Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In which I rant about the lack of female baseball fans...

Where have all the female baseball fans gone?

With Batgirl gone that only leaves me and one other baseball blog to read that is written with a female perspective…Third Base Line. Come on ladies! Step it up! I sit in a cubicle all day defending my baseballness to the men around me. It is like the glass ceiling of baseball. If I can do it, anyone can!

On that note

I heard through the grapevine (actually from Stacy who heard it from Risa) that there was a Baseball Blogging Luncheon event. *clears throat* And why wasn’t I invited? Anyways, it seems like there were very few ladies represented at that event. *shakes head sadly* That’s it! I am making it my personal mission to become more active in the baseball blogging community (hey, at least it isn’t World of Warcraft, or WoW as my nerdy co-workers call it.)

Back to baseball
Last nights game was fantastic! Was it because they won? Was it because I saw some bats connecting? Was it because our defense rocked the dingy grey roof? I believe it was all of the above. Slowey is starting to build a rep of being solid and deliverable. Red (Redmond) is reliable for some base hits. Castillo is probably our safest bet. Barty looks good at bat (that is the shallow or lipgloss part of the blog.) Baby Jesus (Mauer) is trying to find his groove. Hunter made another highlight reel worthy play and a great hit. Cuddy showed off his cannon. Morneausey was honored as a Canadian (there was a flag and an embassy thing.) The only people I don’t have a smartass comment about are Punto and Lewwwwww Ford. End result: Twins won!


curlz1205 said...

I agree! I'll soon do my part (Joel & I are thinking about doing a couple blog...he said/she said. Of course, I get the final word and all creative control!).

Joel said you should go on some other baseball blogs and make regular comments...I should as well...we need to make our presence known.

And about tonight's win...Silva pitching a complete game. SWEET! Can we say SWEEP!!!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Totally sweet game tonight. Everyone was on their A game. I say let's start "Operations: Girl Blogging" right away!!! Good idea of a joint blog.

Angela S. said...

Sadly, I am an Indians blogger, so am not terribly helpful in your quest to find lady Twins blogers, but I've discovered that generally, the ladies (and girls) are on LiveJournal. I don't know why, but I'd think there weren't any female Indians fans on the internet at all if it weren't for the cleve_indians community on LJ.

Angela S. said...

well... and, but that's not so much a blog.