Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Twins 11, Seattle 2 - Felt secure enough to go to bed early

Ah, life vest! You make me feel so secure. Kind of like Ortiz in our pitching line up. Oh, if only Silva could obtain that status.

Minnesota Twins 11, Seattle 2

Damn you West Coast for having the game start at 9:00 p.m. This girl can’t stay awake until midnight! Especially when I wake up at 5:45 a.m. Argh! Another bad side effect…It is too late to call Amy with random baseball talk.

You know, it was a good thing that Stacy was sitting in the dining room last night. She may have not have been paying attention to me but if she wasn’t there I would have looked like a crazy person talking to myself. Well, crazier than normal.

If you were quietly observing me in the corner here are a few things you may have overheard me say whilst watching the Baseball game…

Oh good! They have Bartlett back in
Hey! Baby Jesus is going to be 25 on Thursday, man I am old
We are on fire!
Uh oh, Bert already said something wrong. I think Dick just gently corrected his blooper about a triple versus a double
The pirantas are back? When did they leave? Hey, I saw piranhas in the Bahamas. Not that I saw them outside of a glass box aquarium or anything
Dude, 7 to 1? I guess I can go to bed early!
Whoa! The Wild are up 4 to 1. That is going to be a good game. I bet Gregg is really hung over tomorrow.
Stacy! Come look! There is a big fight on the ice. So, this Anaheim guy hit the Wild guy but it was a bad, unsportsmanlike like hit. Look! Did you see that?
What? They are walking Morneausey to load the bases. I hate when they do that. I feel bad for the next player up. It is like he is the last picked for dodge ball. Come on Hunter!!!
Holy Shit! Hunter just hit a homerun! *insert evil laughter* I guess that will teach the Mariners to think it would be better to face Hunter than Morneausey. Mmmwwwahahaaha
Oh, one of the Wild players is on the ice “taking a lap”. The announcer just said that he felt bad for the Refs in Anaheim who inherit the fight issue. Man, I gotta watch that on Thursday. Come on Wild!!!No Stacy, don’t worry. I won’t be double-timing between hockey and baseball. I won’t cheat on baseball that way.
Uh, it is almost 11:00, I am going to bed.

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