Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Twins 3, Orioles 2, Soapbox and 160 games to go!

To quote our noble FSN sports announcers Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven “The Boof is on fire!” Insert *groan*

Twins 3, Oh-ri-Oh-ri-Oles 2
Standard line heard throughout game and this morning’s articles: The Piranha’s are back!

Please note: I am a girl and the following comment may only be understood by fellow “girls” who get goosebumps during video montages and says “What a nice guy!” when a player on the opposing team helps up a fallen player. This all leads into a quote I found in an article this morning regarding our team last night:

''They're a great little team,'' Orioles designated hitter Kevin Millar said. ''They're very fundamentally sound. They pitch, they pitch and they pitch, and they've got enough offensively that they match up well.''

Doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling with a side of “Duh, it is about time!”? This segues into my topic irrational rant today…

Are the Twins invisible?

It seems our press coverage and prediction votes get pushed aside for glamorous Japanese pitchers and NY tiffs. When we do win we get an almost surprised respect from other teams, sports writers and news guys. “What a great little team?” Little team? Did we just start? Last time I checked we weren’t new to winning? I know we have had some down times but I think the pennants speak for themselves. “They are scrappy?” Come on! Scrappy? What are we? Boney kneed twelve year olds? Yes, I like when they refer to us in a positive light but let’s not be surprised by the Twins. We may not have the street-cred like the Yankees, Whitesox and Tigers but we do deliver.
Okay, I am getting of my soapbox now.

Since this is all about Baseball but my version of being a fan, I would like to chat about wardrobe options at a game:
No maintenance fans: T-shirt/jersey, ball cap (optional), jeans, comfortable shoes
Low maintenance fans: Twins t-shirt/jersey, combed hair, matching jewelry, cute shoes
High maintenance: Club-wear. Why would you come to a game wear strappy high heeled sandals, skirt/gaucho pants (gaucho’s have to be worn with high heeled knee-high boots), fancy top, lots of make-up and big hoop earrings? *sigh*

Forecast: We get to see our new pitcher Ortiz in action and Andy Pettitte opens for the Yanks.

2 games down, 160 to go!

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