Wednesday, January 6, 2010



You say goodbye and I say hello…


• Metrodome. Now that you are solely used by the Minnesota Vikings you have received a few new banners outside and a new name: The Mall Of America Field at Humbert H. Humphrey Metrdome. (That’s a mouthful, yo!) I will be waxing poetic about my love (and some hate) of the Metrdome in a separate post.
• To a few players we had grown to love. Including one Mr. Boof Bonser. I don’t think there was anyone more sad or a bigger fan of Boooof than Sarah (of Oh, It’s Those Girls ) and she summed up the news pretty emotionally/hilariously in the following entries: No Joy in Mudville, Day 2 of Booflessness, Booflessness Day 3 and 3.1

• Section 227! This is what I am most sad about. No more season tickets. No more section 227. No more of me saying 227 in a funny Jackee voice from the popular 70’s sitcom. No more cosby sweater dude in row 3. No more giant headphones man in row 1. No more Too Much PDA couple in row 2. Goodbye 227. I knew you well.


• 2009 MVP Joe “Baby Jesus” Mauer

• Target Field and all the buzz of excitement.

• Opening day? I am putting a question mark after that because it is pretty much guaranteed that non-season ticket holder, non-connected, non-corporate sponsored fans will get a shot at home opener tickets. I could rant for DAYS over that but I will digress until it is a confirmed thing. Ha!
• 2010

This year brings a lot of excitement (over the new stadium), chanting (MVP! MVP!), travel (baseball trips on the calendar), sunblock, bar stools (to sit on in bars next to the stadium to watch the games), frusterations (small salaries, trades, bad weather), joy, “This is a perfect day for baseball”, skipping work for games, traffic, confusion, commuting, pride, airplanes (Pittsburgh, yo!), fangirling, eye rolling, snarling, clapping, singing, mocking, and…well, baseball.

Here’s to hoping that Brendan Harris still walks up to Warrant’s Cherry Pie, that the beer selection has improved and that I can get a lot of food on a stick at the new stadium.

LET’S PLAY BALL! (in 96 days)


writerjoel said...

That looks like you, that tiny person atop the Twins sign. How did you do it!

linda said...

Good to see you back. I thought you fell off of the face of earth!
My current dilema is deciding on a new BBBF. I'm sort of a center field girl, but my sister already has Span. I am still mourning the previous 2. (I know, get over it)
I am also mourning the Bert was yet again skipped for Hall of Fame.
I think he will be my new BBBF.