Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do you believe in miracles?

Yeah, that is a hokey play off the World’s Greatest Sporting Moment EVER! Hey, I am from Minnesota: Land of Herb Brooks, breeder of 1980’s Team USA Hockey, red carpet event for the Disney Miracle movie. I can get away with it.

And onto baseball…
Twins 5, Yankees 1

Last night was a great game, not just because we won but because we actually played! Ortiz is keeping strong and on the fast track to be Minnesota’s Darling. I used my mad-remote control skills last night in order to flip between The Game and Criminal Minds/CSI: NY. I believe I was successful.

On a personal girly note: I was much bummed to see that Bartlett wasn’t playing last night. Dick & Bert said it was because he had a sore leg but other articles said it was because of his stats. Man, can you give the guy a break? Hello? We leave Hi Ho Silva in for six ugly innings and Ponson in for 5 2/3? Huh!

Segueing from Pitch Bitching onto our Cy Young…

Reading in a CNN Sports Illustrated article that highlights Terry Ryan's decision of signing three Journeymen onto our rotation:

Despite the recent setback in negotiations, the Twins aren't abandoning hope that they can get a deal done with their ace (Santana).
And why not? Surprising results are their trademark.

I am not sure if they mean that in a positive way or not. Hmm…

In other Sporting News:
The Wild lost the first playoff game in Anaheim last night.

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