Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everybody’s unworthy and/Everybody loves everybody else and/Everybody takes off their sunglasses

Well, it appears we are making up for the Toronto series
Sure, when the Blue Jays are in town we turned into fumbling 14 year old girls wearing their mom’s stiletto heels for the first time. However, we earned some cred back by sweeping the Angels.

Let’s take a moment and enjoy a blending of two of my favorite things: Baseball and American Idol
This week the American Idol Top 7 went to the LA Dodgers game (hence the Dodger gear, yo!)

Non-baseball but no less important
I am getting too old for this shit – late nights, early mornings

Thursday night I ventured to 7th Street Entry (the small club within First Avenue) to see Ezra Furman & The Harpoons. I have seen this band a few times now and each time I get reminded how much I love their live show. It’s funny, loud, rocking, twangy, twitchy, twirly, hell-all those other “T” words you can think of.

For serious though, you should check out his music. Their sound can best be described as a blend between Violent Femmes and Vampire Weekend with the story and writings of Tom Waits.

I stood in line and it wasn’t too bad
So, I have a short attention span. Duh, I knew that. However, I still met up with Jolene and joined a group of awesome chicks waiting in line on Friday for the Travis concert at the Fine Line Music Café. One hour waiting outside, one hour waiting inside, one opening band and one spot in the front row. It was awesome!

Music of the Day – Saw them in concert Edition

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons – Take Off Your Sunglasses

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I want you to know/Won’t let you down/No I can’t let go/And I want you to see/Every day I wear my heart on my sleeve

Yeah, I said it. I am a twitter-whore. I love that sassy little 140-character tool to express my joys, sorrows, angers, and love through. Deal with it!

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My game notes
* Last night Ames and I finally clicked with a few of the other Season Ticket Holders in our area. The mom and little girl next to me, the couple next to Amy and the bald dude in front of me. I do think the Bald Dude In Front Of Me was more amused by our shenanigans and disgust over jelly bean flavors though.

* The group of four ladies behind us (who are not of the Season Ticket Holder posse) spent the entire game NOT watching the game and not speaking one word of “baseball.” Instead we listened to them make birthday plans, talk about boyfriends, cellphone pictures, and drinking antics. I get it, I get it. You don’t have to be INTO baseball to go to a game BUT you do have to STFU if you are sitting by me. At one point I wanted to wing by brand new clipboard over my head to them. Dear Four Ladies Sitting Behind Me, talk quieter.

Clipboard Decoration Contest
I finally sucked up my vanity and am now using an official Baseball Scorecard Keeping Clipboard.

This is where I need a bedazzler. I need to make this plain boring clipboard to be something of the Awesome-Nature. So, what should I sticker the back up with? Led Zeppelin logos? A Twins logo? David Cook (ha!)? Danny Tanner? I need ideas.

Non-baseball but no less important

Yup, to all you naysayers - Sold Out. Dude sold out the Mystic Lake Showroom. Yeah, I know it still isn’t as cool as The Garden or something but still. I’ll be there. Will any of you?

Words of Wisdom: If you are in a car on a first date with a dude and he has the country music station playing, just start crying and whip out a death metal CD that you are conveniently carrying in your bag.

Music of the Day – a different American Idol for once
Michael Johns from Season 7 just released a new single on iTunes. It’s awesome! Y’all should go buy it! Ann (annagain66) I am looking at you! You’ll love it!

Michael Johns – Heart on my sleeve

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They call me hell/They call me Stacey/They call me her/They call me Jane/That’s not my name

Lookee what we have here! The 2009 Baseball Season is officially underway.

Home Opener is always a tough game to be a tried and true fan at. You may be wondering “WTF Jen? It’s the perfect game to show your baseballness.”

Wait, my friend. Let me explain. You see, I am surrounded by drunk people in a packed stadium (48,000), shiny new uniforms, cherry red caps, montages, countdowns, big flags, goosebumps, beer, foam fingers, tacky signs, highlighted hair, couples making out, cameras, dome dogs, cellphones, people waving at their friends trying to show where they are sitting, Twitterers (okay, that was all me), the high pitched Peanuts Cracker Jacks vendor, beer, rosters, stats, and a game. That’s a lot going on. It’s hard to buckle down and really focus on the ins and outs of the game. So, tonight…tonight is when I can be a baseball watching/recording machine. Last night was like a giant montage set to catchy Top 40 music.

The unveiling of the 2008 Season Ticket Bonus Gift
Last year when the season tickets were purchased our dealer (Snorris) got this framed photo as a thank you gift (or something along those lines.)

He promptly stated that he couldn’t have the picture at his desk because it would “be gay” (his words, not mine.) He gave it to Amy and I, which we share with as joint custody. Last season when Cuddy got hurt and was out we had to find a replacement. Me being me I decided to replace Cuddyer with David Cook until either Cuddy got better or David Cook pulled a hammy. Henceforth this photo being at my desk for most of the fall, winter and spring. As we all know, Cuddy is back in the line-up so it is time to retire David Cook and bring Cuddy back! Here’s the official unveiling.

In which I am a lazy S.O.B.
I really love the spot our season ticket seats are because:
* I don’t have to walk all the way to the back of the Metrodome for our gate.
* Only four rows to walk up
* Restrooms right outside our section
* Marnie (from FSN) stands in our stairway to film segments
* Wally the mother fucking Beerman

Baseball music of note
Thanks to anonymous for sending me this link via a comment. Oh and now that song is stuck in my head so super thanks for that.
Let’s get Denarded

Music of the Day
Whilst Those Girls were bummed they missed the Morrissey concert (which I was too) I was even more bummed about missing the Ting Tings. If you haven’t checked them out DO IT! They are catchy and danceable. Who doesn’t like dancing? No one, that’s who. No. One.

The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

Monday, April 6, 2009

In the midnight hour/She cried more more more/With a rebel yell/She cried more more more

Happy Home Opener!

Happy Last Season in the Metrodome!

Happy Monday (son of a bitch)!

Happy 30 degree weather (next year you pansies will be freezing your you-know-whats off)!

Happy Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano Starting Pitcher Day!

One of Those Girls said it best via Twitter: It just occurred to me that this will be my last home opener ever that will be budget-friendly and warm/dry


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My hopes for 2009
* A winning season
* New music in the Dome (last year they upped it by including Vampire Weekend and The Fratellis)
* Winning at least one game of Twingo – that sassy bitch of a game gets me EVERYTIME!
* Not to get beaned by a foul ball
* Bring more of my own food (because, if it wasn’t for beer the food in the Dome would suck)
* Being in the Hormel Hotdog Row of Fame (‘cause you can be a wiener winner)

Warning to new readers of this blog
* Sometimes I swear, a lot
* Sometimes I post a Swear Count (American-English: 2 , British English:1)
* Sometimes I am irrational (I hate dolphins, nature and deer)
* Occasionally I rant
* Often I blog about music (and David Cook – shuddup)
* I don’t use my own stats because I can’t be arsed to figure that stuff out. I watch baseball for enjoyment not math.

Let’s look back, shall we?
Home Opener 2008 – And the signs said, the words of the prophets/Are written on the subway walls/And tenement halls/And whispered in the sounds of silence

Notable notes from that blog entry:
* On March 31, 2008 my blog counter was at 9,223 hits. This year: 29,814 hits. Someone out there really loves me…and my swearing.
* It was freaking snowing!
* We sat in the highest spot in the Metrodome. I kid you not.

Music of the Day – Home Opener Edition
To those of you who would assume (when you assume you make an ass out of “u” and “me”) that I would use a David Cook song as the 2009 Home Opener Music of the Day I say to you “You got lucky, I almost did!”

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (acoustic)
(This is Lucy’s newest song that she’s learning)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So I’ll let you go, I’ll set you free/And when you’ve seen what you need to see

I have been tossing around this idea for a while now. I subject my friends and co-workers to listening to me talk about it all the time.

Here it is…

Each team up to bat should get a new position player called “Defense”. This player would stand in a marked spot on the foul line between 1st Base and Right Field. Once his teammate (the batter) makes contact with the ball the Defense is allowed to run onto the field and “interfere” with play. The Defense would not be allowed to mess with the pitcher or catcher. He also is unable to touch the ball at any time. I am still working out the logistics of the Defense being able to tackle a fielder. I like the idea but then protection/pads/gear come in play.

SO, that’s what goes on in my vodka soaked brain.

Non-baseball but no less important
Saturday’s Alright For Drinking with Co-workers
Last weekend the crème de la crème of my office went to listen to another co-worker’s band play at this bar (wheeee!) The band (The Pearl) covered music all across the board: Motley Crue, Blondie, Tom Petty, Foo Fighters, Pink, Violent Femmes, and some country songs that I used for “potty-break” time. First best part is having photographic evidence to use if need be. Second best part is my co-worker and partner-in-cubicle-crime Steph hitting the stage to play wicked tambourine on the Violent Femme’s “Blister in the Sun”.

My eye on the very far left.

Bestill my Fangirling Heart
David Cook at Mystic Lake Casino
Two guesses at who is going to be at the show?
And if you need the second guess you fail as a loyal blog reader!

(By the way, this isn’t the Mystic Lake poster…obviously.)

Music of the Day – In Other David Cook News…Edition
This is the music video for his new single. You better freakin’ watch it because I will be quizzing you later!
David Cook – Come Back to Me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do you like American music/I like American music/Don’t you like American music too, baby

I am fast approaching the 30,000 hit mark which is A LOT considering the past few months have been boring and/or full of David Cook fangirling.

5 days until the home opener

Opening Day Festivities
Breakfast on the Plaza!
Opening Day Rally at the IDS (noon) – which rocks because I work in that building!

Stay tuned for a new rule/position I want added to the official MLB rules.

Non-baseball but no less important

Katy Perry concert

It was a 15+ concert so we connoisseurs of all things booze related were stuck upstairs drinking our giant bottles of beer. The show was good, the band overwhelmed Katy Perry’s vocals a lot, and I danced.

Reason 4,398 that I should never be a parent
Lucy was scared the other night because she thought she saw Spiderman in our chimney. I told her “Don’t worry. Spiderman comes through windows.” After Stacy got done giving me the ‘I can’t believe you just told my 3 yr old daughter that Spiderman watches her from the windows’ –look I amended my statement by saying “Lucy, Spiderman is in New York right now.” THIS is why I don’t have kids. I don’t have time to make my lies plausible.

Embracing my Inner-Geek
Yesterday I found out that David Cook is going to be playing a concert at Mystic Lake Casino (right here in Minnesota). I called up my gamblin’ friends and asked them to “see what they could do” for getting tickets. One friend responded with “what’s in it for me.” Here’s my bribe:

A Taun-Taun full of vodka so when they cut its stomach open and crawl inside to keep from freezing the vodka would gush out and they could drink it until they felt warm and sleepy. (Star Wars reference, folks.)

Okay, so let’s just squee for a moment over the fact that David Cook will have a concert in Minnesota. Squee! Oh, alas it is at a casino about an hour outside of The City and that casino has a No Booze policy. Don’t worry, I have flasks and I am NOT afraid to use them.

Music of the Day – I had a drunken remix of this song sung to me Saturday night Edition
Violent Femmes – American Music