Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Twins 2, Yankees 8 - Ouch!

Twins 2, Yankees 8 - Ouch!
Here is my limerick
I will not rant
I will not whine
I will not complain
About wasted time
Yes, it hurt
Yes, I cried
I will not sigh
Over wasted time

I thought I would share some snippets from the phone conversations between Amy and myself during the game last night:

After the commercial for Spotlight on Joe Mauer Night (Baby Jesus is being honored all through the night plus a post-game show. You know, just in case you didn’t know everything about him.)
J: Did you just see that commercial and hear Baby Jesus’ (Joe Mauer’s) new theme song?
A: Yeah *insert singing*
J: *Insert singing along*

After Kubel’s missed catch
J: And that is why we don’t particularly like him!
A: True that, sistah!

Jeeter’s walk after being “hit” by a pitch
J: Did Ponson just hit Jeeter in the crotch? I think he purposely walked into that!
A: *Insert laughter*
J: *Insert inappropriate comment*
*Insert a return inappropriate comment*

A-Rod: Love vs. Hate
No one runs more hot and cold than the Yankee fans regarding A-Rod. I find the articles and debates regarding him (especially since last year) very interesting. I guess now that he has five home-runs under his gilded belt he is loved. Well, except that one time when he missed a catch and was booed, then he was hated. But, he did hit two homeruns that game so the fans forgave him. Oh, except he missed a foul fly and they booed him again. Man, it would be really hard to be A-Rod. Good thing he has piles of money to keep him warm.
A Random Trip Around Baseball:
I saw a photo of C.J. Wilson, pitcher for Texas Rangers. His “stance” looks like an inverted Karate Kid crane pose.

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