Monday, March 3, 2008

‘Cause I’m always where/I need to be/And I always though/I would end up with you eventually

Stepping on toes
· One of the Nicks’ stated what I was thinking in my head about Santana. I have been a little shocked to read the joyful responses to Santana’s “less-than-stellar” first outing as a Met. It seems like that made-for-TV Lifetime movie “If I can’t have him, then no one can” philosophy.
· I am a little “over” hearing about the 30lbs The Boof lost and that being attributed to him having a good outing. I am sure it is just a fad and we won’t think anything of it come May.

Article – singular this time
Cardinals give Ponson a shot (granted reported from Truth & Rumors)

I finally have succeeded in getting WCCO (1500) tuned in on my desk radio. Unfortunately there is a high pitched buzzing noise in the background but after a while it just sounds soothing. I am sitting at my desk “working” whilst listening to the game. To quote those damn inspirational t-shirts and caps…Life is Good.

Non-baseball, but no less important now owns my soul…or at least a chunk of my paycheck. I bought tickets to The Kooks and Swell Season (the musicians from the movie “Once”).
In honor of The Kooks first US Tour (that I am aware of) here is their newest single:

The Kooks – Always Where I Need to Be

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Jeff said...

I need to find out how to watch baseball games at work. With my new job, I no longer have the luxury of watching MLB.TV while working. Today I snuck down to the maintenance men's back lunch room to watch a little Twins-Yankees with them.

Maybe I can get away with headphones for a couple hours.

Anyway, I'm jealous. Enjoy your WCCO!