Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They call me hell/They call me Stacey/They call me her/They call me Jane/That’s not my name

Lookee what we have here! The 2009 Baseball Season is officially underway.

Home Opener is always a tough game to be a tried and true fan at. You may be wondering “WTF Jen? It’s the perfect game to show your baseballness.”

Wait, my friend. Let me explain. You see, I am surrounded by drunk people in a packed stadium (48,000), shiny new uniforms, cherry red caps, montages, countdowns, big flags, goosebumps, beer, foam fingers, tacky signs, highlighted hair, couples making out, cameras, dome dogs, cellphones, people waving at their friends trying to show where they are sitting, Twitterers (okay, that was all me), the high pitched Peanuts Cracker Jacks vendor, beer, rosters, stats, and a game. That’s a lot going on. It’s hard to buckle down and really focus on the ins and outs of the game. So, tonight…tonight is when I can be a baseball watching/recording machine. Last night was like a giant montage set to catchy Top 40 music.

The unveiling of the 2008 Season Ticket Bonus Gift
Last year when the season tickets were purchased our dealer (Snorris) got this framed photo as a thank you gift (or something along those lines.)

He promptly stated that he couldn’t have the picture at his desk because it would “be gay” (his words, not mine.) He gave it to Amy and I, which we share with as joint custody. Last season when Cuddy got hurt and was out we had to find a replacement. Me being me I decided to replace Cuddyer with David Cook until either Cuddy got better or David Cook pulled a hammy. Henceforth this photo being at my desk for most of the fall, winter and spring. As we all know, Cuddy is back in the line-up so it is time to retire David Cook and bring Cuddy back! Here’s the official unveiling.

In which I am a lazy S.O.B.
I really love the spot our season ticket seats are because:
* I don’t have to walk all the way to the back of the Metrodome for our gate.
* Only four rows to walk up
* Restrooms right outside our section
* Marnie (from FSN) stands in our stairway to film segments
* Wally the mother fucking Beerman

Baseball music of note
Thanks to anonymous for sending me this link via a comment. Oh and now that song is stuck in my head so super thanks for that.
Let’s get Denarded

Music of the Day
Whilst Those Girls were bummed they missed the Morrissey concert (which I was too) I was even more bummed about missing the Ting Tings. If you haven’t checked them out DO IT! They are catchy and danceable. Who doesn’t like dancing? No one, that’s who. No. One.

The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name


Robin G. said...

Last night's game was a rollercoaster. I love this game.

- joe said...

Awesome, I didnt you you were a season ticket holder as well. Do you attend pretty much all the games?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Robin - I love that we had our scrappy Twins showing up the 2nd game of the season! It is nothing if not heartstopping!

Joe - I have a partial package (20 games) because I just can't commit to 80. I usually end up going to 30-40 a season.