of you who care, they will be in concert here on May 31 and yes, I already have my tickets.

What am I reading right now?
28: Stories of AIDS in Africa by Stephanie Nolen – Yeah, this isn’t your light bedtime type of reading as it is very emotional.

AC/DC: Two Sides to Every Glory by Paul Stenning

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – No laughing! I am re-reading this in order to understand all the hype for the upcoming movie. Yeah, that’s it.

Music of the Day
Another video brought to you by the power of commercials. This one is from a jewelry commercial that played every five minutes during the holiday season. The first few times I listened to this song I really dug-it but after that…eh, well, it got old. Sorry. Hey, you still have nine more times to check it out!

The Commercial Version of Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

You check out the entire song by clicking here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Living’s so dangerous/Try to conduct yourself/Remember what your mother said/Try and use your heart, not head

First, the big news!
Over 10,000 hits on my baseball blog! Thanks “Katie” from Those Girls!!! She pushed me over the 10,000 mark!

We’re going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come – George Jones
Last night’s game was postponed and the team is in Kansas City. It looks like tonight’s game won’t be televised like originally planned. Instead we will have about six hours of Wild Hockey pre-game shows and then the actual hockey game. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching hockey but it seems like there are hundreds of other channels this could be on…like the usual ones that broadcast the games. Oh well, I can watch the hockey game and follow Pitch-by-Pitch on

Attention: Very Improtant Information Below!
Oh yeah baby! Baseball is to beer like peanut butter is to chocolate. Check out this great article that breakdowns the hotspots to hit before a game, where beer is cheaper than $7 and you don’t have to walk up and down a hundred stairs for a Dome Dog. I think Here are my favorite pre-game spots to imbibe at:
Hubert’s – anyone who’s anyone has spent some time at Hubert’s bellied-up to the bar.
Matty B’s – I have had a few Matt Birk sightings here (duh, it is his bar) and enjoy the cheap beer served in plastic cups. I don’t know why, I like drinking out of plastic cups. Maybe it is the earth-destroyer in me.
Wasabi – I haven’t been here yet but you can be damn sure I will be there soon! Baseball, Beer and Sushi…now that’s what I call a triple threat.

Nightlife: Take me out to the pregame

Extra! Extra!

I know some people don’t want to read about Santana (and I get that) but here’s an interesting article from the man we love to hate, John Donovan
Inside Baseball: Will Santana transfer his dominance from AL to NL?

Non-baseball but no less important

WTF Mother Nature, WTF
Only in Minnesota is the weather the most important topic. Our news programs have set times when weather reports come on. “Weather on the 9”, “Local on the 8s” ect. Yesterday the whole freaking state was abuzz with the snow watch/warning in effect. Here we are on April 11 and there is snow on the ground and more to come. Stupid Mama Nature. Okay, who pissed her off?

Juno Soundtrack
Music: Nobody else but Kimya Dawson
This album is a mainstay in my house. Lucy has a few favorite songs as does my Aunt K. (We tend to skip Loose Lips with its swear-friendly lyrics: And I’ll say “Fuck Bush, and Fuck this war.”/My war paint is a sharpie ink/and I’ll show you how much my shit stinks.) Kimya Dawson is coming soon in concert. The gig has been sold out for months and months so I won’t be going (per usual) but I expect a full report for those who are. Ronsoftie, she gives a little blurb about your boy Adam Green.

MPR 89.3 The Current
Man, we Minnesotans are very lucky, we are lucky to have this great station available. I believe everyone has a local NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate but I think the newest addition to MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) takes the cake. Yeah, I may sound like I am gushing (and I am) but this station makes up for all the country, easy listening, 80’s-90’s-and Today stations floating around. Where else can I hear Vicki Lawrence’s “The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia” right after Tupac and Peter, Bjorn and John?
Okay, okay, let’s move on to the point, shall we? This morning I caught up on all the recent episodes of Musicheads, a weekly podcast that discuss the newest music being played on The Current. This morning they covered Cat Powers, Vampire Weekend and Sons and Daughters. We are very lucky to live in a modern, tech-filled world that allows stations to share their music all over the world. Go ahead and check them out and maybe you’ll want to download a few of their podcasts too!

Music of the Day (MOD)
I haven’t posted anything from Sons & Daughters so here they are, in their inaugural post on my blog...

Sons & Daughters – Darling

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I want to be like Captain Kirk/get up everyday and love to go to work/Don’t want to be like Mr. Spock

Tonight’s game has been postponed due to the crappy weather that Mother Nature launched at us. (Thanks a lot Mama Nature, thanks a lot.) Damn little ice-shards were pinging me in the face.

Let’s reflect on last night
What a great game! Of course, I missed the majority of it…due to going to a movie with some friends. Kubel got a Grand Slam, eh? Well, if anyone is going to do it Kubel would be the one. You see, I get frustrated with him in the field sometimes but otherwise he has potential to being a power-house.

Random Theories
* Am I the only one who is super excited about the new food at the new stadium?
* I will be at my third game a week from today. I can’t believe how fast the withdrawal sets in.
* I hope the game doesn’t get postponed tonight because I am looking forward to seeing Livan in action. The only other game I saw him pitch was the home opener and…well, let’s be honest. I couldn’t see shit from the top of The Dome.
* My goal for this weekend is to buy a new Twins t-shirt or hat. You see, I am bored of my other shirts, I need a new one in rotation, and I can never find a ball cap that doesn’t make me look dorkier than I already do.
* I am quietly waiting for my blog counter to hit 10,000.
* My cat’s breath smells like cat food (Get it? The Simpsons?)

Extra! Extra!
Garza’s injury admission new to Twins

I have heard of the conversation events at Barnes & Noble but haven’t been to one before. Maybe I will have to go and learn a few phrases.

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to and dreading the weather challenges at the new stadium.

Non-baseball but no less important

Alright, who do I blame?
Who out here in the Blogosphere is a Flight of the Conchord fans? Who out in this cyber-land got me hooked on the show? I just got a notice that they will be here in concert/show sometime in May. I want to go but I want to see if any of youse guys are the ones that got me hooked?

Concerts Update!
4/12/08: Bon Iver @ Turf Club – I was offered an extra ticket but I think I will skip this show. I saw him late last year and it was great.
5/2/08: Bob Schneider @ Fine Line – This is Amy and my boy! We have seen him many times in concert. His music is great and seeing him live is a great experience! (It doesn’t hurt that he’s dead-sexy.)
5/3/08: Kate Nash @ First Ave – I will be at this show unless the Spring NordEast Bar Crawl takes place. My drinking buddies take precedence over concerts (most of the time.)
5/7/08: Swell Season (soundtrack to Once) @ Orpheum Theater – Yeah baby! I can’t wait to see Glen Hansard in concert! The show has been sold out since tickets went on sale.
5/9/08: VHS or Beta @ First Ave 7th St Entry – Hellz Ya! I have seen these guys a half a dozen times in concert. I shall be attending this with a new group of people that I have never hung out with before socially (coworkers.)
5/31/08: The Kooks @ Fine Line – I have been waiting for this concert FOREVER! I bought tickets the moment they went on sale. I am still trying to scam backstage passes or something from my connections. Hint, hint.
7/23/08: Tom Petty @ Target Center – This is going to be one of the best shows this year…I already know that. Stacy, Amy and I will be rocking with one arm in the air and a beer in the other.

Music of the Day
I saw Bob Schneider for the first time at some summer festival (maybe Rib Fest, maybe the Block Party) about five years ago. Ever since then I try to see him when he’s in town. His music is funky, rocking, mellow and very addicting. (He’s also known for once dating Sandra Bullock.)

Bob Schneider – Cap’n Kirk

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And then we’ll get down there/Way down to the very bottom of everything/And then we’ll see it

I don’t know much…
How the heck did I last four months without baseball when I can barely handle an off-day? Is anyone else confused about why we had an off-day during the middle of a series?

Baseball is back on again tonight (at 7:11 thanks to the White Sox sponsorship from a major convenience store chain) and I will be able to watch a little bit of it. Tonight I am meeting up with friends to see Juno (for the second time, but hey it’s at the cheap theater.) I figure I can catch the last hour of the game plus do a little flipping with the Minnesota Wild hockey game. Go Wild!

Non-baseball but no less important

Tearing through raw fish like a bear during the salmon run
Whilst out with my Monday Night Happy Hour Crew I splurged and enjoyed a lots of good Japanese food. Normally we just dine on the happy hour food which includes
edamame, simple rolls (spicy tuna, avocado) and gyoza (dumplings.) Instead, last night, we feasted! It was a chilly damp day in Minnesota (damn you Mother Nature) so it felt comforting to have a big bowl of udon noodles and hot Sake. We also had seaweed salad, little octopuses and a plate of raw fish. There was sake salmon (yuck), flying fish roe (not my favorite because of the texture of the millions of little fish eggs), yellow tail hamachi (my fave) and yellow fin tuna. Mmm…sushi. I know it isn’t very everyone but Japanese is fast becoming my comfort food!

Watch for the segue…

Japan or Bust
I thought this was a fitting way to announce my 30th Birthday Extravaganza plans. In one year, one month and 21 days I will be turning the big 3-0. I am not stressed at all about turning 30; I am stressed about wanting to celebrate it the right way. After watching a weekend full of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations I decided I want to go to Osaka, Japan. Since I have over a year I will have enough time to save money, take a quick Japanese class and be prepared to try everything. Another bonus is that I will be traveling during the Japanese baseball season! Won’t that just be fantastic? Okay, 416 days to go!

Music of the Day
I have posted a Bright Eyes song before and it received rave reviews (okay, like three of my peeps liked it.) Anyways, this song is great and the video is a little “different.” The start of the song is a little story telling. Stick with it and I think you’ll like the end results.

Bright Eyes – At the Bottom of Everything

Monday, April 7, 2008

I’m a new soul/I came to this strange world/Hoping I could learn a bit ‘bout how to give and take

This is what I am talking about
Be warned, I very rarely blog on weekends.


I was at the Dome with Amy. We sat in Section 225, Row 5, Seats 20 and 21. These seats are great and afforded a decent view with minimum stairs. Unfortunately we were the victims of Mr. Know-it-All and a group of drunken too-old-to-really-be-Frat-boys. Mr. Know-it-all spent the whole game saying negative comments in a loud, sharp voice. The Frat Boys spent the whole game drinking and making everyone around them feel awkward. In a way it was fun.
I am now unveiling a new section called “Overheard at the game.” Thanks to Amy for taking the notes while I was busy keeping the score card.

Overhead at the game
Mr. Know-it-all
Hit the guy for God sakes – said to Baker
Get ripped Gomez
Pull it Joe
Bring the heat
Pull your head out of your Canuck – said to Morneausey
Why did you give him the meatball – said to Baker
Class A 3rd baseman is better than all our big leauguers
Swing the bat, that’s what you’re here for.
Join the club Mornie, get on the bus.
Throw the two-seamer
Bust his chops
Bring the high heat
Let’er rip! Oh, hottie on the sign – said about the girl who helped with the countdown sign.
Let’s go Shaq
Double swing , Moon Boots – said to KC Royal’s pitcher
Side Show Bob – said to KC Royal’s pitcher
Clown fee – said to KC Royal’s pitcher
He keeps dipping his shoulder and that’s why he is flying out – said about Monroe

Frat Boys
Mmm chili dog.
I’m gonna text you a picture of my nipple.

Wally the Beer Man
Wally doesn’t bring the beer to you. You go and get the beer from Wally. This dude is a Minnesota icon. He has been selling beer since…well, since my mom was a young lass working at the Metropolitan Stadium. Every time I see him I get excited. He is as familiar as my Starbuck’s coffee barista and maybe slightly more important.

I followed the game on with the Pitch-by-Pitch feature and cheered when I saw Morneausey hit a three-run homer (I was a little late with my cheering thanks to the 10-second delay.)

I watched the game from the comfort of my living room. It was the Bert’s Birthday show from the get-go. We had a birthday montage, hat, signs galore, singing and All-About-Bertness.

Success Story
I kept a pretty accurate scorecard for the entire game! Hey, with my A.D.D, love of beer and need to gossip this is a major accomplishment!

Non-baseball but no less important

Jesus Loves Pirates
Well, according to Veggie Tales he does. On Saturday (the most beautiful day of 2008) I took Lucy (who is almost three) to see Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Do Nothing. A feature film playing at the cheap theater. Now, we all know that Lucy has the attention span of a flea or…well, a toddler, so I wasn’t holding my breath we would last more than 15 minutes. I was armed with a giant bucket (roughly the same size of her) of popcorn. She plowed through most of that in about 30 minutes and then promptly fell asleep. Yep, that left me wide awake watching the 90 minutes of Veggies Tale by myself. If I am going to be honest, the movie wasn’t bad. There was one moment at the end where it seemed a little “preachy” but I was busy trying to eat as much popcorn as I could before Lucy woke up and yelled at me.

This is just her being her usual stylish-self.

Music of the Day
Ah, to carry on with the commercial-goodness…We have all seen the MacBook Air commercial and that damn catchy song. It is sweet, bubbly (without being obnoxious. Yeah, I am talking to you Colby Caillat) and hooks you in. Here you go!

Yael Naim – New Soul

Friday, April 4, 2008

Johanna drove slowly into the city/The Hudson River all filled with snow/She spied the ring on His Honor’s finger/Oh-oh-oh

Twins Record: 1-3
Jen’s Record: 1-0

The past few years there was speculation that I was a human-curse on the Twins. However, this year I have only been to one game and they came out the victors. Tonight I will test this theory again since Amy and I will be heading to the dome. It is going to be hard working all day with thoughts of baseball, dome dogs and beer dancing around my head.

Yesterday I was victorious in getting semi-clear reception of the game so I could pretend to work whilst listening. I spent most of the game texting two people who were in attendance…TBL and Kellie. Thanks for keeping me updated and for the photo (Kell!) Even though we lost that would have been a fun game to see…evidently we do know how to use bats.

The new stadium beware

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about the new stadium. However, once I sat down and thought it through I found a few doubts lurking in the back of my mind.

· I will kind of miss the quirkiness of the Dome and the familiarity of the “sweet spots” to sit.
· Ticket prices are going to be waaaay more expensive.
· The odds of getting opening day tickets will be slim.
· The odds of getting tickets, in general, will be tricky the first few years (like the Wild.)
· With my attention span and all the new amenities I may struggle to sit and watch the game.
· Club level season ticket holders get a lounge. How do I know this? A co-worker just bought a package and I hope to scam a few games off him (probably at full price, damn.)
· We may lose Dollar Dog Night.
Drunk guy: Where the fuck is the milk jug?
Overheard at the cheap seats, Metrodome

A brief break to check in on the Hockey-front
Last night the MN Wild clinched their first Northwest Division crown! Now, I am not an uber-hockey fan or anything (and I sure the hell have never seen a real live game before) but I enjoy a sport with old-fashioned hitting and brawls. I even have a Wild sticker on my car. Don’t ask.

Non-baseball but no less important
Dear Hostess 100 Calorie Packs,
Last night as I was slowly starving and standing in the “snack” aisle at my local Super Target I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase a variety of 100 Calorie Packs. The pictures on the box looked good and wow, three filling cupcakes/muffins…how could I not buy them? Yeah, as I sit in my cubicle this morning looking at the empty wrapper I am confused. Did I really eat three filling muffins in three average bites? Hmm…

Music of the Day
This won’t be the first time Vampire Weekend has been posted on my blog and it won’t be the last. (Sounds threatening, huh?) Last night Vampire Weekend played a sold-out show at the Triple Rock club. I wasn’t there since I didn’t get my ass in motion to buy tickets earlier in the year. Evidently the show was f-ing amazing (duh.)

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well I don’t know what I’m looking for/But I know that I just wanna look some more/And I won’t be satisfied

I did it my waaaaay
I decided to ditch technology and take my game notes the old fashioned way, via pen and paper.

Now, before I get to the nitty-gritty let me share with you the song that has been in my head since 6:30 p.m. CT, when the pre-game show started.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night/Take these broken wings and learn to fly/All your life/You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Yep, every time I hear Blackburn’s name I start singing that song. I also got Amy sucked into too (which she is slightly pissy about.)

Please forgive me while I embrace my inner-laziness and just put my thoughts down via bullet points.

·Blackburn’s (singing in the dead of night) first pitch is a hit by Figgins and a fumble by Harris allowed him to get the base. However, in defense of Harris even Dick & Bert said that was a tough play.
·Hey, they switched the rotation on me and put Harris in the #2 spot. I am having a hard time remembering the line-up. I spend most of the time going “Gomez, Baby Jesus, Cuddy, Morneausey, someone, someone, someone, someone, and someone.”
·Last year the people at Coors brought us the “optimal cool can” which turned blue when the beer was at a perfect temperature. This year they bring us the Big Mouth can. The commercial includes graphics on how it lets more air in and more beer out.
·My household spent an inning discussing whether the batter Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) hit actually turned in to the pitch.
·Another commercial funny - From the Minnesota State Lottery commercial: “Dragons love scratch tickets?” “Oh yeah, they love them.” Hmm…sounds like a Vegan Joe comment.
·Amy and I had our first baseball commentary via the phone of 2008! Man, I am glad baseball is back!
·That FSN commercial for “In My Own Words” isn’t clear. Who is staring in the next episode? When is it on? I kid. Sheesh, I don’t think I need to see it during ever break.
·Speaking of commercials…something’s missing…Oh yeah, the Land O’ Lakes milk commercial with Baby Jesus. “Pour it on Minnesota. Pour it on.”
·The Chrysler/Jeeps commercial feature the music of VHS or Beta. I “heart” this band; they got me backstage passes to see Duran Duran. Jealous?
·Ah, we see the Little Nicky Punto we all know and love.
·Baby Jesus is brought in at the bottom of the 9th. Time to make a deal with the baseball gods. If Baby Jesus gets a homerun I won’t mock him for the rest of the home stand. Whoops, guess I don’t have to honor that deal.

Swear Count: 1 (a good night). Yeah, I told Mike Scioscia to sit the fuck down when he was all worked up in the seventh inning.
New! Amy’s “Morneausey’s so hot” count: 5

In conclusion…
·We were shut down
·Blackburn (singing in the dead of night) did a great job! (cough*better than Bonser*cough)

Non-baseball but no less important
Words of wisdom: You know, there is a point in an adult’s life where you are too old to be drinking Red Bull as a recreational beverage (meaning not mixing it with Vodka to keep awake for a 10:00 p.m. concert.) Tonight I had this tasty passion fruit, Red Bull slushy and boy, oh boy am I feeling it.

Music of the Day
Two-for-One today!
Might as well segue nicely from the White Stripes to the Raconteurs. This song is from their newest album (which I don’t have yet but is on my Wish List.) I am also a big fan of Brendan Benson who is also a member of the Raconteurs. You may have heard him before since he sings the song on the newest iPod Touch commercial. So, we’ll start with Benson and the iPod commercial because you all know how much I am a commercial-music whore (meant in the most respectable way.)

Brendan Benson – What I am Looking For

Now, let’s rap up with the Raconteurs and Salute Your Solution

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yah-hee/Icky thump/Who’da thunk?/Sitting drunk on a wagon to Mexico

First of all I am very late blogging today but actual work got in the way of blogging so I am quick getting this post in before tonight’s game.

Baseball is to baseball as baseball is to baseball
Yeah, that doesn’t make sense and neither did last night’s game. I had all the best intentions to keep notes whilst I watched the game. (I even had my laptop sitting beside me on the sofa.) However, multi-tasking and a toddler make it difficult to follow-through. Oh well, here is what I do remember:
· The opening montage of coaches, Wally the Beer Man, field crew, concession workers and volunteers made me smile. I love montages!
· Ah, Bert, how I missed thee. There were “Boooofs”, random comments, awkward pauses and special appearance in the post-game show.
· Harris made a great play and broke his bat. Side-girly-note: After seeing how fashionably handsome he is in real life (not in staged photos or a tiny dot on the field, sixty rows up) he is giving Slowey a run for the “Hot” money. Sorry, I needed that girl-moment.
· Everett brought the only run in.
· Our bull pen was sub-par
· Finally…that was a long game.

I don’t know if I told you this but…
I found the best damn hotdog stand in the Metrodome! Okay, here’s the deal – the hotdog costs $5.75. I know that is a little more than the Dome Dog with chips but this is worth it. A.) No line because it is a separate stand. B.) Gourmet hotdogs! You don’t have to pile on sauce and such to cover the taste. C.) Fancy fixings to choose from when going through line - three kinds of relishes, onions, veggies, peppers, cheese and my favorite…fried onions!

Amy and I will be at the game on Friday sitting in much better seats (ain’t damn well going up those thirty rows again.)

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota by Jon Heyman

Non-baseball but no less important
Romantica, a local band that I have seen a few times and really enjoy (and has made various publications Top Album of the Year list) is going on tour. Paste Magazine is sponsoring them along with The Bittersweets. They are heading out into the wide world of the United States…make sure to check them out if they are in your next of the woods.

Another band on tour...
Is The Feeling. I love this band and am getting a little impatient waiting for the US release of their new album and a US tour. Anyway…they just announced they are going to be the supporting act for Bon Jovi on their European leg of the tour. Hmm…

Music of the Day
You either love the White Stripes or you just don’t like them. I am a fan from waaaay back (you know six years ago) and even like the Raconteurs. In the Land O’Cubicles there are few bands that we all agree on (most of them 80’s) but the White Stripes is generally embraced by all. Jack White is in my top 20 music crushes.

White Stripes – Icky Thump

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I’m gonna get free/Ride into the sun/She never loved me/Why should anyone?

Even though it was snowing and the streets were full of slush… it was a great day for baseball!

Last night:
· I heard people booing Hunter than I expected. I stood and cheered at his first at-bat.
· At one point Brendan Harris walked to the plate with Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” playing. *sigh*
· 49,000 in attendance!
· Twice I watched the ball drop in the middle of three Angel’s fielders.

New this season:
· Great new music being played in between innings. I heard the Fratellis and Vampire Weekend…awesome!
· New games on the video board.
· Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” played after “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Articles of note:
· Phil Miller – Pioneer Press

· Sports Illustrated

Tonight I look forward to:
· Sitting on the sofa with my laptop, trying to rationalize with a toddler why we can’t watch Elmo. Because Auntie Jen is watching baseball…duh.
· Listening to Bert say “Boof, there it is” and/or “The Boof is on fire.”
· Not having to commute with all the confused fans after the game.

And you won’t want to miss this…
I made a quick video montage (set to music) with pictures from last night.
Music of the Day

Click on the photo below to watch...