Friday, June 5, 2009

Birds flying high you know how I feel/Sun in the sky you know how I feel

Things that made me laugh waaaaaaay harder than I should have

This blurb
Rock legend loves Joe Mauer
Rock legend Elton John, a big baseball fan, requested autographed pictures of the Twins' Joe Mauer and
Justin Morneau, and in exchange provided autographed pictures of himself. John told Mauer he's the best catcher in the major leagues and said he wished Morneau played for the Atlanta Braves, of whom John is a big fan.

This picture

The font used on this advertisement

Congratulations are in order

Congrats to Baby Jesus for being named MLB's Player of the Month

Congrats to The Big Unit (which I can’t type or say without giggling like a 12-yr old girl) for his 300th win!

About last night
Yesterday I skipped out of the Land O’Cubicles a little (lot) early to head to the Metrodome and watch some awesome baseball with Third Base Line.

Pictures from the game

Music of the Day – Lucy grooving out to Adam Lambert Edition
Lu hearts her some Adam Lambert soooo much!

Lucy & Adam Lambert – Feeling Good



That's an AWESOME picture of Morneau. Love it! (I'm so jealous you regularly get to attend Twins games. I'm a Phillies fan and Twins fan. Sadly, I live in NY, and I don't like either NY baseball team...I only get to see my favorite teams play if they come here to NY or if I go visit Philly for a weekend. Sigh.)

haasertime said...

one of my friends works for glamourshots and told me that Morneau comes in there ALL the time.

Krissy said...

Looks like you were sitting a few rows behind me - I was about 4 rows up between the visiting dugout and the bullpen...
Didja hear the guy yell at Carmona after Kubes 2nd hr "Get off the mound, you BLEW IT!!!!"??

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


Yeah, I heard some peeps shouting lots of funny things! It was a good game to jeer the opposing team at!