Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You were a storm/it blew us away/I wouldn’t leave you/but you couldn’t stay

Bring on the pirate jokes!
As if Ames doesn’t have enough to deal with whilst attending a baseball game with me (twittering, twingo, shiny things, ADD, gossip, hold this please) she now has to deal with my slew of pirate jokes I’ll be busting out. Mmwwhwahaha. I sure hope she doesn’t read this until after the game.

Tonight I will be at the Metrodome, section 227 (Jack-kay) watching the Twins and Pirates. It’ll be the first time of seeing the Pirates but not the last. The pitching matchup is Mahlom and Perkins. I haven’t seen Glen Perkins in a while so I will hold judgment until he takes the mound.

K-Brobaseball really breaks down what Kubel has done for us. Sure, he may not have the fangirl club like the M&M boys, or the sassiness of Gomez, the nakedness of Redmond – he still has a lot of power.

Non-baseball but no less important

Dorkiness, thy name is Jen

So, I was at Super Target the other day and I kinda fangirled-out in the frozen food section. You see, they now make eggo waffles with Star Trek pictures on it. Basically I stood in front of that freezer gasping like a 13 year old with her Bop magazine.

Yes, I bought the fucking waffles.
No, I don’t even like toaster waffles.
Yes, I am eating one each day and taking a picture of it.
No, you’ll never be as cool as me.

Zeppelin the Dog Update
So, Zepp is like a real dog now. He’s kind of sassy, a bit naughty, a lot of energy, massive cuddler, super cute & a giant pain in the ass. BUT I <3 him so hard! On Sunday we all went for ice cream and Zepp had his first puppy sundae. As you can tell by the pictures below…he liked it.

Adam Lambert still pwns my soul
First, I don’t even friggin know what “pwns” means but I think it has something to do with “owns” but a misspelling that has stuck around as some sort of lingo.


Music of the Day – Ryan Star’s new album is out today on iTunes Edition
So you know, check it out. Maybe you can pick up a digital copy or something cool. I mean…whatevs.

Ryan Star – Last Train Home

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k-bro said...

heh heh. "The nakedness of Redmond." Best. Phrase. Ever.