Thursday, February 28, 2008

All the hopes that you have been holding on to for so long/Oh, in the night/In the night

And we’re off!
Today kicks-off the 2008 Baseball Season. Anyone else feel like it has been a long f-ing five months? Sheesh.
The result of the first game? Reds 6, Twins 1
Like all the sports writers are saying…Gardy and crew are focusing on the positive. Baker did well, Neshek was on and Guerrier was steady as he goes (like the Raconteurws song.)
That’s all I got for right now. I am recovering from the Mother of all Colds (and am an extreme baby about it too.) However, in the name of Rock and Roll I took an extra hit of cold medicine and loaded up with cough drops to head out for the ultimate rock concert…The Foo Fighters!

Right, now for the non-baseball (but no less important) stuff
Foley, Pat, Fitzy (evidently it’s a nickname for him) and myself went to the Target Center to enjoy the haze of pot smoke and white-man dancing to the awesomeness (yeah, sue me for using that word) of the Foo Fighters (or the Foos if you are “in”)
And on to the bullet points…

  • Due to a good happy hour special at Gamework’s we missed most of the opening acts (Against Me! And Serj Tankian of System of a Down)
  • By the third song into the Foo Fighters set all the women were in love with Dave Grohl and all the men wanted to be his wingmen.
  • After watching the crowd surfing and mini-mosh pits I decided I am way too old for that shit.
  • Grohl likes to spit…a lot (and Foley said she would let him spit all over her, ew gross.)
  • There is nothing like putting on lipgloss with strobe lights flashing. I probably looked like that character from SNL.
  • I can’t wait until Lucy gets a little older (like eight years older) and then I can bring her to shows like this (and create a secret pact not to repeat all the swear words she hears.)
  • I spotted That Girl. You know, That Girl, the one who does that flirty-dance thing with the security guards in order to secure her spot backstage. It was almost painful to see her twirling around, stripper pole dancing against him and generally embarrassing her friends. Ah, to be that carefree again.

The moral of the story…
I left with a renewed love of the Foo Fighters, a bunch of new songs in my iPod and a new crush on Dave Grohl.

Overall, a successful night.

More concert news that has me fangirling!
The Kooks are coming to town!!! I have been waiting for-evah! (forever-ever, ever-ever – can you quote that song?) They will be playing at the Fine Line on May 31. Seriously, they are like a few steps below The Feeling in concert-going-excitement. Also, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (from the movie “Once”) are playing a concert on May 7. Vegan Joe and I are totally getting tickets to see that. Oh and how could I forget that The Proclaimers just announced a US tour and they will be here in early May also? Whew, May is going to be busy.

MOD (Music of the Day)
I have been hearing this one song on 89.3 The Current for the past few weeks and last night I finally did some major Googling and found that “one song.”
In the Night – Basia Bulat

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L said...

I'm so jealous you got to see the Foos. And yes, I am in!!! I'm pretty excited for the game tonight, it's on out here in Boston, so I will freak out watching the boys on TV. I really want to see Boof pitch, as I promised myself I wouldn't say anything bad about him till I saw him this season... That, and I'm dying to see Kevin Slowey again...