Monday, April 28, 2008

You’re motoring/What’s your price for flight/In finding mister right/You’ll be alright tonight

I, for one, am glad today is an off day
Sheesh, as baseball fans we should be used to the rollercoaster of emotions but this weekend was tough. I listened to yesterday’s game whilst driving around Edina (said in a snobby voice) running errands. At one point the announcers just stopped giving our score. Texas has 7, Texas has 8, Texas has 9. Oh yeah, Minnesota still has nothing.

Let’s move on…
Tomorrow I will be sitting in the Upper Level behind home plate. Here are my predictions:
* Boof will be pitching (yeah, I don’t get any credit for that.)
* The Twins will win
* I will have something snarky to say about
* I will be drinking a beer
* I will be telling Amy the funny thing that Oh, Those Girls said (you girls are so damn entertaining!)
* Swish, swish Swisher will make me relive the memory of when I thought he was an ass and then I read this story about how his long flowing locks were donated.
* I will be bragging to Amy about how the next day I will be sitting in The Dome drinking beer at noon, skipping work.

Non-baseball but no less important (well, it does get kind of ramble-y)

Everyone wants pink sparkly shoes

I couldn’t cram my size 7 feet into this dainty works of sparkly polymers.

Okay, Morgan’s mama may be mad but I had to post the picture of Mo-mo with the pink shoes. I couldn’t get a clear shot of him walking in them but he LOVED the shoes. As soon as they were on his feet he would take off. It appears that this 20-month old has achieved what most adult women have not…walking in heels.

Are you ready for Jenapalooza?!? (Warning: self-promotion ahead)
Okay, that was said in the whole “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking” sort of way. Hey! I don’t watch wrestling but I do drink with someone who is The Rock’s biggest fan.

I am fully prepared for Jenapalooza 2008! I have Red Bull, juice, vitamins, sunglasses (for the morning hangovers), drinking purse, baseball gear, comfy shoes, clean underwear, charged iPod and a full tank of gas. I am ready Mother Booze. I am ready Father Baseball. I am ready Brother Concert. And I am ready Sister Christian. (Couldn’t resist.)

Monday 4/28: Monday Night Happy Hour
Tuesday 4/29: Minnesota Twins baseball game
Wednesday 4/30: Minnesota Twins game (it’s a noon game so I am skipping the last half of work.)
Thursday 5/1: Happy Hour and My Birthday
Friday 5/2: Concert – tentative, very tentative
Saturday 5/3: Nordeast Minneapolis Bar Crawl
Sunday 5/4: Celebrating my birthday with my girls!
Monday 5/5: Monday Night Happy Hour
Wednesday 5/7: Swell Season Concert
Friday 5/9: VHS or Beta Concert

What’s got Vegan Joe (and me) squealing like a 16-year old girl at the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Something-Something? (Yeah, I had to go there.)
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
I guess I know what we’ll be doing on May 12.

Weekend Recap
* Watched four more episodes of Gossip Girl. (Thanks to Amy for feeding my addiction, she knows what I am talking about.)
* Watched the first few episodes of Brothers & Sisters. (My Monday Night Happy Hour Crew is obsessed with this show.)
* Went to the St. Paul Art Crawl.
* Stayed in my pajamas all day Saturday.
* Saw Priceless (French title Hors de Prix)

* Realized that saying “stimulus” (as in rebate check) is funny.

Ever since I wrote “Sister Christian” in my blog (a few paragraphs up) I have had this song stuck in my head. Now it’s your turn, here’s my gift to you!

Sister Christian – Night Ranger

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