Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am trying to hang on and watch the game!

Twins 1, Yankees 7 – Bottom of the 8th

Why don’t ya’ll just kick me while I am down!?!?

I missed the first two innings of the game but Amy called me at the end of the 1st to tell me that we were already down 2 – 0. At the time I was stuck in the carwash, marveling over the Tri-Color Foam (which wasn’t the brilliant jewel tones as advertised). I was impressed by the fact that the Tri-Color Foam smelled just like a Dairy Queen Cherry Artic Blast Mr. Misty Freeze. Mmm…I want one now!

Positive notes:
I really like when we (the Twins) wear the dark blue uniforms. They look snazzy, especially Bartlett. *sigh* I “heart” him.

Even though I don’t like the Yankees I do really love Jorge Posada. He is such a classy guy.

We are one step closer to our new ballpark!
Board Ruling Favors Twins in Park Bid:

Alternative Sporting Note:
GO WILD!!! They will start the first round of playoffs against the Ducks!

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