Friday, January 8, 2010

There’s no place like home/With your family around you you’re never alone

Bert Blyleven is the Susan Lucci of MLB Hall of Fame
Well, Circle Me Bert did not make it into the HOF this year. Now…the people that did get voted in are very deserving…that’s not being questioned here. If you are a member of the committee and you did not vote (there are 5 of you, ‘fess up!) then shame on you. Now, maybe Bert wasn’t the best or most popular out of the nominees but there’s no doubt he does deserve a spot in the HOF and just like Susan Lucci finally got her Emmy so will Bert get his plaque.

Season Tickets have been purchased
Alas, it’s only a 20 game plan but that’s plenty for me. You see, I have commitment issues…plain and simple. It all happened so fast! I got the cheap seats but at this point I just want IN the stadium! I found that my seats are homage to my beloved section 227…they are in section 307. There’s a 7, see? Lucky 7. It’s like Jackee will rise again in my baseball world of insanity!

The best part…the first game on my package is the first night game in the new stadium. It is going to be MAGICAL! Me thinks I need to buy the Twins faux-snuggie now. Nothing like logo fleece blankets with giant sleeves to hide the Baileys bottle as I pour it into a cup of piping hot coffee. Man, I am gonna LOVE outdoor baseball!

227 Theme Song – There’s No Place Like Home


Tricia said...

I <3 your Photoshopping of Bert's face onto Susan Lucci/Erica Kane's body. Love it!

writerjoel said...

The first Target Field game is being advertised as swimsuit night. The first 30,000 fans wearing a swimsuit get a cold!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Tricia - I giggled the whole time I was working on it (during a conference call meeting).

WriterJoel - it's probably a good thing that I'll just be rockin' my uber-stylist snuggie!

linda said...

I wonder if Bert ever sees these things?