Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beer and baseball but not beer whilst watching baseball...

One of the most important things I learned from tonight’s game against the Mets: Coors beer now has bottles that turn blue when they reach “optimum coolant.” I don’t even like Coors but I sure want to try it now that they made it Hyper-color.
From the Coors Company press release:
According to Coors Light research, consumers want to know when their beer is cold enough to drink. To meet that need, Coors Light introduced the Cold Activated Bottle, which features mountains on the label in Thermochromatic ink that turn blue when Coors Light has been chilled to the perfect temperature for ice cold refreshment.

Let’s Play Ball!
Baker, ah Baker. Did he pitch badly? No. Did he pitch great? No. What does that leave me to judge him on?

I think to fairly describe what Baker’s pitching means to me I need to do a little real world comparison. Let’s see…what to compare him with…I know! Let’s compare him to my daily commute on the Ghetto #5 bus route (seen on the local news channels with shootings, gangs and cops.)

The Ghetto #5 runs every 10 – 15 minutes all day long. There are approximately 106 buses scheduled to run between 8th & Nicollet (downtown Minneapolis) and 35th & Chicago Ave (South Minneapolis) starting at 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Out of those possible 106 buses I could catch each day I normally get on one of five in the mornings and one out of 10 in the afternoon/evenings. If we take those 15 possible buses I could ride each day I would guess that four of them would be the busiest (prime rush hour.) Out of those four only one would be clean, with seats open and non-smelly. The end result: One out of every four buses I ride would be classified as a normal commute, a good commute. That means, each day I have a 25% chance to get on a bus that will be comfortable, non-threatening and on schedule. The percentages lowers dramatically if there is a change in my routine (later route due to happy hours, events and weather) throughout the week. I don’t really like those odds.
Now, if you are still with me here is the tie in with Baker. Baker is like my commute. He is reliable one out of every four starts. That means, over the span of a month we would get one or two good games out of him. I don’t really like those odds either. Gardy and The Powers That Be have to decide whether to give him another shot or bring up one of the young ’uns from Rochester. You may have noticed that FSN is showing the Rochester rotation and pitching stats throughout the week. Is that a sign?

Commuting sidenote: Yesterday afternoon I was on my bus with standing room only when this clean-cut, “normal” looking guy got on. After about five minutes of curious observation his true colors started showing. He was so strung out on whatever drug he was on. He was twitchy, chatty, antsy, mumbley and all around crazy. I had to send a text to my girl Foley letting her know I found a new man for her!

Started with Coors and now ending with Coors:
According to their website Coors finds Hispanic Beer Drinkers value “cold” more than any other consumer group.

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