Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The one time being called a Yankee was funny

It is not that I have been a bad baseball blogger it is that I have been road-tripping through the South (and I don’t mean Iowa.) Whilst sitting in a bar on Beale Street (Memphis) they only showed the Yankee game. Whilst eating ribs in a barbeque joint (Mississippi) I watched another game of the Yankees. I enjoyed a relaxing beer in a Honky Tonk (in Alabama) and surprise; they only had a Yankee game on. No matter where I went America’s darlings were the only ones they showed on the television. Damn you ESPN!!! Give the other guys a freaking chance. Anyways, it appears the Twins did not do so well this past week. Friday (the day after tomorrow) I will be at the game while we play the Washington Nationals. There is a group from my office that are going to the game…I am excited to go to the game but bummed it isn’t with my real baseball peeps. I mean, I don’t think these guys are going to get my running commentary that Amy and I usually enjoy.
Well, not much to talk about today but I will start again as soon as the ball starts going.
Oh, here is a photo I took in Memphis of a billboard advertising FSN South. I am personally an FSN North girl.

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