Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All my life/Watching America/All my life/There’s panic in America/Oh Oh Oh, Oh/There’s trouble in America

Proud owner of part of a season ticket package
Well, it’s official folks. Ms. Non-Committal has made a tiny (itsy-bitsy) commitment to Baseball. Amy and I will be sitting in Section 227, Row 4, Seats 15/16 for part of the season.

All I got for you are articles!
New faces mark start of Twins camp

Scott Baker Becomes a Top Starter for Twins
Ten Questions the Twins need to Answer

Prospects to find out if they can fill rotation
Who’s the boss of bosses: Ranking the best general mangers in the game
* This may come as a shock but Terry Ryan/Bill Smith is not in the top ten.
Replacing Johan: Players added in Santana deal begin Twins careers

Spring Training Preview: AL Central
*We have been dealt a grade of C+ which is…well, okay (just okay, mind you.) My Aunt Karin always said “Cs get Degrees.”
*The writer of this article thinks we should trade Nathan right now and that there is no reason to keep him. Hmm…

Notes: Smith updates camp absences and Gardenhire holds team meeting; Watkins trying to catch on

*We all probably know by now that Liriano is not at camp and you may know that Reyes (who has been scolded on the pages of the Twins homepage) and Casilla are a little late.
Sports Illustrated MN Twins news site

Non-baseball, but no less important
Vegan Joe-isms
In response to Kris saying she couldn’t be a vegan because she loves dairy:
“Vegans can have dairy as long as it is from a willing human female.”
Ah, Vegan Joe! For those who do not know of him, Vegan Joe is my friend (who I believe reads this blog so I better be nice) who is a vegan (surprise) and is one of the funniest people I know.

Musica, Musica
Anyone interested in seeing a path in my head that led me to loving Babyshambles? No? Well, read it anyways damn it.
Step 1: The Libertines
Members – Pete Doherty (Genius #1), Carl Barat (Genius #2), John Hassall, Gary Powell, Johnny Borrell (linked with dating Kirsten Dunst and Emma Watson – Hermione from Harry Potter)
Albums – Up the Bracket and The Libertines (the one I “found”)
In 2004 The Libertines broke up and members went their separate way
Step 2: Dirty Pretty Things forms in 2005 with Carl Barat as the leader
Members – Carl Barat
Album – Waterloo to Anywhere (fan-fucking-tastic!)
Songs – Bang Bang You’re Dead and Deadwood (I recommend these ones for first time listeners)
The band is supposedly working on a second album that should be released late this year.
Step 3: Babyshambles
Members – Pete Doherty
Albums – Down in Albion, The Blinding and Shotter’s Nation (in my Top 20 albums)
Songs – Fuck Forever, Killamangiro, Albion, What Katy Did Next (about Kate Moss), Carry on up the Morning, Delivery, You Talk, The Blinding, Love You but You’re Green
Step 4: Make allowance for Razorlight
Members – Johnny Borrell
Albums – Up All Night and Razorlight
Songs – Golden Touch, Somewhere Else, In the Morning, America
Hey, they are good…just not Babyshambles/Dirty Pretty Things good.

Links to songs/videos if you want to check out some good stuff:
The Libertines – Can’t Stand me Now
The Libertines – Don’t Look Back into the Sun
The Libertines – Up the Bracket
Dirty Pretty Things – Deadwood

Dirty Pretty Things – Bang Bang, You’re Dead
Babyshambles – You Talk
Babyshambles – Deliver

Babyshambles – Fuck Forever
Razorlight – America
Razorlight – In the Morning

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