Thursday, June 4, 2009

I could join the circus/And you could sell your hair/I could learn to walk the line or learn to train the bears

Tweets vs Twits
So, if you follow me on Twitter I would like to apologize for my trashy (and yet, humorous) tweets last night at the game. You see, it was actually a boring game (for a Twins fan). So, instead of bitching about the quiet bats, the lame fielding and the lack of Brenda Harris walking up to “Cherry Pie” anymore I’ll just let you read my tweets for yourself.

Oh, and since I talked about the cute usher (who was way more smiley and nicer than the guy we usually have) and the scrunchie here is some photographic proof!PHOTOS

Music of the Day – This is new to you all so you should check it out Edition

Ryan Star – We Might Fall

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Katie said...

Hooray for pictures of the cute usher!