Friday, February 8, 2008

Come and see the blinding/it’s so blinding/it’s the last thing that you’ll ever see

Projected Batting Order
(From Minnesota Twins MLB site)

I love looking at these before Spring Training and comparing them to the batting order at Home Opener
1. CF – Carlos Gomez
2. C – Joe “Baby Jesus” Mauer
3. LF – Delmon Young
4. 1B – Morneausey
5. RF – Cuddyer
6. DH – Kubel
7. 2B – Brendan Harris
8. 3B – Mike Lamb
9. SS – Adam Everett

Well that is a lot of new people in the line-up (five to be exact.)

Projected Rotation
1. Baker
2. Boof
3. Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano
4. Slowey
5. Nick Blackburn, Glen Perkins, Brian Duensing

Project Bullpen
Joe “Twitch ‘n Pitch” Nathan, Pat Neshek, Dennys Reyes

Wow, that’s not much of a bullpen.

Non-baseball, Music stuff
The following two topics fall under the MOD category.

Pete Doherty obsession

Spin Magazine has Pete Doherty on the cover so of course I went out and bought it. The ladies in the Land O’Cubicles are concerned with me liking him. First, he’s a bad influence and second, all the photos of him are really bad. It is difficult to explain to them that I don’t like him for eye-candy but for ear-candy. They now refer to him as my Crackhead boyfriend. Hey, leave Pete alone!

Concert happenings
Two concerts coming up that I want to see:
Bell X1
I just read a review of their new CD in the Paste magazine and it received high praise. The story behind this band is that they are the members of the original group, Juniper which was lead by Damien Rice. Now, we all know from one of my previous entries that Damien Rice had some “creative differences” with the band and split off for a successful solo career. I have never heard any of their previous work but maybe I will listen to some samples and make the big decision whether or not to attend the show.

Rogue Wave
Someone recommended their live show to me. I haven’t heard anything of theirs before. Anyone else in cyber-land know about them?

Paste Magazine
I love it when music magazines give out CDs in the issue. Here is the track listing from The Paste Sample 39:
· Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
· The Whigs – Right Hand on my Heart
· Sydney Wayser – Carousel
· Doug Burr – Thing about Trouble
· The Main Drag – Love During Wartime
· Rooney – When did your Heart go Missing
· Dr. Dog – I’m Standing in the Light
· Hank Vegas – To Beam
· Heirloom Projector – Sweet to Mend
· Blind Boys of Alabama – Free at Last
· The Sundogs – Desperation & Borrowed Time
· Gileah and the Ghost Train – The Emergency
· Tyler Ramsey – Ships
· Malcolm Holcombe – Gamblin’ House
· Little Big Town – Fine Line
· Laura Veirs – Nightingale
· State Radio – Story of Benjamin Darling
· David McMillin – Go Easy
· Bright Eyes – Coat Check Dream Song
· Lightspeed Champion – Tell me what it’s Worth


Tricia said...

You forgot Shaggy, aka Matt Guerrier and alas, as much as we might like to forget about him, Juan Rincon. Man...even though half our team is different from last year I am looking so forward to Opening Day!

I hope they sign Joe Nathan to a long-term contract.

L said...

Hah, it REALLY isn't much of a bullpen...

all of this line up business is making me twitchy.

Katie said...

What that bullpen needs is Carmen Cali.

Fo sho.

I mean, if we're going to be rebuilding (and by "rebuilding," I mean "probably sucking," this season, let's at least be attractive while we're losing.

gibegi said...

How about Jesse Crain, or is he still nursing injuries and ailments...