Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It goes like this/The fourth, the fifth/The minor fall, the major lift/The baffled king composing Hallelujah

UPDATE - New Twins Territory Commercial with Delmon Young

Extra! Extra!
Tom Verducci – Season forecast: My playoff picks and surprise teams for ’08 campaign
Still-cold Punto will be a reserve

Twins video player cards (from Star Tribune):
Nick Punto
Delmon Young
Justin Morneau

Random but interesting:
In new Clemens report, Republicans attack Democrats’ findings

More home opener stuff
Amy made the comment yesterday (whilst walking back to the office from Target) that she damn-well better not need a jacket for the home opener. Okay, maybe she didn’t swear but in my head it sounded like that. I sure hope it is sunny and 50 degrees outside, and then I would only need my Twins hoodie.

My office has an informal pool started about what the home opener score is. I am still figuring that out in my head but someone guessed 3-2, Twins. Oh, and that Morneausey would hit a home-run.

Baseball to non-baseball segue
Oh, It’s Those Girls have proved yet again that they have awesome taste in music. I remember sharing the love of The Hold Steady, Mika and many other bands over beer/martinis a few months ago. Now I come to find out there’s love for the 22-20’s. Rock on Those Girls, rock on.

Non-baseball (but no less important)
Here is some friendly advice...
Quit while you are ahead

Last week I bought a bag of the World's Best Jelly Beans, "Hawaiian Punch" and had them at my desk. Well, once word got out that I had these pennies from heaven, my cubicle became a highly populated area. Yesterday afternoon my bag dwindled down to about three heaping handfuls. Not wanting to share these last bits I ate them all. Yeah, there is a point when throwing up red jelly beans becomes your worst nightmare. Hence, quit while you’re ahead.

Wisdom from a caffeine addicted, trash talking, slightly judgmental cubicle worker
When sending a work emails do not state your harsh/snotty/mean comment and then end the message with a smiley face. We all know you are just trying to be passive aggressive.
I really wish you could have finished that project for me yesterday but I understand that somethings just get away from you. :)

What you really mean is:
Damn, bitch. Can’t you do anything right?

I am a little ashamed to admit this
I am read the book “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyers and…well, I really liked it. I blame Amy because she had it sitting at her house when I stopped over to take care of her cat. Hey, I can’t just let books lay around, unread. Anyways, so I read the books and I am even a little excited to see the film. However, for the sake of not being jammed in a theater with hundreds of 15 year old girls I will have to wait a while (or go to the ghetto theater downtown that no one goes to.) Huh, Amy, you in?

Music of the Day
“Hallelujah” is a greatly covered song and I love all the versions although the original version by its composer Leonard Cohen holds a special place in my heart.

Here is my favorite cover by Damien Rice

Leonard Cohen – on a television show so it is a little cheesy

Other Covers:
Rufus Wainwright
K.D. Lang
Jeff Buckley – a lot of people think this is the original
Jason Castro (from American Idol)


Katie said...

I think the Delmon Young ad is my favorite so far...just cuz you can tell how much fun the guys were having being "Sages."

Ann said...

Enjoy checking in on your music check list. Thanks!

linda said...

Love the music and the links. I so can't wait for tomorrow. Will eat a whole pack of seeds so my tongue is raw for work Tue and lisp at customers by phone all day long!