Thursday, March 20, 2008

She said “I’m Rosie”/I said “I thought you were Lucy”/She said “No Rosie, I told you so”

Twins announce Opening Day Festivities

It’s that time again!
· Breakfast of champions! I am tentatively planning on getting off the train at the Metrodome stop to get my free stuff at Breakfast on the Plaza.
· Rally, rally! The pitcher’s name is Sally! I am glad to see the Opening Day Rally will be back in the IDS Crystal Court (also known as “my office building.”) That means this lazy girl can block an hour off her calendar and wander downstairs to check out the action. Hey, if any of you will be there let me know. I can stand on a bench and wave you down!
· Plaza-paloza! I swear to the baseball gods that I will make it to the Plaza this year to enjoy the activities. Normally my game-going crew stays at the bar waaaaay too long.
· Let’s Play Ball! Remember, the game starts at 6:05 p.m.!

UPDATE: 3/21/08 @ 12:34 p.m. CT
Well, I better explain the traditions of the Minnesota Twins Home Openers!*Each year "Breakfast on the Plaza" is hosted on the street outside of the Metrodome. Usually there is a line that stretches a couple blocks long of cars waiting to go through line to get a Dome Dog (hot dog), coffee, milk, donuts and other free goodies that the organization hands out. * Opening Day Rally is always scheduled for noon on the day of the Home Opener. Our favorite announcers Dick & Bert are the usual MCs of this event which also includes appearances by our manager, alumni and a handful of current players. The actual event can be kind of boring but people watching make it worth attending.* Ah, the Plaza. The Plaza is the space in front of the Metrodome reserved for vendors, activities and music.

Music of the Day
Fratellis - I love, love, love this band. (This love is borderline gushing.) Someone gave me their CD a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. You may recognize them from the iPod commercial (which you can see by clicking here.) There are few bands that I “force” on people but this is one band I think everyone should at least listen to a song. The sound is very upbeat, the lyrics can be a little dirty but the overall package is fantastic. They have only been here (Minneapolis) once for a concert and wouldn’t you know it I was out of town? I am on a one-gal crusade to get the back!!!
Whew, thanks for letting me fawn.

Fratellis – Creeping up the Backstairs

Fratellis Links:

Randomly Random
Online Shopping Spree

I received a gift certificate for (Thank you, Wells Fargo) and I have been hording it just waiting for the perfect item to come along. Alas, it is burning a hole in my email and I need to use it now!
Here’s what I bought on my care-free splurge:
The Strokes – First Impressions of Earth
The Best of the Vines
White Stripes – Icky Thump
Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows across the World – Ewan Macgregor’s book

Last night as I was wandering around I came to the conclusion that prefixing “Ameri” in front of anything makes it patriotic. Examples: Ameriprise, Ameripride, Ameri-coach, AmericInn. I don’t know why but that bugs me.


MG said...

could you please explain these twins-specific events to those of us not in your area?

Karleeee said...


*insert karlee running in circles*

sorry, I might be just a tad bit excited.

The lead guy can so "frankie" my "valli" and then I'll show him my "four seasons"

please tell me you get that.
sexual and non sexual alike.

Tricia said...

I think I need to go to that Opening Day rally in Crystal Court. I've never been to one, and I just happen to have the day off from work.

Third Base Line said...

Ooo! I work downtown now! I can finally go to an Opening Day rally!