Friday, April 11, 2008

Living’s so dangerous/Try to conduct yourself/Remember what your mother said/Try and use your heart, not head

First, the big news!
Over 10,000 hits on my baseball blog! Thanks “Katie” from Those Girls!!! She pushed me over the 10,000 mark!

We’re going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come – George Jones
Last night’s game was postponed and the team is in Kansas City. It looks like tonight’s game won’t be televised like originally planned. Instead we will have about six hours of Wild Hockey pre-game shows and then the actual hockey game. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching hockey but it seems like there are hundreds of other channels this could be on…like the usual ones that broadcast the games. Oh well, I can watch the hockey game and follow Pitch-by-Pitch on

Attention: Very Improtant Information Below!
Oh yeah baby! Baseball is to beer like peanut butter is to chocolate. Check out this great article that breakdowns the hotspots to hit before a game, where beer is cheaper than $7 and you don’t have to walk up and down a hundred stairs for a Dome Dog. I think Here are my favorite pre-game spots to imbibe at:
Hubert’s – anyone who’s anyone has spent some time at Hubert’s bellied-up to the bar.
Matty B’s – I have had a few Matt Birk sightings here (duh, it is his bar) and enjoy the cheap beer served in plastic cups. I don’t know why, I like drinking out of plastic cups. Maybe it is the earth-destroyer in me.
Wasabi – I haven’t been here yet but you can be damn sure I will be there soon! Baseball, Beer and Sushi…now that’s what I call a triple threat.

Nightlife: Take me out to the pregame

Extra! Extra!

I know some people don’t want to read about Santana (and I get that) but here’s an interesting article from the man we love to hate, John Donovan
Inside Baseball: Will Santana transfer his dominance from AL to NL?

Non-baseball but no less important

WTF Mother Nature, WTF
Only in Minnesota is the weather the most important topic. Our news programs have set times when weather reports come on. “Weather on the 9”, “Local on the 8s” ect. Yesterday the whole freaking state was abuzz with the snow watch/warning in effect. Here we are on April 11 and there is snow on the ground and more to come. Stupid Mama Nature. Okay, who pissed her off?

Juno Soundtrack
Music: Nobody else but Kimya Dawson
This album is a mainstay in my house. Lucy has a few favorite songs as does my Aunt K. (We tend to skip Loose Lips with its swear-friendly lyrics: And I’ll say “Fuck Bush, and Fuck this war.”/My war paint is a sharpie ink/and I’ll show you how much my shit stinks.) Kimya Dawson is coming soon in concert. The gig has been sold out for months and months so I won’t be going (per usual) but I expect a full report for those who are. Ronsoftie, she gives a little blurb about your boy Adam Green.

MPR 89.3 The Current
Man, we Minnesotans are very lucky, we are lucky to have this great station available. I believe everyone has a local NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate but I think the newest addition to MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) takes the cake. Yeah, I may sound like I am gushing (and I am) but this station makes up for all the country, easy listening, 80’s-90’s-and Today stations floating around. Where else can I hear Vicki Lawrence’s “The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia” right after Tupac and Peter, Bjorn and John?
Okay, okay, let’s move on to the point, shall we? This morning I caught up on all the recent episodes of Musicheads, a weekly podcast that discuss the newest music being played on The Current. This morning they covered Cat Powers, Vampire Weekend and Sons and Daughters. We are very lucky to live in a modern, tech-filled world that allows stations to share their music all over the world. Go ahead and check them out and maybe you’ll want to download a few of their podcasts too!

Music of the Day (MOD)
I haven’t posted anything from Sons & Daughters so here they are, in their inaugural post on my blog...

Sons & Daughters – Darling


Katie said...

I've turned friends all over the country on to the Current online. It's totally the best. Everyone agrees.

And my requisite Sons & Daughters story I think of every time I listen to them:

I saw them open for Franz Ferdinand at Fine Line WAY back when, but before they took the stage some really awful local band (they had to stop mid-song to re-tune their instruments TWICE) played. When Sons & Daughters took the stage, this guy standing next to me yelled "PLEASE don't suck!" in the most desperate pleading way. And they didn't. They were pretty awesome.

Plus Alex from Franz Ferdinand came out to watch them play, and stood by the bathrooms. Nobody recognized him but me, and I drunkenly went over and told him that I loved him a little. Good times.

James said...

I live in a part of the state that does not have The Current :(

You could always flip on the radio for the Twins game and mute the tv for the Wild game. Unless you have a deep hatred for John Gordon

Becca said...

WTF is right! I hate this weather. Hello, Spring? Are you there?
aka Twins Sisters

linda said...

I have showed a few people your opening day montage and we love it.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Katie - that's a great Sons & Daughters story. I love me some Franz Ferdinand.

James - No Current? Man, that would be tough. I am glad I watched the hockey was a good one.

Becca - Let's keep our fingers crossed that there will be no more snow. I want sunshine all the way.

Linda - Thanks! I love montages. They always give me goosebumps.