Monday, March 31, 2008

And the signs said, the words of the prophets/Are written on the subway walls/And tenement halls/And whispered in the sounds of silence

Update as of 1:03 p.m.
For those of you who weren’t able to make the rally here is my brief and non-informational recap:
*Sue Olson, the organist rocks the free world! I love that she’s such a part of the game for me. Man, I hope to go visit her in her spot this year.
* Wally the Beer Man is like family (and no, not because he brings me alcoholic beverages) but because he’s another staple of Minnesota baseball. My mom remembers him from her days working at the old Met.
* TC scares me up close. I don’t think he has very good peripheral vision that close so I don’t want to get knocked out.
* Dave St. Peter has cute dimples.
* They were handing out poster schedules with Baby Jesus (Joe Mauer) on them. Amy took one and is proudly displaying it in her cubicle.
* Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew never change. Everyone still loves them!
* Gardy, Neshek and Brendan Harris were the current Twins at the rally.
* Neshek is very comfortable speaking in front of the crowd.
* Brendan Harris is absolutely adorable! I know, many of you are rolling your eyes (much like my co-worker who was standing by me) but it’s true!
* The audience Q&A times always are a little bit uncomfortable.
* Harris said that the crowd at the rally was about the same size that Tampa Bay had at their home opener game last year. That made me chuckle.
* Minnesota people are either very generous with allowing space when standing in a crowd or totally clueless and all up in your business. You know what I mean…
* I like watching the people at the rally more than the players. Some people walk by looking so confused not understanding what is happening.

Well, that’s about it. I hear Those Girls made it to town safely and are keeping warm and dry at Hubert’s. Lucky girls…I still have three hours left.

With those who don't give a damn about baseball, I can only sympathize. I do not resent them. I am even willing to concede that many of them are physically clean, good to their mothers and in favor of world peace. But while the game is on, I can't think of anything to say to them. ~Art Hill

Happy Opening Day!

Whew, it was a very, very tough off-season for me. I mean, I didn’t have a flying clue what the hell I would fill by blog with. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some) I just did quick blurbs and kept the rest filled with music. That at least kept me semi-sane.

Let’s bring on the bullet points in preparation for the 2008 baseball season:

* Right now my blog counter is at 9,223 hits. Let’s see where the season ends.
* Last year around this time… 4/3/07 Home Opener: Minnesota Twins, 7 vs. Baltimore Orioles, 4
* Home Opener attendees in my posse: Amy (my Baseball Partner-in-crime), Foley, Gregg and Pat.
* Gregg hates: doing the wave, fans running on the field, throwing back the other team’s home-run ball, signs and TC the Bear. I like to make fun of him for all of those.
* I am wearing my Got Postseason? t-shirt. I want to start the season off with a positive start.
* I am bringing in the dome with me: camera, cell phone, chocolate covered pretzels, Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker and car keys.

Let me warn any new readers to this blog:
*Sometimes this blog doesn’t make sense.
* Sometimes I post a Swear Count. (2)
* Sometimes I am irrational (this from the girl that hates dolphins, nature and deer.)
* Occasionally I rant.

Well…I guess that’s it. See you at the Metrodome!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It goes like this/The fourth, the fifth/The minor fall, the major lift/The baffled king composing Hallelujah

UPDATE - New Twins Territory Commercial with Delmon Young

Extra! Extra!
Tom Verducci – Season forecast: My playoff picks and surprise teams for ’08 campaign
Still-cold Punto will be a reserve

Twins video player cards (from Star Tribune):
Nick Punto
Delmon Young
Justin Morneau

Random but interesting:
In new Clemens report, Republicans attack Democrats’ findings

More home opener stuff
Amy made the comment yesterday (whilst walking back to the office from Target) that she damn-well better not need a jacket for the home opener. Okay, maybe she didn’t swear but in my head it sounded like that. I sure hope it is sunny and 50 degrees outside, and then I would only need my Twins hoodie.

My office has an informal pool started about what the home opener score is. I am still figuring that out in my head but someone guessed 3-2, Twins. Oh, and that Morneausey would hit a home-run.

Baseball to non-baseball segue
Oh, It’s Those Girls have proved yet again that they have awesome taste in music. I remember sharing the love of The Hold Steady, Mika and many other bands over beer/martinis a few months ago. Now I come to find out there’s love for the 22-20’s. Rock on Those Girls, rock on.

Non-baseball (but no less important)
Here is some friendly advice...
Quit while you are ahead

Last week I bought a bag of the World's Best Jelly Beans, "Hawaiian Punch" and had them at my desk. Well, once word got out that I had these pennies from heaven, my cubicle became a highly populated area. Yesterday afternoon my bag dwindled down to about three heaping handfuls. Not wanting to share these last bits I ate them all. Yeah, there is a point when throwing up red jelly beans becomes your worst nightmare. Hence, quit while you’re ahead.

Wisdom from a caffeine addicted, trash talking, slightly judgmental cubicle worker
When sending a work emails do not state your harsh/snotty/mean comment and then end the message with a smiley face. We all know you are just trying to be passive aggressive.
I really wish you could have finished that project for me yesterday but I understand that somethings just get away from you. :)

What you really mean is:
Damn, bitch. Can’t you do anything right?

I am a little ashamed to admit this
I am read the book “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyers and…well, I really liked it. I blame Amy because she had it sitting at her house when I stopped over to take care of her cat. Hey, I can’t just let books lay around, unread. Anyways, so I read the books and I am even a little excited to see the film. However, for the sake of not being jammed in a theater with hundreds of 15 year old girls I will have to wait a while (or go to the ghetto theater downtown that no one goes to.) Huh, Amy, you in?

Music of the Day
“Hallelujah” is a greatly covered song and I love all the versions although the original version by its composer Leonard Cohen holds a special place in my heart.

Here is my favorite cover by Damien Rice

Leonard Cohen – on a television show so it is a little cheesy

Other Covers:
Rufus Wainwright
K.D. Lang
Jeff Buckley – a lot of people think this is the original
Jason Castro (from American Idol)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spin me some sad story/Sell me some excuse/To help me understand the things you do

Articles! Articles!
Twins extend Joe Nathan’s contract through 2011
Liriano earns a stay, for now
Twins cleaning up 2008 roster

Newest batch to be sent down: Philip Humber, Denard Span (he came really close this time), Jason Pridie and Brian Buscher. Go-Go Gomez most likely has earned the spot of starting in center field. I am very excited to see him live!

Home Opener or Bust
One week from today I will be drinking and shooting the shit with my co-workers celebrating our fourth year of going to the home opener together.
One week from today I will be walking up thirty rows, past all the blue plastic seats, debating whether or not to imbibe in a second beer.
One week from today I will be dressed out in my Twins gear.
One week from today I will be feeling justified after spending the last five months listening to my co-workers brag about their football/hockey/bastketball team. Hey, it’s my turn now and it’s going to be my turn for about seven months. Deal.

Man, I have to go buy a new Twins shirt. Last year my mother bought me a Punto t-shirt. This year I am on my own. Hmm…

Non-baseball but no less important
Minnesota says “You’re Welcome.”

Zubaz pants are back!

Music of the Day
Ah the 22-20’s. I think that without their CD being put in front of me I would have never have found this band and become the fan that I am (although I am definitely not their #1 Fan in Minnesota.) They were the Indie Darlings a few years ago and were raved in all reviews. Unfortunately they broke up but we still have a great album to listen to. Their music is perfect for blasting in the car, driving with the windows open and maybe a tad aggressively.

Such a Fool – my favorite!
22 Days – great video
Devil In Me – the most popular song! This is a stripped-down version.

22-20’s – Shoot Your Gun

Thursday, March 20, 2008

She said “I’m Rosie”/I said “I thought you were Lucy”/She said “No Rosie, I told you so”

Twins announce Opening Day Festivities

It’s that time again!
· Breakfast of champions! I am tentatively planning on getting off the train at the Metrodome stop to get my free stuff at Breakfast on the Plaza.
· Rally, rally! The pitcher’s name is Sally! I am glad to see the Opening Day Rally will be back in the IDS Crystal Court (also known as “my office building.”) That means this lazy girl can block an hour off her calendar and wander downstairs to check out the action. Hey, if any of you will be there let me know. I can stand on a bench and wave you down!
· Plaza-paloza! I swear to the baseball gods that I will make it to the Plaza this year to enjoy the activities. Normally my game-going crew stays at the bar waaaaay too long.
· Let’s Play Ball! Remember, the game starts at 6:05 p.m.!

UPDATE: 3/21/08 @ 12:34 p.m. CT
Well, I better explain the traditions of the Minnesota Twins Home Openers!*Each year "Breakfast on the Plaza" is hosted on the street outside of the Metrodome. Usually there is a line that stretches a couple blocks long of cars waiting to go through line to get a Dome Dog (hot dog), coffee, milk, donuts and other free goodies that the organization hands out. * Opening Day Rally is always scheduled for noon on the day of the Home Opener. Our favorite announcers Dick & Bert are the usual MCs of this event which also includes appearances by our manager, alumni and a handful of current players. The actual event can be kind of boring but people watching make it worth attending.* Ah, the Plaza. The Plaza is the space in front of the Metrodome reserved for vendors, activities and music.

Music of the Day
Fratellis - I love, love, love this band. (This love is borderline gushing.) Someone gave me their CD a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. You may recognize them from the iPod commercial (which you can see by clicking here.) There are few bands that I “force” on people but this is one band I think everyone should at least listen to a song. The sound is very upbeat, the lyrics can be a little dirty but the overall package is fantastic. They have only been here (Minneapolis) once for a concert and wouldn’t you know it I was out of town? I am on a one-gal crusade to get the back!!!
Whew, thanks for letting me fawn.

Fratellis – Creeping up the Backstairs

Fratellis Links:

Randomly Random
Online Shopping Spree

I received a gift certificate for (Thank you, Wells Fargo) and I have been hording it just waiting for the perfect item to come along. Alas, it is burning a hole in my email and I need to use it now!
Here’s what I bought on my care-free splurge:
The Strokes – First Impressions of Earth
The Best of the Vines
White Stripes – Icky Thump
Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows across the World – Ewan Macgregor’s book

Last night as I was wandering around I came to the conclusion that prefixing “Ameri” in front of anything makes it patriotic. Examples: Ameriprise, Ameripride, Ameri-coach, AmericInn. I don’t know why but that bugs me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tell me what I’ve always known/Life is love and love’s at home/Wonder if they miss me in London

Non-baseball (but no less important)

They say it’s your birthday…nananananana
Happy birthday Stacy! What would the world be like without you?
· I wouldn’t be afraid of your parent’s basement steps – whilst growing up Stacy always told me there was a monster under the stairs.
· There wouldn’t be a third member of the Trilliance.
· I would never have gone camping as an adult (and found a fear of raccoons.)
· There would be no one to get sucked into Gilmore Girls Season 1 – 7 with.
· Where else would I have gotten my awesome taste in music from (TuPac, Ani DiFranco and Duran Duran?)
· No mini-van with fake wood paneling and Christmas lights on the dashboard.
· No appreciation for peace-loving-protesting hippies.
· There would be one less kick ass person on the planet.

That would be the name on my Monday Night Happy Hour Crew’s float. Whilst watching the World’s Lamest St. Patrick’s Day Parade we decided next year we would have a float in the parade. We would play the Pogues and throw condoms. Ah, that decision was made after a couple glasses of wine, a few sips of Jameson whiskey and a few shared mini-bottles of Bailey’s. We started the evening at our usual haunt, Rossi’s, where we dined on corned beef and cabbage, mulligan’s stew and bread. After the parade we wandered over to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, to wrap up the evening and drink a little more wine. Whew, I feel that I did justice to the holiday.

MOD (music of the day)
The Feeling (one of my top ten bands) have released a video for their newest single. Now, I am waiting as patiently as f-ing possible for them to release their new album in the U.S. So…hurry the fuck up.

The Feeling – Without You
Click on the link for the won't be disappointed (if you like that kind of music)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Somebody said they saw me/swinging the world by the tail/Bouncing over a white cloud/Killing the blues

It was a weekend of baseball and Tom Jones!

We were lucky enough to be able to watch both Saturday and Sunday’s games on the old fashion television set. Here are a few observations from the games:
· Craig Monroe seems like a very nice guy. He was full of praise for the coaching staff and team.
· Gomez is really putting an effort to get noticed. Third Base Line (TBL) sent me a text during his base stealing craze on Saturday about his wicked speed. He had a couple good hits, lots of speed and full-effort catch that slammed him into the back wall of center field. I am excited to see what he will bring this season. He will definitely not be boring.
· It looked so lovely and warm in Florida.
· Slowey had a good start on Saturday. Livan did not have a good start on Sunday.

What’s new pussycat?
Saturday evening I ventured to Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota to see Sir Tom Jones live and in concert. I sat amongst a full theater of mostly women and mostly over 50 fans. Foley and I rocked, clapped, sang, chair-danced (because no one would stand up and groove.) I laughed my ass off at the women throwing their panties on stage. I was a little embarrassed by the attempts of Sir Tom Jones to shake his booty and show a little rhythm. After the concert I used my Side Kick and Wikipedia to find out he is almost 68 years old so any of his efforts were pretty damn good. Here are some random bullet points from the evening:
· I knew almost every song he sang.
· We were 10 rows away from Jones. Tom Jones.
· Foley is now a converted fan.
· At one point I wished I had a pair of underwear to throw on stage. (I blame the two Smirnoff Ice and cans of Miller Lite for that thought.)
· Tom Jones is a dirty, dirty man.
· Our favorite song was his remake of Prince’s “Kiss”

For Linda
Here is the song from the JC Penny – American Living commercial.
Killing the blues – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

If you want to hear the whole song, along with some pretty scenery, click the link below:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I just can’t seem to get it right today/I guess I’m gonna give up/Oh, I guess I’m gonna give up

The Minnesota Twins have the BEST commercials!!!Here’s the newest one called “Park Center”

18 days until the home opener!!!
18 days until my posse climbs a million steps to the very tippy-top of the Metrodome
18 days until expensive beer and Dome Dogs
18 days until I look confused and have to flip through my program book to figure out who is who
18 days!

Non-baseball but no less important
Concert Calendar!
3/13 – South by Southwest (SXSW) starts today! I will be listening on the radio.
3/15 – Tom Jones @ Mystic Lake. Yep, I will be there and I may be a little square.
4/3 – Vampire Weekend @ Triple Rock Social Club. I really want to go but I am not sure I will commit yet. They were just on Saturday Night Live and they totally rock!
4/12 – Bon Iver @ Turf Club
4/19 – Kraftwerk @ Myth Nightclub. Actually, I don’t think I will be making this one
5/2 – Bob Schneider @ Fine Line. I am still trying to talk Amy into this one.
5/3 – Kate Nash @ First Ave
5/7 – Swell Season (the Once Soundtrack) @ Orpheum Theater. I will be there with my Monday Night Happy Hour crew!
5/22 – Rilo Kiley @ First Ave. It’s a 5:30 show so there no excuse not to make it!
5/31 – The Kooks @ Fine Line. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out their music DO IT NOW!

Music of the Day
I have been meaning to research the music playing in the new Kia commercials because the song is so damn catchy. After seeing the commercial last night (during the episode of MI-5) I bolted to my laptop and exercised my right to Google. The song is called “Can’t Get it Right” by Joe Purdy. Here’s a clip of the commercial.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Due to lack on interest/Tomorrow is canceled/Let the clocks be reset/And the pendulums held

And it felt good!
Yesterday I parked myself on the sofa to watch the Minnesota Twins host the New York Yankees.

The goods:
Dick & Bert!
Old players
New players
Twins commercials (could there be any more twins packs?)
Bert alluded to his standard “Pitchers are the best athletes on the field” comment
First time I got to see Delmon Young in action

Alas, the bads
Boof really looked like he was struggling, which he was
The Yankees beat us whilst looking sloppy
Even though I know that Boof lost 30 lbs he still looked a little messy (with his shirt not tucked in all the way)
4 walks for Boof
We lost

Heir to the throne: Rebuilt Liriano tabbed to anchor Twins’ talented staff
Rangers sign veteran Ponson

I always bitch about the Twins not receiving props in the Sports Illustrated topics. This week’s Baseball’s Top 20 Young Pitchers included Liriano at number six. Also, former Twin Garza is in the list also.

I just downloaded the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby.” Check it out, very catchy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I’m feelin’ rough/I’m feeling raw/I’m in the prime of my life

So many random things that I believe I will bust out the bullet points early
· The Twins beat the O’s today!
· The Twins beat the Yankees in yesterday’s preseason match-up
· I have prescription drugs from a certified Nurse Practioner (thanks Target Minute Clinic) to help with my cough. Mmm…codeine. See above for the happiness.
· Happy birthday Metsgrrl!
· I got to see Terry Tiffee play for the Dodgers against the Boston Red Sox.

New site that you ought to check out
Lady at the Bat started a new site for all us baseball bloggers! Stop by and check it out!!!

Out of Write-Field

Let’s deal in music
I would like to introduce you to MGMT. They are an indie band from New York. Check out the song below and tell me it isn’t catchy. MGMT has received accolades from Spin magazine, Rolling Stone magazine and BBC’s Sound of 2008.

MGMT – Time to Pretend

Monday, March 3, 2008

‘Cause I’m always where/I need to be/And I always though/I would end up with you eventually

Stepping on toes
· One of the Nicks’ stated what I was thinking in my head about Santana. I have been a little shocked to read the joyful responses to Santana’s “less-than-stellar” first outing as a Met. It seems like that made-for-TV Lifetime movie “If I can’t have him, then no one can” philosophy.
· I am a little “over” hearing about the 30lbs The Boof lost and that being attributed to him having a good outing. I am sure it is just a fad and we won’t think anything of it come May.

Article – singular this time
Cardinals give Ponson a shot (granted reported from Truth & Rumors)

I finally have succeeded in getting WCCO (1500) tuned in on my desk radio. Unfortunately there is a high pitched buzzing noise in the background but after a while it just sounds soothing. I am sitting at my desk “working” whilst listening to the game. To quote those damn inspirational t-shirts and caps…Life is Good.

Non-baseball, but no less important now owns my soul…or at least a chunk of my paycheck. I bought tickets to The Kooks and Swell Season (the musicians from the movie “Once”).
In honor of The Kooks first US Tour (that I am aware of) here is their newest single:

The Kooks – Always Where I Need to Be