Monday, June 22, 2009

Sail away with me to another world/And we rely on each other, ah-ah/From one lover to another, ah-ah

Whilst we are all dealing with a weekend of Asssstros let me take a moment to reflect upon the Twins Unplugged event. Alas, I am like 5 days late so y’all probably know what went down from the other bloggers/tweeters. Here are my thoughts:

* I can’t bring myself to eat waffle fries without Sarah (Oh, Those Girls)
* K-Brobaseball has the pretties eyes I have ever seen (and I sure hope that doesn’t start making her hold her fingers up in the cross/back away slowly position).
* The Twins have the coolest/sweetest/funniest bloggers/tweeters ever. Screw us giving the players awards! They should host an event for us! I am serious, yo!
* NotBrokenScottyBaker doesn’t look 12 when he’s in street clothes…I’m just saying.
* Glen Perkins is a funny guy! One may even say he’s sassy.

Here are my crap cell phone photos. Alas, I didn’t bring my new fancy camera because I was so discombobulated about driving to the suburbs on a weeknight that I threw my groove off. *shudders*

Once, twice, three times a lady
So, obviously the dude below isn’t a lady BUT I got that song stuck in my head whilst watching him spread his goods all out in section 227. Dude, ain’t nobody want to be seeing you spread out and all that jazz. The grandma from Princess Diaries says “Knees together”.

What else…what else…
Blogger/Twitter meet-up

Now, we’ll have a very, very, very special guest to this occasion. Amanda (CompanyWoman) will be in town to experience Le Metrodome at its finest.

Dear Minnesota Twins,

You better bring it.


Music of the Day РMy karaoke duet of choice (albeit clich̩) Edition
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers – Islands in the Stream

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You were a storm/it blew us away/I wouldn’t leave you/but you couldn’t stay

Bring on the pirate jokes!
As if Ames doesn’t have enough to deal with whilst attending a baseball game with me (twittering, twingo, shiny things, ADD, gossip, hold this please) she now has to deal with my slew of pirate jokes I’ll be busting out. Mmwwhwahaha. I sure hope she doesn’t read this until after the game.

Tonight I will be at the Metrodome, section 227 (Jack-kay) watching the Twins and Pirates. It’ll be the first time of seeing the Pirates but not the last. The pitching matchup is Mahlom and Perkins. I haven’t seen Glen Perkins in a while so I will hold judgment until he takes the mound.

K-Brobaseball really breaks down what Kubel has done for us. Sure, he may not have the fangirl club like the M&M boys, or the sassiness of Gomez, the nakedness of Redmond – he still has a lot of power.

Non-baseball but no less important

Dorkiness, thy name is Jen

So, I was at Super Target the other day and I kinda fangirled-out in the frozen food section. You see, they now make eggo waffles with Star Trek pictures on it. Basically I stood in front of that freezer gasping like a 13 year old with her Bop magazine.

Yes, I bought the fucking waffles.
No, I don’t even like toaster waffles.
Yes, I am eating one each day and taking a picture of it.
No, you’ll never be as cool as me.

Zeppelin the Dog Update
So, Zepp is like a real dog now. He’s kind of sassy, a bit naughty, a lot of energy, massive cuddler, super cute & a giant pain in the ass. BUT I <3 him so hard! On Sunday we all went for ice cream and Zepp had his first puppy sundae. As you can tell by the pictures below…he liked it.

Adam Lambert still pwns my soul
First, I don’t even friggin know what “pwns” means but I think it has something to do with “owns” but a misspelling that has stuck around as some sort of lingo.


Music of the Day – Ryan Star’s new album is out today on iTunes Edition
So you know, check it out. Maybe you can pick up a digital copy or something cool. I mean…whatevs.

Ryan Star – Last Train Home

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don’t got a lot of time/Don’t give a damn/Don’t tell me what to do/I am the man/Love of the loveless

My favorite 3 Bs

Last night on Twitter
It seemed like we got a little off-topic. It involved baseball, bloody marys, bacon infused vodka, brunch and well…all sorts of baconry.

Thanks to CompanyWoman,

Top 10 Bacon Quotes from Homer Simpson

My faves:

“Is it Bacon Day?”
“Mmmm. Move over eggs. Bacon just got a new best friend – fudge.”
“Mmm…unexplained bacon”

In conclusion,
Minnesota Tweet-up at Hell’s Kitchen for bacon-infused bloody marys!

I’ve never watched the draft before. Shocked? No, you probably aren’t. I’ll be at a bar tonight that has a TV that they’ll let me pick the channel so… BASEBALL DRAFT HAPPY HOUR!

So, there was a game last night
AND it wasn’t pretty. Swarzy’s having a rough time. Will he still be in the rotation? Only Gardy and insiders know!

Non-baseball but no less important

I got a mix CD – they must luv me
My co-worker (and partner-in-crime) Steph made me a mix CD which is all kinds of awesomesauce:

Title: Vodka, Tots & Peanut Sauce
1. Love of the Loveless – Eels
* This song was on the Henry Pool Was Here soundtrack - awesome
2. Around the Bend – The Asteroids
* Makes me want to dance around my cubicle. Like bananarama but current
3. Know Your Enemy – Green Day
*The new one! I have to make the Billy Idol face and rock out hardcore!
4. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
* You know what? I ain’t no hollaback girl
5. Two Hearts Beat as One – U2
* A less popular but oddly endearing U2 song
6. The Most Beautiful Girl – Flight of the Conchords
*OMG! Bret & Jermaine really rock my socks. If you haven’t caught an episode – DO IT!
7. Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie
* In theory I mock the Death Cab but I really appreciate the talent of the lead singer – his writing is phenom!
8. Pump It Up – Elvis Costello
* Elvis Costello is always right.
9. Unsung - +/-
*Bands with names that are symbols are okay with me.
10. I Will Dare – The Replacements
* This reminds me of a breakup in which the ex boyfriend got the Replacements album. Asshat.
11. Bryn – Vampire Weekend
* This band never fails to make me smile.
12. Don’t You Evah – Spoon
* Evah? Helllz ya.
13. Forever My Friend – Ray LaMontagne
* This guy is genius. I was surprised when I saw him on SNL and he looked like a skinny Grizzly Adams but he is phenom!
14. In the Waiting Line – Zero 7
15. Left Behind – Zero 7


As if I didn’t have enough to be mocked about
I saw this…

And then I said


And then my co-workers surrounded my desk to ogle Mr. Adam Lambert with me.

Fierce. Guess who’ll be at Barnes & Noble tomorrow morning?


Music of the Day – Listening to it right this second Edition

The Eels – Love of the Loveless

Friday, June 5, 2009

Birds flying high you know how I feel/Sun in the sky you know how I feel

Things that made me laugh waaaaaaay harder than I should have

This blurb
Rock legend loves Joe Mauer
Rock legend Elton John, a big baseball fan, requested autographed pictures of the Twins' Joe Mauer and
Justin Morneau, and in exchange provided autographed pictures of himself. John told Mauer he's the best catcher in the major leagues and said he wished Morneau played for the Atlanta Braves, of whom John is a big fan.

This picture

The font used on this advertisement

Congratulations are in order

Congrats to Baby Jesus for being named MLB's Player of the Month

Congrats to The Big Unit (which I can’t type or say without giggling like a 12-yr old girl) for his 300th win!

About last night
Yesterday I skipped out of the Land O’Cubicles a little (lot) early to head to the Metrodome and watch some awesome baseball with Third Base Line.

Pictures from the game

Music of the Day – Lucy grooving out to Adam Lambert Edition
Lu hearts her some Adam Lambert soooo much!

Lucy & Adam Lambert – Feeling Good

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I could join the circus/And you could sell your hair/I could learn to walk the line or learn to train the bears

Tweets vs Twits
So, if you follow me on Twitter I would like to apologize for my trashy (and yet, humorous) tweets last night at the game. You see, it was actually a boring game (for a Twins fan). So, instead of bitching about the quiet bats, the lame fielding and the lack of Brenda Harris walking up to “Cherry Pie” anymore I’ll just let you read my tweets for yourself.

Oh, and since I talked about the cute usher (who was way more smiley and nicer than the guy we usually have) and the scrunchie here is some photographic proof!PHOTOS

Music of the Day – This is new to you all so you should check it out Edition

Ryan Star – We Might Fall

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad/The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had

Baseball, yo!
It’s gotta be something HUGE to have me let go of my self-proclaimed baseball blogging hiatus, right? Well, it is!!! Last night Twitter exploded with talk of an epic (EPIC) baseball Tweet-up on the East Coast!

Here’s what I know
7/31 Pittsburg Pirates with some awesome chicks! You going? You should be.
7/28-7/30 Baltimore/Kansas City match up with Metgrrl *cough* hint hint *cough* Anyone else? Those Girls?

I am having a difficult time remember that the reason I am going to the East Coast is for a friend’s wedding. Sorry Friend, baseball and a David Cook concert are really taking a lot of my time. I am sure she won’t mind if I show up to her wedding in a Carlos Gomez Twins shirt. Nope.

So, anyways…Twitter
Last week I declared on my @baseballipgloss twitter that I was back in the Baseball Tweeting Mode (now that American Idol was over) and boy, are some of you happy to not have to listen to me fangirl Adam. What’evs.

In which I look totally COOL at a baseball game

Yep, I stitch and pitch. Jealouzzz? I am attempting to teach my co-worker/friend Steph how to crochet. She’s actually doing a great job but I think I should stick with doing and not teaching. Sometimes I do things half-assed. Shocking, I know.

Non-baseball but no less important
Just some quick photos to update you on non-baseball things

I Love Adam Lambert

Lucy is still a friggin’ rockstar

Zeppelin the Dog still does not like Stairway to heaven

Music of the Day – Adam Lambert Melts Hearts Edition

Adam Lambert – Mad World