Monday, March 17, 2008

Somebody said they saw me/swinging the world by the tail/Bouncing over a white cloud/Killing the blues

It was a weekend of baseball and Tom Jones!

We were lucky enough to be able to watch both Saturday and Sunday’s games on the old fashion television set. Here are a few observations from the games:
· Craig Monroe seems like a very nice guy. He was full of praise for the coaching staff and team.
· Gomez is really putting an effort to get noticed. Third Base Line (TBL) sent me a text during his base stealing craze on Saturday about his wicked speed. He had a couple good hits, lots of speed and full-effort catch that slammed him into the back wall of center field. I am excited to see what he will bring this season. He will definitely not be boring.
· It looked so lovely and warm in Florida.
· Slowey had a good start on Saturday. Livan did not have a good start on Sunday.

What’s new pussycat?
Saturday evening I ventured to Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota to see Sir Tom Jones live and in concert. I sat amongst a full theater of mostly women and mostly over 50 fans. Foley and I rocked, clapped, sang, chair-danced (because no one would stand up and groove.) I laughed my ass off at the women throwing their panties on stage. I was a little embarrassed by the attempts of Sir Tom Jones to shake his booty and show a little rhythm. After the concert I used my Side Kick and Wikipedia to find out he is almost 68 years old so any of his efforts were pretty damn good. Here are some random bullet points from the evening:
· I knew almost every song he sang.
· We were 10 rows away from Jones. Tom Jones.
· Foley is now a converted fan.
· At one point I wished I had a pair of underwear to throw on stage. (I blame the two Smirnoff Ice and cans of Miller Lite for that thought.)
· Tom Jones is a dirty, dirty man.
· Our favorite song was his remake of Prince’s “Kiss”

For Linda
Here is the song from the JC Penny – American Living commercial.
Killing the blues – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

If you want to hear the whole song, along with some pretty scenery, click the link below:


Ann said...

I came across your blog today and I really enjoy it!
You've helped me discover some bands I wasn't aware of.
I'll keep checking in.


Jeff said...

Ah, Prior Lake. I went to high school in Prior Lake. Glad to hear you enjoyed our "dirty" little town.

linda said...

Thanks so much! I am impressed and appreciate you finding that out with such a silly clue. I saw them on Crossroads and plan on buying the CD.
They are amazing together-who would have thought? I'm an old Zep fan and he still moves pretty good for an old guy. Also looked on You-Tube to find the whole Just couldn't get it right today song and listened to it about 10 times.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

You are very welcome! I love the sound that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss make together...a raw-smooth sound.

I have basically been listening to "Can't Get It Right Today" and Jason Mraz's "I am Yours" all day long. I would love to see "Can't Get it Right Today" set to a music video.

linda said...

When I went to You-Tube to find the whole "Can't Get it right Today" song I stumbled on a cover which is addicting also. Is just a black and white picture of a stuffed pig and the girl with the sweetest voice singing with piano. She sounds vulnerable and sincere.
So thanks again, you made my dull day brighter.