Thursday, March 13, 2008

I just can’t seem to get it right today/I guess I’m gonna give up/Oh, I guess I’m gonna give up

The Minnesota Twins have the BEST commercials!!!Here’s the newest one called “Park Center”

18 days until the home opener!!!
18 days until my posse climbs a million steps to the very tippy-top of the Metrodome
18 days until expensive beer and Dome Dogs
18 days until I look confused and have to flip through my program book to figure out who is who
18 days!

Non-baseball but no less important
Concert Calendar!
3/13 – South by Southwest (SXSW) starts today! I will be listening on the radio.
3/15 – Tom Jones @ Mystic Lake. Yep, I will be there and I may be a little square.
4/3 – Vampire Weekend @ Triple Rock Social Club. I really want to go but I am not sure I will commit yet. They were just on Saturday Night Live and they totally rock!
4/12 – Bon Iver @ Turf Club
4/19 – Kraftwerk @ Myth Nightclub. Actually, I don’t think I will be making this one
5/2 – Bob Schneider @ Fine Line. I am still trying to talk Amy into this one.
5/3 – Kate Nash @ First Ave
5/7 – Swell Season (the Once Soundtrack) @ Orpheum Theater. I will be there with my Monday Night Happy Hour crew!
5/22 – Rilo Kiley @ First Ave. It’s a 5:30 show so there no excuse not to make it!
5/31 – The Kooks @ Fine Line. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out their music DO IT NOW!

Music of the Day
I have been meaning to research the music playing in the new Kia commercials because the song is so damn catchy. After seeing the commercial last night (during the episode of MI-5) I bolted to my laptop and exercised my right to Google. The song is called “Can’t Get it Right” by Joe Purdy. Here’s a clip of the commercial.

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linda said...

Thank you! Been wondering about that song too. Maybe because I relate to it!? I'm no fan of TV commercials, but it does get your attention, make the point it is intended, and is something most drivers have had happen.
Now work on the one for JCPenney where the kids get into a big bed in the woods.........