Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I’m gonna get free/Ride into the sun/She never loved me/Why should anyone?

Even though it was snowing and the streets were full of slush… it was a great day for baseball!

Last night:
· I heard people booing Hunter than I expected. I stood and cheered at his first at-bat.
· At one point Brendan Harris walked to the plate with Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” playing. *sigh*
· 49,000 in attendance!
· Twice I watched the ball drop in the middle of three Angel’s fielders.

New this season:
· Great new music being played in between innings. I heard the Fratellis and Vampire Weekend…awesome!
· New games on the video board.
· Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” played after “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Articles of note:
· Phil Miller – Pioneer Press

· Sports Illustrated

Tonight I look forward to:
· Sitting on the sofa with my laptop, trying to rationalize with a toddler why we can’t watch Elmo. Because Auntie Jen is watching baseball…duh.
· Listening to Bert say “Boof, there it is” and/or “The Boof is on fire.”
· Not having to commute with all the confused fans after the game.

And you won’t want to miss this…
I made a quick video montage (set to music) with pictures from last night.
Music of the Day

Click on the photo below to watch...


Katie said...

I love your montage!

Maria must be really happy about that Peter thing.

k-bro said...

Great picture! Thanks for sharing.


WinTwins57 said...

I love your pictures! I'm going to go to that site and make my own! :) Great game last night! Tonight - not so much! But that's okay. Boof will get better. How many times did Bert make Boof references??

linda said...

That montage was fantastic!

Karleeee said...

yeah i was like OMG VAMPIRE WEEKEND.
I got so excited, hahaha.