Thursday, February 21, 2008

But now there’s only love in the dark/Nothing I can say/a total eclipse of the heart

Jeez, could it take any longer for March?
It appears Denard Span wants to play right now. In admitting my own lack of knowledge for the minors I hadn’t a flipping clue to who Denard Span was. Thanks to TBL (who allowed me to be herded through line) I went through the Free Line (also known as Down on the Farm/Minors) at Twins Fest. She patiently explained that Span is the newest up-and-comer in the minors.
Side note: Those Girls hadn’t had pleasant experiences with Span but I found him social, nice and personable. Hey, I may not have known who the hell he was but I do know how to judge people on first appearances.

And in bad taste…
A-Rod kidding about times he was tested in ‘07

Hey Steinbrenner, zip it
No matter what team you root for (except the Yankees) you are probably sick and tired of obscure, off-the-wall and asinine quotes from the Steinbrennerses. I know I am.
We’d rather be Darth Vader. Let them be the underdog
Everybody that knows sports knows football is tailor-made for performance-enhancing drugs
We feel this is a terrific way to honor our father’s longstanding philanthropic commitment to Tampa

Non-baseball, and not really that important
Eclipsing in the ‘hood
Last night I begrudgingly went outside at 8:48 p.m. to view the eclipse. (Mind you, the temperature was flirting around the zero degree range.) Stacy and I bundled up and stood on our back deck peering at the moon. Here are a few observations from the eclipse:
· My neighborhood is kind of eerie when it is dark and quiet.
· My neighborhood was actually quiet last night.
· Damn cold for an eclipsing.
· I am pretty sure my neighbors don’t appreciate my poor rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
· What we were seeing last night was the shadow of our plant’s ass reflecting across the moon…according to Stacy.
· Astronomy is hard.
· The eclipse was kind of boring.

Stacy and I watching the Lunar eclipse

Bailey's wanted to watch it too! (note the lazer eyes!)


L said...

I saw Steinbrenner's rant about football having more steroid use than baseball and just started laughing. Really there is only one thing we can say to him: STFU.

L said...

I saw Steinbrenner's rant about football having more steroids than baseball and just laughed. Nice try, buddy.

Katie said...

I don't know if I'm just too hard on the kid, or what....but D-Span (the new nickname I cooked up for him) seemed a little arrogant and entitled in that interview. Ask not what the team can do for you, ask what YOU can do for the team. Then just do it. JFK meets Nike.

PumpkinGirl said...

You crack me up. Eclipses are boring.