Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I had a nightmare/I lived in a little town/where little dreams were broken/and words were seldom spoken

Twins 5, A’s 4
Okay, you know you’re old when…
...a 9:00 p.m. game time is too late.

Seriously, I am at work at 7:00 a.m. so staying up until midnight is just not a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it before for Mother Booze but a televised baseball game, nah… I did watch the first half of the game and I was happy to see some offense. (The homerun off of Livan was the turning point; I talked myself into going to bed.)

Here are my bullet points:
* I am happy to see Monroe make the news for something different than “Where does he belong?” “When does he get to play?” “What is he doing here?”
* Gomez did have a bad night.
* Oh, Those Girls raised a good point in their blog today…The A’s fans were freaking loud (and a smidge ghetto, but I am not judging.) Come on folks, I couldn’t hear Dick & Bert’s interview with Baker…you kept distracting me.
*Tonight is Boof’s turn. The last time I saw Boof pitch was when I was at the game last Thursday. Hopefully he will be boo-ed by the crowd tonight. HEY, stick with me here! Boo-ed because he did such a great job and the A’s fans are reacting. It is sad when a player gets boo-ed whilst at home. Yeah, I am talking to you Section 225.

Those Girls – I will be at the game on April 29th. Shall we meet up for happy hour or something?
James – The new Raconteurs album is awesome. I do have to say that the newest White Stripes album is a little more favored than this one.

Non-baseball but no less important

Bonfire of the vanities
When I was looking this up to use as a reference I found there are three major references to this.
1. Refers to the burning of objects that are deemed to be occasions of sin

2. The novel
3. Film

Okay, now the real reason for this topic…last night Stacy (a bonafide pyro) lit the first fire of the season. We sat on the deck experiencing the sounds of South Minneapolis at night. Nothing makes me feel as hypersensitive as sitting outside exposed.

The Prostitute of the #5 Bus
Yesterday morning as I was sitting on the #5 bus route (affectionately called the Ghetto #5) I was disturbed out of my mindless daydreams by the bus drive yelling at someone. Now, this isn’t a rare occasion. Many-a-times I hear bus drivers shouting and fighting with the less-than-stellar commuters (of course I am extremely well behaved.) This morning was particularly chuckle-inducing. You see, a lady-of-the-night was trying to get on the bus without paying and our bus driver wasn’t having it. She was in full Pretty Woman gear – fishnets, plastic boots, and tube top. Anyways, their screaming match was entertaining enough that I had to turn off my iPod so I could hear everything.

Damn you, Television, be less addicting.
American Idol
– Due to an unforeseen emergency happy hour I missed the first two singers of the night (one of which was Dreamy Jason Castro.) However I personally believe that Carly stole the show with Jesus Christ Superstar!!! Come on, she was fan-fucking-tastic. Oh, and Lucy has corrected herself, she likes Jason Castro now. “Hey, I like that guy!” Yeah Lucy, you better say that. Everyone else was good. I didn’t really buy that much into David Cook’s cheese-o-rama but it didn’t suck and I still like him.
Deadliest Catch – This show has sucked me in, heart and soul. The captains, the crew and the greenhorns are now part of my life. I often find myself starting sentences…”Well, if I was on the Deadliest Catch…” (That usually ends with “…and that is why I would never been on the Deadliest Catch.”

Music of the Day
It has been a while since I posted a Travis song. I am a new fan (compared to the rest of the world) to this band and I have Liat to thank for that. She brought me to their concert last summer and ever since then I have been collecting their music. Three Times and You Lose is a great song but it is the video that I love. The grainy and artsy New York scenery.

Travis – Three Times and You Lose

Swear Count: 2


Katie said...

Yes, we should totally pre-game on the 29th. Ooh! You can see our sign, because we're totally bringing it along again.

Karleeee said...

I'll be at that game too, getting hydrated with some tasty four dollar water.

nom nom nom.