Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do you like American music/I like American music/Don’t you like American music too, baby

I am fast approaching the 30,000 hit mark which is A LOT considering the past few months have been boring and/or full of David Cook fangirling.

5 days until the home opener

Opening Day Festivities
Breakfast on the Plaza!
Opening Day Rally at the IDS (noon) – which rocks because I work in that building!

Stay tuned for a new rule/position I want added to the official MLB rules.

Non-baseball but no less important

Katy Perry concert

It was a 15+ concert so we connoisseurs of all things booze related were stuck upstairs drinking our giant bottles of beer. The show was good, the band overwhelmed Katy Perry’s vocals a lot, and I danced.

Reason 4,398 that I should never be a parent
Lucy was scared the other night because she thought she saw Spiderman in our chimney. I told her “Don’t worry. Spiderman comes through windows.” After Stacy got done giving me the ‘I can’t believe you just told my 3 yr old daughter that Spiderman watches her from the windows’ –look I amended my statement by saying “Lucy, Spiderman is in New York right now.” THIS is why I don’t have kids. I don’t have time to make my lies plausible.

Embracing my Inner-Geek
Yesterday I found out that David Cook is going to be playing a concert at Mystic Lake Casino (right here in Minnesota). I called up my gamblin’ friends and asked them to “see what they could do” for getting tickets. One friend responded with “what’s in it for me.” Here’s my bribe:

A Taun-Taun full of vodka so when they cut its stomach open and crawl inside to keep from freezing the vodka would gush out and they could drink it until they felt warm and sleepy. (Star Wars reference, folks.)

Okay, so let’s just squee for a moment over the fact that David Cook will have a concert in Minnesota. Squee! Oh, alas it is at a casino about an hour outside of The City and that casino has a No Booze policy. Don’t worry, I have flasks and I am NOT afraid to use them.

Music of the Day – I had a drunken remix of this song sung to me Saturday night Edition
Violent Femmes – American Music

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