Friday, April 18, 2008

Don’t you stop/Everybody wants you/But you can’t say no/If you even try/What you see inside

I am baaaaaack!
Where was I? Well, no where glamorous. I was just damn sick…stupid infection germs in the Land O’Cubicles. However, thanks to Dr. Alexander Fleming I have access to antibiotics. Hopefully in 8.5 days I will be cured of what ails me. Sweet Miracle Drugs!

Where to start, where to start…
Thursday’s game – Twins 6, Rays 5
The Bloggers were out in full force for this game. I was at home on my sofa watching the game and bantering back and forth with Third Base Line and Those Girls. This was a fun game to watch.

Friday’s game – Rays 7, Twins 3
Amy and I used the first of our partial season ticket plan tickets last night. The seats were great and the crowd around us was cool. A few kids (had to curb my swearing a little bit) but mostly adults of the non-frat variety.

This was a tough game for me. Let me list my reasons to whine:
* I was out sick from work on Wednesday and Thursday.
* I couldn’t stop coughing and I think the people around me were afraid of getting the plague (thanks, Amy.)
* It was cold and damp outside.
* The Dome was a chilly 68 degrees (and breezy)

Oh, yeah…the Twins lost an ugly game. Boof-Lite wasn’t at his best. I won’t knock on him too hard because he has improved in some areas. Let’s just chalk this up to a bad game (a la Livan on Wednesday night.)

My observations from the game:
* Tolbert’s walk-up song is “Zombie” by the Cranberries. That had me chuckling the whole time.
* Harris airmailed a sharp fly to where Anthony LaPanta sits. It appears LaPants was fine because he was out on the field after the game, awkwardly standing around.
* Amy and I were sitting in the “I Heart Joe Mauer” section. We were surrounded by “Way to go Joe!” “Let’s go Joe!” “Yeah Joe!” the whole night. Grown men were “Wooo-hooo-ing” in high pitched voices that in any other setting would emasculate them.
* During the 5th Inning these same people turned into the “I Hate Boof” section. Ouch. Lots of angry words thrown down a level.

In conclusion
* I hope Everett heals up. Now, I may not know much (or have the power to predict the future) but I think once he finds his groove (non-baseball term) he may inspire us.
* Don’t believe anything Amy says. I did not say “Wow, I can’t believe I am saying this Mauer is kind of hot.” If for some reason she has documented proof of this then I would like to plead drug use (I had antibiotics in my system.) Hey, he’s still Baby Jesus to me.
* Guerrier and Neshek came out and did fine.
* Span – helping or hurting? There are many theories out in the Blogosphere regarding Span. Should he stay in Right or should they move him to Left? Should Kubel replace him?

Non-baseball but no less important
The Fratellis
It’s about damn time. The Fratellis have announced there are releasing a new album, Here We Stand, on June 10. I just downloaded a new bonus single called Headcase. It is very chair-danceable (according to the fact my co-worker and I like to chair dance in our cubicles.) Let’s hope this album is followed up with a tour.

Jen's Concert Calendar
4/28 – Foals @ 7th Street Entry (First Ave) – I want to go!
5/6 – Presidents of the United States of America @ Fine Line
5/6 – South @ Turf Club
5/6 – Tokyo Police Club @ Varsity Theater
5/7 – Swell Season @ Orpheum Theater
5/9 – VHS or Beta @ 7th Street Entry (First Ave)
5/31 – The Kooks @ Fine Line Music Café

Music of the Day
Ah, VHS or Beta…I have such fond memories of them. The first time I saw them in concert was when they opened for Duran Duran. Thanks to my twice-removed music connections we scored backstage passes through VHS or Beta and in turn got to gawk at the boys of Duran Duran. Oh yeah, we also met up with VHS or Beta. They are very nice guys. (I would say “sweet” but I don’t want to ruin their bad ass rock image.) Since then I have seen them in concert four other times. They are coming to Minneapolis again on May 9 and I will be there with a bunch of their new fans.

VHS or Beta – Can’t Believe a Single Word

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