Thursday, April 10, 2008

I want to be like Captain Kirk/get up everyday and love to go to work/Don’t want to be like Mr. Spock

Tonight’s game has been postponed due to the crappy weather that Mother Nature launched at us. (Thanks a lot Mama Nature, thanks a lot.) Damn little ice-shards were pinging me in the face.

Let’s reflect on last night
What a great game! Of course, I missed the majority of it…due to going to a movie with some friends. Kubel got a Grand Slam, eh? Well, if anyone is going to do it Kubel would be the one. You see, I get frustrated with him in the field sometimes but otherwise he has potential to being a power-house.

Random Theories
* Am I the only one who is super excited about the new food at the new stadium?
* I will be at my third game a week from today. I can’t believe how fast the withdrawal sets in.
* I hope the game doesn’t get postponed tonight because I am looking forward to seeing Livan in action. The only other game I saw him pitch was the home opener and…well, let’s be honest. I couldn’t see shit from the top of The Dome.
* My goal for this weekend is to buy a new Twins t-shirt or hat. You see, I am bored of my other shirts, I need a new one in rotation, and I can never find a ball cap that doesn’t make me look dorkier than I already do.
* I am quietly waiting for my blog counter to hit 10,000.
* My cat’s breath smells like cat food (Get it? The Simpsons?)

Extra! Extra!
Garza’s injury admission new to Twins

I have heard of the conversation events at Barnes & Noble but haven’t been to one before. Maybe I will have to go and learn a few phrases.

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to and dreading the weather challenges at the new stadium.

Non-baseball but no less important

Alright, who do I blame?
Who out here in the Blogosphere is a Flight of the Conchord fans? Who out in this cyber-land got me hooked on the show? I just got a notice that they will be here in concert/show sometime in May. I want to go but I want to see if any of youse guys are the ones that got me hooked?

Concerts Update!
4/12/08: Bon Iver @ Turf Club – I was offered an extra ticket but I think I will skip this show. I saw him late last year and it was great.
5/2/08: Bob Schneider @ Fine Line – This is Amy and my boy! We have seen him many times in concert. His music is great and seeing him live is a great experience! (It doesn’t hurt that he’s dead-sexy.)
5/3/08: Kate Nash @ First Ave – I will be at this show unless the Spring NordEast Bar Crawl takes place. My drinking buddies take precedence over concerts (most of the time.)
5/7/08: Swell Season (soundtrack to Once) @ Orpheum Theater – Yeah baby! I can’t wait to see Glen Hansard in concert! The show has been sold out since tickets went on sale.
5/9/08: VHS or Beta @ First Ave 7th St Entry – Hellz Ya! I have seen these guys a half a dozen times in concert. I shall be attending this with a new group of people that I have never hung out with before socially (coworkers.)
5/31/08: The Kooks @ Fine Line – I have been waiting for this concert FOREVER! I bought tickets the moment they went on sale. I am still trying to scam backstage passes or something from my connections. Hint, hint.
7/23/08: Tom Petty @ Target Center – This is going to be one of the best shows this year…I already know that. Stacy, Amy and I will be rocking with one arm in the air and a beer in the other.

Music of the Day
I saw Bob Schneider for the first time at some summer festival (maybe Rib Fest, maybe the Block Party) about five years ago. Ever since then I try to see him when he’s in town. His music is funky, rocking, mellow and very addicting. (He’s also known for once dating Sandra Bullock.)

Bob Schneider – Cap’n Kirk

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