Monday, April 7, 2008

I’m a new soul/I came to this strange world/Hoping I could learn a bit ‘bout how to give and take

This is what I am talking about
Be warned, I very rarely blog on weekends.


I was at the Dome with Amy. We sat in Section 225, Row 5, Seats 20 and 21. These seats are great and afforded a decent view with minimum stairs. Unfortunately we were the victims of Mr. Know-it-All and a group of drunken too-old-to-really-be-Frat-boys. Mr. Know-it-all spent the whole game saying negative comments in a loud, sharp voice. The Frat Boys spent the whole game drinking and making everyone around them feel awkward. In a way it was fun.
I am now unveiling a new section called “Overheard at the game.” Thanks to Amy for taking the notes while I was busy keeping the score card.

Overhead at the game
Mr. Know-it-all
Hit the guy for God sakes – said to Baker
Get ripped Gomez
Pull it Joe
Bring the heat
Pull your head out of your Canuck – said to Morneausey
Why did you give him the meatball – said to Baker
Class A 3rd baseman is better than all our big leauguers
Swing the bat, that’s what you’re here for.
Join the club Mornie, get on the bus.
Throw the two-seamer
Bust his chops
Bring the high heat
Let’er rip! Oh, hottie on the sign – said about the girl who helped with the countdown sign.
Let’s go Shaq
Double swing , Moon Boots – said to KC Royal’s pitcher
Side Show Bob – said to KC Royal’s pitcher
Clown fee – said to KC Royal’s pitcher
He keeps dipping his shoulder and that’s why he is flying out – said about Monroe

Frat Boys
Mmm chili dog.
I’m gonna text you a picture of my nipple.

Wally the Beer Man
Wally doesn’t bring the beer to you. You go and get the beer from Wally. This dude is a Minnesota icon. He has been selling beer since…well, since my mom was a young lass working at the Metropolitan Stadium. Every time I see him I get excited. He is as familiar as my Starbuck’s coffee barista and maybe slightly more important.

I followed the game on with the Pitch-by-Pitch feature and cheered when I saw Morneausey hit a three-run homer (I was a little late with my cheering thanks to the 10-second delay.)

I watched the game from the comfort of my living room. It was the Bert’s Birthday show from the get-go. We had a birthday montage, hat, signs galore, singing and All-About-Bertness.

Success Story
I kept a pretty accurate scorecard for the entire game! Hey, with my A.D.D, love of beer and need to gossip this is a major accomplishment!

Non-baseball but no less important

Jesus Loves Pirates
Well, according to Veggie Tales he does. On Saturday (the most beautiful day of 2008) I took Lucy (who is almost three) to see Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Do Nothing. A feature film playing at the cheap theater. Now, we all know that Lucy has the attention span of a flea or…well, a toddler, so I wasn’t holding my breath we would last more than 15 minutes. I was armed with a giant bucket (roughly the same size of her) of popcorn. She plowed through most of that in about 30 minutes and then promptly fell asleep. Yep, that left me wide awake watching the 90 minutes of Veggies Tale by myself. If I am going to be honest, the movie wasn’t bad. There was one moment at the end where it seemed a little “preachy” but I was busy trying to eat as much popcorn as I could before Lucy woke up and yelled at me.

This is just her being her usual stylish-self.

Music of the Day
Ah, to carry on with the commercial-goodness…We have all seen the MacBook Air commercial and that damn catchy song. It is sweet, bubbly (without being obnoxious. Yeah, I am talking to you Colby Caillat) and hooks you in. Here you go!

Yael Naim – New Soul

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