Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tell me what I’ve always known/Life is love and love’s at home/Wonder if they miss me in London

Non-baseball (but no less important)

They say it’s your birthday…nananananana
Happy birthday Stacy! What would the world be like without you?
· I wouldn’t be afraid of your parent’s basement steps – whilst growing up Stacy always told me there was a monster under the stairs.
· There wouldn’t be a third member of the Trilliance.
· I would never have gone camping as an adult (and found a fear of raccoons.)
· There would be no one to get sucked into Gilmore Girls Season 1 – 7 with.
· Where else would I have gotten my awesome taste in music from (TuPac, Ani DiFranco and Duran Duran?)
· No mini-van with fake wood paneling and Christmas lights on the dashboard.
· No appreciation for peace-loving-protesting hippies.
· There would be one less kick ass person on the planet.

That would be the name on my Monday Night Happy Hour Crew’s float. Whilst watching the World’s Lamest St. Patrick’s Day Parade we decided next year we would have a float in the parade. We would play the Pogues and throw condoms. Ah, that decision was made after a couple glasses of wine, a few sips of Jameson whiskey and a few shared mini-bottles of Bailey’s. We started the evening at our usual haunt, Rossi’s, where we dined on corned beef and cabbage, mulligan’s stew and bread. After the parade we wandered over to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, to wrap up the evening and drink a little more wine. Whew, I feel that I did justice to the holiday.

MOD (music of the day)
The Feeling (one of my top ten bands) have released a video for their newest single. Now, I am waiting as patiently as f-ing possible for them to release their new album in the U.S. So…hurry the fuck up.

The Feeling – Without You
Click on the link for the video...you won't be disappointed (if you like that kind of music)

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