Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I want you to know/Won’t let you down/No I can’t let go/And I want you to see/Every day I wear my heart on my sleeve

Yeah, I said it. I am a twitter-whore. I love that sassy little 140-character tool to express my joys, sorrows, angers, and love through. Deal with it!

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My game notes
* Last night Ames and I finally clicked with a few of the other Season Ticket Holders in our area. The mom and little girl next to me, the couple next to Amy and the bald dude in front of me. I do think the Bald Dude In Front Of Me was more amused by our shenanigans and disgust over jelly bean flavors though.

* The group of four ladies behind us (who are not of the Season Ticket Holder posse) spent the entire game NOT watching the game and not speaking one word of “baseball.” Instead we listened to them make birthday plans, talk about boyfriends, cellphone pictures, and drinking antics. I get it, I get it. You don’t have to be INTO baseball to go to a game BUT you do have to STFU if you are sitting by me. At one point I wanted to wing by brand new clipboard over my head to them. Dear Four Ladies Sitting Behind Me, talk quieter.

Clipboard Decoration Contest
I finally sucked up my vanity and am now using an official Baseball Scorecard Keeping Clipboard.

This is where I need a bedazzler. I need to make this plain boring clipboard to be something of the Awesome-Nature. So, what should I sticker the back up with? Led Zeppelin logos? A Twins logo? David Cook (ha!)? Danny Tanner? I need ideas.

Non-baseball but no less important

Yup, to all you naysayers - Sold Out. Dude sold out the Mystic Lake Showroom. Yeah, I know it still isn’t as cool as The Garden or something but still. I’ll be there. Will any of you?

Words of Wisdom: If you are in a car on a first date with a dude and he has the country music station playing, just start crying and whip out a death metal CD that you are conveniently carrying in your bag.

Music of the Day – a different American Idol for once
Michael Johns from Season 7 just released a new single on iTunes. It’s awesome! Y’all should go buy it! Ann (annagain66) I am looking at you! You’ll love it!

Michael Johns – Heart on my sleeve

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