Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Home Opener: Minnesota Twins, 7 vs. Baltimore Orioles, 4

TWINS WIN 7-4!!!
There were threats of cold weather and rain but I knew the baseball Gods wouldn’t let it rain on Home Opener!!! Although our game is hosted under the World’s Ugliest Dome (Metrodome) and the dome is covered, who wants it to rain on baseball’s greatest day? Peeks of sun and mild temperatures confirmed that the baseball Gods had my back!

Here is my recap:
· My Home Opener posse: Gregg “Al Franken”, Geoff, Patrick, Amy and Foley.
· Pre-game happy hour was at Matty B’s bar (owned by MN Viking, Matt Birk). We got to see Matt Birk live and in person. He is actually kind of hunky! I was going to wave him over for a photo with the guys but they totally freaked out on me. I wish I captured the look of utter embarrassment on their faces. You would think they were teenage girls and I was the mom waving over a Backstreet Boy and embarrassing them. Sheesh!
· I consumed two beers, one Mike’s Hard Lemonade, one Brat, and one Giant Pretzel.
· Our seats were kind of crappy due to the fact people were walking up and down during the entire game, instead of observing standard baseball etiquette. See below for rant.
· Back to back homeruns by Morneausey and Torii Hunter. Lots of screaming and High-Fiving!
· Gregg hates: signs, the wave, fans that throw back the opposing team’s homerun ball (which I kind of agree with but I wouldn’t want to get beat up so I would follow the tradition) and fans running on the field.
· I like: to make fun of Gregg, doing the wave to piss Gregg off and when the stupid fan streaks the field and gets tackled by security. Yeah!!!

· I am going to miss most of the game tonight due to my volunteer job! Damn me for being a “giver”! I will try to catch the end of the game on the car radio.
· Wednesday night you will find me at the Park Tavern watching the game, eating chicken wings, drinking beer and cheering the Twins with Amy. Stop on by!
· I wore my Santana t-shirt with a black cardigan, jeans and black shoes. I neglected to bring my Giant Foam Finger but I will remember it next time! Hey, my blog is called Lipgloss & Baseball!
· I will post photos once I load them on my computer.

Pitching Preview:
· Monday, April 2 (HOME OPENER) vs. Baltimore Orioles – Johan “2x Cy Young" Santana
· Tuesday, April 3 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Boof Bonser
· Wednesday, April 4 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Ramon Ortiz
· Friday, April 3 at Chicago Whitesox – Carlos Silva pitching – eek!
· Saturday, April 7 at Chicago Whitesox – Sidney Ponson

What happened around the leagues on Opening Day?

MIN, 7 vs. BAL, 4
NYY, 9 vs. TB, 5
TOR, 5 vs. DET, 3
CLE, 12 vs. CWS, 5

KC, 7, vs. BOS, 1
SEA, 4 vs. OAK, 0
LAA, 4 vs. TEX, 1

ATL, 5 vs. PHI, 3
FLA, 9 vs. WSH, 2
MIL, 7 vs. LAD, 1
CIN, 5 vs. CHC, 1
ARI, 8 vs. COL, 6
PIT, 4 vs. HOU, 2

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Anonymous said...

The wave is AWESOME! That guy is a dope. Lemme guess - does he pretend to be a conservative all the time just to piss people off?