Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yah-hee/Icky thump/Who’da thunk?/Sitting drunk on a wagon to Mexico

First of all I am very late blogging today but actual work got in the way of blogging so I am quick getting this post in before tonight’s game.

Baseball is to baseball as baseball is to baseball
Yeah, that doesn’t make sense and neither did last night’s game. I had all the best intentions to keep notes whilst I watched the game. (I even had my laptop sitting beside me on the sofa.) However, multi-tasking and a toddler make it difficult to follow-through. Oh well, here is what I do remember:
· The opening montage of coaches, Wally the Beer Man, field crew, concession workers and volunteers made me smile. I love montages!
· Ah, Bert, how I missed thee. There were “Boooofs”, random comments, awkward pauses and special appearance in the post-game show.
· Harris made a great play and broke his bat. Side-girly-note: After seeing how fashionably handsome he is in real life (not in staged photos or a tiny dot on the field, sixty rows up) he is giving Slowey a run for the “Hot” money. Sorry, I needed that girl-moment.
· Everett brought the only run in.
· Our bull pen was sub-par
· Finally…that was a long game.

I don’t know if I told you this but…
I found the best damn hotdog stand in the Metrodome! Okay, here’s the deal – the hotdog costs $5.75. I know that is a little more than the Dome Dog with chips but this is worth it. A.) No line because it is a separate stand. B.) Gourmet hotdogs! You don’t have to pile on sauce and such to cover the taste. C.) Fancy fixings to choose from when going through line - three kinds of relishes, onions, veggies, peppers, cheese and my favorite…fried onions!

Amy and I will be at the game on Friday sitting in much better seats (ain’t damn well going up those thirty rows again.)

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota by Jon Heyman

Non-baseball but no less important
Romantica, a local band that I have seen a few times and really enjoy (and has made various publications Top Album of the Year list) is going on tour. Paste Magazine is sponsoring them along with The Bittersweets. They are heading out into the wide world of the United States…make sure to check them out if they are in your next of the woods.

Another band on tour...
Is The Feeling. I love this band and am getting a little impatient waiting for the US release of their new album and a US tour. Anyway…they just announced they are going to be the supporting act for Bon Jovi on their European leg of the tour. Hmm…

Music of the Day
You either love the White Stripes or you just don’t like them. I am a fan from waaaay back (you know six years ago) and even like the Raconteurs. In the Land O’Cubicles there are few bands that we all agree on (most of them 80’s) but the White Stripes is generally embraced by all. Jack White is in my top 20 music crushes.

White Stripes – Icky Thump

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nice music pick
I love the Stripes. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Rancanteurs album. Hurry up payday!