Monday, March 10, 2008

Due to lack on interest/Tomorrow is canceled/Let the clocks be reset/And the pendulums held

And it felt good!
Yesterday I parked myself on the sofa to watch the Minnesota Twins host the New York Yankees.

The goods:
Dick & Bert!
Old players
New players
Twins commercials (could there be any more twins packs?)
Bert alluded to his standard “Pitchers are the best athletes on the field” comment
First time I got to see Delmon Young in action

Alas, the bads
Boof really looked like he was struggling, which he was
The Yankees beat us whilst looking sloppy
Even though I know that Boof lost 30 lbs he still looked a little messy (with his shirt not tucked in all the way)
4 walks for Boof
We lost

Heir to the throne: Rebuilt Liriano tabbed to anchor Twins’ talented staff
Rangers sign veteran Ponson

I always bitch about the Twins not receiving props in the Sports Illustrated topics. This week’s Baseball’s Top 20 Young Pitchers included Liriano at number six. Also, former Twin Garza is in the list also.

I just downloaded the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby.” Check it out, very catchy.

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