Wednesday, June 20, 2007

70 games into the season…

How many baseball fans can say that during their team’s broadcast the term “Flowbee” was used? I am raising my hand. (This was due to the bet Bert Blyleven had with Santana. If Santana pitched a shutout Bert would shave his head.)

Santana and his Merry Men lead the game right out of the gate. I, unfortunately, only saw the last five innings due to my good hearted volunteering job (which I whine and complain about.) I was listening to the fantastic second inning in my car, driving home. I squealed into my parking spot and ran into the house to turn on the game in time for the two scores in the fifth inning.

Side note: I know it was all in good fun but seriously, can we focus more on the fact the Twins did great (whilst looking like they were having fun) and Santana pitched his shutout?

Tonight Baker is on the mound and I have a feeling his future with the Big Boys depends on this game. Cue sinister music!

Ah, All-Star, what a fickle mistress

The current All-Star Ballot standings are making me sad/mad/frustrated. Yesterdays stats are below but I have a few observations to make first:
· Why Ortiz over Morneausey (MVP, more homeruns this year, ect)?
· I can’t keep up with A-Rod’s standing in the Love Him or Hate Him game.
· Catcher? Really? Baby Jesus won the batting title, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and he eats at Jimmy Johns. Why is he fourth?
· I really agree with the Outfielders standings except why isn’t Cuddy in the mix? All the Minnesota fans know what a great player he is. I guess he’s MLB’s best kept secret.

1st Base
1. Ortiz – Red Sox – 1,423,064 votes
2. Morneausey – Twins – 736,786 votes
3. Casey – Tigers – 469,491 votes
4. Giambi (what?) – Yankees – 468,327 votes

2nd Base
1. Polanco – Tigers – 856,075 votes
2. Cano – Yankees – 717,817 votes
5. Castillo – Twins 367,871 votes

1. Jeter (color me surprised!) – Yankees – 1,591,453 votes
2. Guillen – Tigers – 597,633 votes (almost a million votes below Jeter)
3. Tejada – Orioles – 505,306 votes

3rd Base
1. Rodriguez – Yankees – 1,914,162 votes
2. Lowell – Red Sox – 715,382 votes (over a million votes below A-Rod)
3. Inge – Tigers – 375,968 votes

1. Rodriguez – Tigers – 962,104 votes
2. Posada – Yankees – 806,452 votes
3. Varitek – Red Sox – 756,957 votes
4. Baby Jesus (Mauer) – Twins – 731,805 votes

1. Guerrero – Angels – 1,541,241 votes
2. Ramirez – Red Sox – 1,098,497 votes
3. Suzuki – Mariners – 1,048,781 votes
4. Ordonez – Tigers – 970,300 votes
5. Hunter – Twins – 800,858 votes

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The Lady said...

Santana was awsome last night. I'm glad he stuck it to the Mets! Oliver Perez could be tough against your guys tonight, though. The Mets have lost five straight series and Perez pitches well in must-win situations.

I can't believe the votes for Giambi, either.