Monday, January 11, 2010

Where we be, we’ve come so far / I think I’ll just hold my breath ‘til I’m blue

91 days until Home Opener

Okay, so let’s be honest here. What I know about football could fill up the plastic helmet in a helmet sundae. So really…not a lot. I know that I love Brett Favre. I know that Purple and Gold are NOT my colors (I am an summer/winter color scheme.) I know that I Jared Allen is defense and does this calf-roping move. I know that Longwell is our kicker. I know that I have to walk through a Women’s Line to get patted down upon entrance to the Metrodome. I know a lot, right? I know that tailgating under the Summit Beer Billboard makes me feel less evil than tailgating under the Desmond Tutu billboard. I know that bloody marys are NOT the way to go on a 0 degree day. I know that pouring a cup of Baileys and adding a splash of coffee to “warm it up” makes a lot of sense. I know that if you are a girl and you have to pee whilst you are tailgating that you should just resign yourself to the fact it will be life-changing-disgusting in the port-a-potty.

See? I know a lot.

Anyways, the Cowboys (sometimes I refer to them as the Yankees of football…or is that the Patriots? Eh, it changes back and forth) are coming to Minneapolis this weekend and I will be in Tent City tailgating with the Purple and Gold. I can’t friggin WAIT! With my very additive personality I have embraced football with wide open arms! GO VIKES!

Comings and goings

Right-handed pitcher Clay Condrey

Bobby Keppel – evidently he’s going to play the 2010 season in Japan. What a cool opportunity. I have always wanted to go watch baseball in Japan. You think we are stickler for rules…being a fan over there is a definite LIFESTYLE!

IN “tell me something I didn’t already know” NEWS
Mark McGwire came out…about using steroids. I go back and forth on me level of madness. Yeah, I am mad that he got away with it. Sure, I think it’s ridiculous that he still has a job with the Cardinals. Hey, he was kind of a douche. Eh, who cares? He did wrong. I do NOT believe that it ruined baseball forever and ever. To those of you who now wash their hands of the sport…well, guess you won’t be watching ANY professional or collegiate games of any event. Sucks to be you. Pedestal. I shall smite ye from it!

To Have Heroes – Til Im Blue


writerjoel said...

Markie Mark and steroids. Hey, it is bad -- but more to yourself than anything. Poking that crap into your system -- hair loss, small...well, weak muscles as you age. You have to be a fool. But maybe the "fame" and $$$ were worth it to McWired in the end. Remember, they weren't an illegal or banned substance, just frowned upon in a world of fair play.

Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

Woo Hoo! I'm still here... after all these years. (Thinking about it... has it been a couple? - Of years... not drinks. Drinks? Definitely YES!!!)

So glad I can visit once again.