Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you want me to hear/I’ll listen/To every word you say/Vera, it’s been 3 years since the day

Hey batter, batter, batter…

MinnesotaTwins on twitter answered a few fan questions regarding the new field:
· No public tours are set as of right now but eventually something will be set up.
· All men’s restrooms will have urinals (I guess that means no more troughs. Huh)
· There will be fireworks!
· The proshop at Target Field will be opened year round
· Cupholders do not tilt (a very important issue! For real.)
· And yours truly asked about helmet sundaes and yes…there will be helmet sundaes.

Some signing news:
· Pat Neshek agrees to one-year, $625,000 contract.
· Carl Pavano signs a one-year, $7 million contract. (Those Girls, avert your eyes)
· Delmon Young agrees to one-year, $2.6 million contract

Step 1: Open package and do a little dance
I received my season ticket package welcome thingy this weekend! I maaaay have went “OMG THIS MAKES IT SUPER REAL, YO!” or I may have nodded my head and went, “That’s cool, man.” Either way IT IS HERE!

In non-baseball news in which I think I have some control over the future…
So. I posted on this a blog a song by a band called MWK. Do you know what happened next? They released a tourdate AND guess who is going? Moi. Me. Yo.
Court, Jess & I are roadtripping from Minneapolis to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now here’s the best part of the news. I get to sing the entire soundtrack from Oklahoma on the drive down…or until someone throws me from the car.

OOOOOOOOOooooooooook. Lahoma where the wind comes sweepin down the plains

Vera – MWK (Andy Skib/To Have Heroes)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where we be, we’ve come so far / I think I’ll just hold my breath ‘til I’m blue

91 days until Home Opener

Okay, so let’s be honest here. What I know about football could fill up the plastic helmet in a helmet sundae. So really…not a lot. I know that I love Brett Favre. I know that Purple and Gold are NOT my colors (I am an summer/winter color scheme.) I know that I Jared Allen is defense and does this calf-roping move. I know that Longwell is our kicker. I know that I have to walk through a Women’s Line to get patted down upon entrance to the Metrodome. I know a lot, right? I know that tailgating under the Summit Beer Billboard makes me feel less evil than tailgating under the Desmond Tutu billboard. I know that bloody marys are NOT the way to go on a 0 degree day. I know that pouring a cup of Baileys and adding a splash of coffee to “warm it up” makes a lot of sense. I know that if you are a girl and you have to pee whilst you are tailgating that you should just resign yourself to the fact it will be life-changing-disgusting in the port-a-potty.

See? I know a lot.

Anyways, the Cowboys (sometimes I refer to them as the Yankees of football…or is that the Patriots? Eh, it changes back and forth) are coming to Minneapolis this weekend and I will be in Tent City tailgating with the Purple and Gold. I can’t friggin WAIT! With my very additive personality I have embraced football with wide open arms! GO VIKES!

Comings and goings

Right-handed pitcher Clay Condrey

Bobby Keppel – evidently he’s going to play the 2010 season in Japan. What a cool opportunity. I have always wanted to go watch baseball in Japan. You think we are stickler for rules…being a fan over there is a definite LIFESTYLE!

IN “tell me something I didn’t already know” NEWS
Mark McGwire came out…about using steroids. I go back and forth on me level of madness. Yeah, I am mad that he got away with it. Sure, I think it’s ridiculous that he still has a job with the Cardinals. Hey, he was kind of a douche. Eh, who cares? He did wrong. I do NOT believe that it ruined baseball forever and ever. To those of you who now wash their hands of the sport…well, guess you won’t be watching ANY professional or collegiate games of any event. Sucks to be you. Pedestal. I shall smite ye from it!

To Have Heroes – Til Im Blue

Friday, January 8, 2010

There’s no place like home/With your family around you you’re never alone

Bert Blyleven is the Susan Lucci of MLB Hall of Fame
Well, Circle Me Bert did not make it into the HOF this year. Now…the people that did get voted in are very deserving…that’s not being questioned here. If you are a member of the committee and you did not vote (there are 5 of you, ‘fess up!) then shame on you. Now, maybe Bert wasn’t the best or most popular out of the nominees but there’s no doubt he does deserve a spot in the HOF and just like Susan Lucci finally got her Emmy so will Bert get his plaque.

Season Tickets have been purchased
Alas, it’s only a 20 game plan but that’s plenty for me. You see, I have commitment issues…plain and simple. It all happened so fast! I got the cheap seats but at this point I just want IN the stadium! I found that my seats are homage to my beloved section 227…they are in section 307. There’s a 7, see? Lucky 7. It’s like Jackee will rise again in my baseball world of insanity!

The best part…the first game on my package is the first night game in the new stadium. It is going to be MAGICAL! Me thinks I need to buy the Twins faux-snuggie now. Nothing like logo fleece blankets with giant sleeves to hide the Baileys bottle as I pour it into a cup of piping hot coffee. Man, I am gonna LOVE outdoor baseball!

227 Theme Song – There’s No Place Like Home

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



You say goodbye and I say hello…


• Metrodome. Now that you are solely used by the Minnesota Vikings you have received a few new banners outside and a new name: The Mall Of America Field at Humbert H. Humphrey Metrdome. (That’s a mouthful, yo!) I will be waxing poetic about my love (and some hate) of the Metrdome in a separate post.
• To a few players we had grown to love. Including one Mr. Boof Bonser. I don’t think there was anyone more sad or a bigger fan of Boooof than Sarah (of Oh, It’s Those Girls ) and she summed up the news pretty emotionally/hilariously in the following entries: No Joy in Mudville, Day 2 of Booflessness, Booflessness Day 3 and 3.1

• Section 227! This is what I am most sad about. No more season tickets. No more section 227. No more of me saying 227 in a funny Jackee voice from the popular 70’s sitcom. No more cosby sweater dude in row 3. No more giant headphones man in row 1. No more Too Much PDA couple in row 2. Goodbye 227. I knew you well.


• 2009 MVP Joe “Baby Jesus” Mauer

• Target Field and all the buzz of excitement.

• Opening day? I am putting a question mark after that because it is pretty much guaranteed that non-season ticket holder, non-connected, non-corporate sponsored fans will get a shot at home opener tickets. I could rant for DAYS over that but I will digress until it is a confirmed thing. Ha!
• 2010

This year brings a lot of excitement (over the new stadium), chanting (MVP! MVP!), travel (baseball trips on the calendar), sunblock, bar stools (to sit on in bars next to the stadium to watch the games), frusterations (small salaries, trades, bad weather), joy, “This is a perfect day for baseball”, skipping work for games, traffic, confusion, commuting, pride, airplanes (Pittsburgh, yo!), fangirling, eye rolling, snarling, clapping, singing, mocking, and…well, baseball.

Here’s to hoping that Brendan Harris still walks up to Warrant’s Cherry Pie, that the beer selection has improved and that I can get a lot of food on a stick at the new stadium.

LET’S PLAY BALL! (in 96 days)