Monday, March 24, 2008

Spin me some sad story/Sell me some excuse/To help me understand the things you do

Articles! Articles!
Twins extend Joe Nathan’s contract through 2011
Liriano earns a stay, for now
Twins cleaning up 2008 roster

Newest batch to be sent down: Philip Humber, Denard Span (he came really close this time), Jason Pridie and Brian Buscher. Go-Go Gomez most likely has earned the spot of starting in center field. I am very excited to see him live!

Home Opener or Bust
One week from today I will be drinking and shooting the shit with my co-workers celebrating our fourth year of going to the home opener together.
One week from today I will be walking up thirty rows, past all the blue plastic seats, debating whether or not to imbibe in a second beer.
One week from today I will be dressed out in my Twins gear.
One week from today I will be feeling justified after spending the last five months listening to my co-workers brag about their football/hockey/bastketball team. Hey, it’s my turn now and it’s going to be my turn for about seven months. Deal.

Man, I have to go buy a new Twins shirt. Last year my mother bought me a Punto t-shirt. This year I am on my own. Hmm…

Non-baseball but no less important
Minnesota says “You’re Welcome.”

Zubaz pants are back!

Music of the Day
Ah the 22-20’s. I think that without their CD being put in front of me I would have never have found this band and become the fan that I am (although I am definitely not their #1 Fan in Minnesota.) They were the Indie Darlings a few years ago and were raved in all reviews. Unfortunately they broke up but we still have a great album to listen to. Their music is perfect for blasting in the car, driving with the windows open and maybe a tad aggressively.

Such a Fool – my favorite!
22 Days – great video
Devil In Me – the most popular song! This is a stripped-down version.

22-20’s – Shoot Your Gun


Katie said...

Ah! I love the 22-20s!

gosh we have good taste in things.

1 week from right now we'll be watching the ceremonial first pitch!

Dave said...

Nice site. I found it on the write-field site. I'm surprised that Phil Humber didn't make the team. He looked pretty good last September with the Mets. Not a power pitcher, but solid. You'll like watching Carlos Gomez. He can fly! He actually beat Jose Reyes last spring in a foot race. Gomez needs to mature at the plate but he's got good raw skills. Keep up the good work.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am very excited to watch Gomez. It seems like all the Twins fans are embracing him and in true Minnesota-nice fashion he has been christened "Go Go Gomez." I was surprised about Humber also. I didn't think he got a fair shot during Spring Training to show his stuff. The Twins staff is still tight-lipped about announcing the starting rotation.