Friday, April 4, 2008

Johanna drove slowly into the city/The Hudson River all filled with snow/She spied the ring on His Honor’s finger/Oh-oh-oh

Twins Record: 1-3
Jen’s Record: 1-0

The past few years there was speculation that I was a human-curse on the Twins. However, this year I have only been to one game and they came out the victors. Tonight I will test this theory again since Amy and I will be heading to the dome. It is going to be hard working all day with thoughts of baseball, dome dogs and beer dancing around my head.

Yesterday I was victorious in getting semi-clear reception of the game so I could pretend to work whilst listening. I spent most of the game texting two people who were in attendance…TBL and Kellie. Thanks for keeping me updated and for the photo (Kell!) Even though we lost that would have been a fun game to see…evidently we do know how to use bats.

The new stadium beware

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about the new stadium. However, once I sat down and thought it through I found a few doubts lurking in the back of my mind.

· I will kind of miss the quirkiness of the Dome and the familiarity of the “sweet spots” to sit.
· Ticket prices are going to be waaaay more expensive.
· The odds of getting opening day tickets will be slim.
· The odds of getting tickets, in general, will be tricky the first few years (like the Wild.)
· With my attention span and all the new amenities I may struggle to sit and watch the game.
· Club level season ticket holders get a lounge. How do I know this? A co-worker just bought a package and I hope to scam a few games off him (probably at full price, damn.)
· We may lose Dollar Dog Night.
Drunk guy: Where the fuck is the milk jug?
Overheard at the cheap seats, Metrodome

A brief break to check in on the Hockey-front
Last night the MN Wild clinched their first Northwest Division crown! Now, I am not an uber-hockey fan or anything (and I sure the hell have never seen a real live game before) but I enjoy a sport with old-fashioned hitting and brawls. I even have a Wild sticker on my car. Don’t ask.

Non-baseball but no less important
Dear Hostess 100 Calorie Packs,
Last night as I was slowly starving and standing in the “snack” aisle at my local Super Target I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase a variety of 100 Calorie Packs. The pictures on the box looked good and wow, three filling cupcakes/muffins…how could I not buy them? Yeah, as I sit in my cubicle this morning looking at the empty wrapper I am confused. Did I really eat three filling muffins in three average bites? Hmm…

Music of the Day
This won’t be the first time Vampire Weekend has been posted on my blog and it won’t be the last. (Sounds threatening, huh?) Last night Vampire Weekend played a sold-out show at the Triple Rock club. I wasn’t there since I didn’t get my ass in motion to buy tickets earlier in the year. Evidently the show was f-ing amazing (duh.)

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

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