Thursday, April 19, 2007

Twins 6, Mariners 5 - the last inning was a nail biter

Minnesota Twins 6, Mariners 5

Whew, it was a pretty scary ending and ya’ll know how I don’t like scary movies. As the game progressed it was less about the status of the game and more about getting the W(in) for Santana.

Tonight I headed over to Amy’s apartment to watch the game and celebrate her signing away her life and closing on her first house (townhouse in Maple Grove). We watched the game whilst eating pizza.

Here are a few observations and comments tossed around the game viewing (please remember that we love baseball, understand the way it is played and respect the talent and skills it takes, however we also can be kind of girly):

· Low and behold it is Baby Jesus’ (Joe Mauer) birthday. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!! 24, man I am old!
· In the third inning I caught the Joe Mauer Birthday Montage that FSN produced.
· In honor of Joe’s birthday he got a hit and got hit (a nasty pitch to the elbow…ouch!)
· Bert Blyleven saying not once but twice that the pitchers are the best athletes on the field. Biased? Nah!
· Amy kept getting distracted by Sherrill’s (Mariner’s) pitch delivery. It was kind of a Vegas Showgirl kick.
· Sexon (1B Mariners) is 6’9” which is very tall when I am only 5’3”. We liked to compare him to other players that made it to first base. Casilla was only to his elbow.
· This next observation is in honor of Amy and her love of Morneau. It has become commonplace that when Morneausey strikes out he likes to say a particular swear word (starts with F and ends with UCK). Anyways, I think the camera people are catching on and make a point to not show him during that moment. Tonight they must have forgotten because in the slow motion replay of his strike out we got to see Morneausey drop the F-Bomb in slow-mo. Nice.
· Corrections! Bert is going for a triple threat. He just commented that pitchers are the best athletes. Third time’s a charm.

Random non-baseball news:
· The Wild are in Anaheim playing their little Minnesota Glory hearts out trying to line up the match. Right now it is 3 games (Anaheim) to 1 Wild. Come on guys!!! Captain Stanley would like a vacation to the Xcel Center.
· I washed my hands in Amy’s bathroom and dried them with a collections edition of a Harry Potter “Hogswart’s” hand towel. Nice touch. I hope she puts that out in her new place!


Anonymous said...

I told you that was a present from my niece and that I have packed all of my other towels. Moving remember!!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I know, I know! I just had to include the Hogwart's towel in my review since I made a point to write it down last night :)
Amy was so kind to warn me that she commented on this blog whilst we were shopping at the Clinique counter. Ah, make-up and baseball!